Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Zoom Tutorial | How To Use Zoom Effectively To Grow Your Online Business

In this article, I want to tell you how to use zoom effectively and then I will share with you 9 ways that you can use zoom to grow your online business like crazy.

Some of these ways you’ve never even thought about and these are the tools and all the strategies that I have been using to grow my business and also my client’s businesses.


[00:05] Introduction about Episode

[02:20] What is Zoom?

[06:15] How to Schedule a Meeting on Zoom?

[12:05] How to see a Scheduled Meeting on zoom?

[13:30] How to host a Meeting on zoom?

[17:00] Screen Sharing using Zoom

[21:55] How to Join a Meeting on Zoom?

[22:20] 9 Ways to Grow your Online Business Using Zoom.

I’m sure that you are most likely leaving money on the table if you’re not using these strategies and the beautiful thing about zoom.

It’s accessible to everybody and you can actually begin to use it for free so before I dive in to tell you the 9 ways that you can use zoom to grow your online business like crazy before I want to tell you about zoom.

What is ZOOM?

Zoom is a powerful online conferencing tool but most people are not using it to its maximum potential.

On Zoom, You can share your video and you can do zoom calls and all of these things but I can promise you that you are not using zoom to its maximum potential. 

So today in this tutorial I will tell you how to use zoom with its maximum potential.

How to create an account on ZOOM for free?

  • Go to  or
  • Then click on Signup, Because it’s Free.
  • Enter your Date of Birth and click on continue.
  • Enter your Valid Email and click on signup 
  • Now check your webmail and Activate your Account.
  • Then Type your Name and Password, and click on Continue.
  • Then log in to your account.

Once you add your email address and your password then click on sign in.

So you’re going to see a whole lot of things that can be incredibly confusing so just ignore that but the key thing you want to know is

  • How to schedule Meetings
  • How to Host and Join Meetings

How to schedule a meeting on ZOOM?

You can schedule a meeting which is incredibly important when I’m running events for my business. We schedule the meeting and then share the link with our participants in advance so they register themselves and join the meeting. 

  • Click on Schedule a Meeting.
  • Then Type your Meeting Title and Description.
  • Choose your Meeting Date and Time. 
  • Then select the Duration of the meeting. How long is your meeting?
  • Select your own Timezone.
  • Recurring Meeting

The recurring meeting means a meeting that’s going to happen more than once. If this recurring meeting this tick this option and select your date and time, other which is Necessary.

  • Security

Security is very important if you want to secure your meeting then add a password for your meeting. 

This is a good option because something that happened when the covid pandemic, Started is that you know a lot of people came on zoom but then a lot of people started to hack zoom as well.

So zoom started to make it almost mandatory for you to set up passwords for your clients and your audience.

  • Waiting Room

Waiting room is very very important. I love the waiting room feature. It is really an opportunity for people to wait in the waiting room so that you can get ready and then you invite your friends.

As a host, you can see who is waiting, and also you can admit or remove them

  • Video 

This requires you to know the video. You are the host when you are setting up a meeting so here it’s saying host you want a video on or off. I always start with my Video off and if you want your video on then click on Host. 

So that Participants I always keep their video on. They also have the option to turn their videos off.

  •  Meeting options

In Meeting options there are 4 options.

  • Allow Participants to join any time 
  • Mute Participants upon entry 
  • Automatically Record

This is very important to automatically record meetings.

There are two options that you can use either 

  • On your computer
  • In the cloud
  • Breakout Room Pre-assignment

Breakout room is essentially where you have your main meeting right but you’re going to put people into separate rooms.

If you want them to communicate and talk to each other and then you’re going to create a breakout room and everybody comes together to give you Feedback.

Once you’re finished with all of this you click on Save.

Then it gives you a link to share so you’re going to copy the invitation link by clicking on  Copy Invitation.

Then you can add this to your emails or to text or whatever to share.

You can find it over here in Meetings. You can see all the meetings which you’re scheduled to attend. Either you can 

  • Start the meeting
  • Edit the meeting
  • Delete the meeting


You can see there are webinars so it says here you can host free 30 minutes webinar events on zooms.

You can hold up to 30 minutes of webinars now. I know that anything more than that you have to actually take that webinar package.

You can check their Pricing Plan from Here.


This is one of the benefits of using zoom so you can record your videos.

So you can create online courses and projects and live events etc. 

How to host a meeting on zoom in 2021 for FREE?

So let’s start, How to host a meeting on Zoom.

