Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

The Mindset Practices for a 6-Figure Business

Welcome to the Wake to Wealth Show

Today, we have a very special guest, Natasha Clarke, who is a Mindset & Business Coach for female entrepreneurs.

Natasha has worked with numerous women in their entrepreneurial journey, helping them to break through limiting beliefs and reach new heights in their businesses.

In today’s episode, Natasha will be sharing her insights on the mindset practices that can help you build a successful 6-figure business.

As we all know, the right mindset is crucial for success in any area of life, and this is especially true in business.

So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, you won’t want to miss this episode. 

Let’s dive in!

Pam: Hello, hello. I am with the amazing Natasha Clark, and I’m so excited to have you on the show.

I cannot wait to just unpack this show.

Natasha, I want you to do your intro, just to tell everybody what it is that you do, who you help and how you help them.

Natasha: I am Natasha Clark, a mindset and business coach for female entrepreneurs that want to scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams to be able to create the success that they desire.

Pam: How did you become a coach?

Natasha: So I started as a dancer. That was my dream.

Unfortunately, due to a back injury at the age of 18, I had to give up dance. So that was the dream crushed.

Then I went into a girl band. We got signed by a record label. We got a TV show. But then due to my back injury, I had to pull out of that because I needed major surgery.

So I felt like everything I was doing, the rug was getting pulled from beneath me.

Then I fell into modeling. And it was enjoyable, but it wasn’t fulfilling. It wasn’t what I wanted to do.

And then the more I thought about what it is that I wanted to do, I loved the business side of things. So I thought, I’ve got it. I’m going to start my modeling agency because I know the business and I know models. And it wasn’t successful.

And now, looking back, it’s because it wasn’t an alignment.

So then when I finally put my big girl pants on and said: ‘Right, what do you really, truly desire, Natasha? What do you want to do?’

And I was like:

‘I want to be a coach. I want to help people.’

But at that point, all I knew of were people like Tony Robbins. So let alone Natasha, who wanted to be a dancer, acting singer, becoming one of those giants was just… It felt impossible.

And it was until I finally said:

‘Right, I need to start with what I’ve got right now and then start the journey, start the process.’

So I did. I became a qualified coach.

I started out working one on one with clients and just solely focused on mindset because I had my transformation in that.

And then as I grew and I made my business get to six figures, I was like:

‘Right, now I want to teach other people how to do this.’

Pam: It’s just such a wonderful and rich journey because you are not one of those people who just woke up and six figures fell out and snap your fingers and you start getting clients.

You had to do the work.

Now, your genius zone Natasha is a mindset.

How do I pick myself up?

Can you just walk through the process of how one picks themselves up when you truly feel like life just keeps hammering you?

Natasha: You have got to believe with every core of your body and your bones that this is what you want to achieve.

So for example, when I was starting and I was looking at where I wanted to get to, six figures felt impossible.

But the most thing you need to focus on straight away is your mindset as regards your belief system. And what I work with my clients is the unconscious mind. That’s what’s autopilot. You can’t do this. You’re not good enough. You’re not slim enough. You’re not articulate enough. You’ve got a South London accident. No one’s going to take you seriously. All of this became my conditioning of why little Natasha from South London couldn’t be successful and make six figures, multi-six, seven figures. 

So what happens then, is we believe this and we go on autopilot and the mind finds evidence around us of why we can’t achieve that.

So your main job is to focus on reprogramming your unconscious mind and putting it out there to the universe. And believe it to your core. Even when the reality is showing you something very, very differently.

Pam: I love it. Now, let’s make that a little bit more practical for people who are reading this.