  • First, click on Host a Meeting

Then there is Three More option 

  • Host a meeting with video off
  • Host a meeting with video on
  • Screen share only
  • Select an option that suits you.
  • Then click on Open Zoom Meeting (if you already installed the Zoom app)

Meeting Started

Now your meeting Started, and you have a variety of options to choose from, as I explained below.

Then there are a lot of options.

  • Mute / Unmute Audio

You can mute and unmute your audio.

  • Start / Stop Video

Then there is a start and stop video option. You can stop sharing your video or start your Video sharing.

  • Change your Video Background

If you can change your background in the video then click on the arrow and then you can choose a virtual background. You also connect another camera.

You can blur your video background and also you can add filters to your video by clicking on Video Filters.

  • Participants

Participants if you click on this it shows you all the participants. If you can add more people or invite then hit the arrow then open a pop-up.

Where you can see and choose your email service to send an invitation, you can send via Gmail, Yahoo, or default email, etc. 

You can also copy the invitation link and send it over WhatsApp text or whatever you want. 

  • Chat

Chatting is really really powerful when you are with people in zooms. They can chat with each other and that is brilliant especially if you are running classes or anything like that.

  • Share Screen 

This is one of my favorite options. So right now you can determine who can share their screen so either you or the host.

So only the host or all participants can share their screen so in order to share your screen there are a few things that you can do.

So click on the Screen Share button in the bottom center of your screen and then you have so many different options for what you want to share.

You want to share your actual screens or that you can choose to share. If you have an iPhone or an iPad connected you can also choose that to share.

If you want to stop sharing your screen then click on the Red button above that says Stop Screen Share.

  • Poll or Add Question

So Next option is Polling,  We have the polling option which is really really good you can add a question.

Which for your participants and then they answer so if you are running a session and you want it to be really really interactive. You can pull people at the beginning.

  • End Meeting

Now if you want to End the meeting then you need to click on  “End” and then “End Meeting for all”.

How to join a meeting on ZOOM?

First, you need to click on Join a Meeting, then you need to add Meeting id or Meeting link in the text box and click on join

Using this strategy, you were able to join the meeting successfully. If they invite you then they will provide you a meeting id, password, or a direct link. 

You can’t join if they do not give a meeting id or password. Then you can ask for a meeting id and password.

9 Ways to Grow Your Online Business Using ZOOM

Now as I promise you that I Would share with you 9 incredible ways that you could use zoom to scale up your business and some of these ways you’ve probably never even thought about so let me jump into that right now.

  • One-on-One Meetings

        You can use Zoom to do one-on-one meetings with a friend, a client, a family member, or anybody else for that matter.

  •  Sales Calls

      This is one of my favorites. It is to run sales calls as you saw during my presentation in the tutorial. We just record all of our calls and so this is brilliant for sales calls.

  • Group Conferences or Classes

Group Conferences or Classes if you have an offline business. Where you ran classes perhaps you were in fitness. 

Perhaps you want to teach people how to do cooking, you know whatever it is you can use a zoom to run group conferences or even classes online.

  • Webinars

Zoom is a platform that I really enjoy using to run my webinar simply because it’s incredibly reliable and it does a very very good job so you can use zoom to run your webinars.

  • Online Course

You can create your online course by sharing your slides and then recording your screen.

Zoom is a platform where I create my online courses. So if you want to learn a little bit more about that make sure you let me know in the comments and I will be able to share a separate tutorial specifically centered around creating an online course using zoom.

  • Live Events

Next is to run live events on zoom now if you have Events or Networking events, etc. Then you used to host or even go to why not run it on a zoom because it works just as effectively.

  • Facebook Lives

We have a running Facebook live option. I particularly love running Facebook live through zoom because I get to use all of the other features.

I couldn’t do on the Facebook live platform such as being able to share my screen,  being able to move between cameras, and all of these wonderful things.

  • Youtube lives

The next one that is running youtube live now the beauty about this is that you can go live on Facebook and Youtube simultaneously at the same time via the zoom platform.

This saves you a lot of money because there are tools to do that but you got to pay for them but if you can have that within zoom why not use it for that.

  • Coaching Sessions

You can use a zoom to run your coaching sessions. Now you know that I’m an advocate to help you to start a lucrative coaching business.

So if you’re wondering how do I meet with clients and where do I meet with them then zoom is a really great platform for you to use to do that.

Now let me know in the comments which of these 9 strategies did you love the most which one of them are you not using the most and are you thinking about using the comment below and let me know I respond to all the comments.

I’m so excited for you. I think that Zoom is a really great platform and this is a really great way to continue to scale your business exponentially.



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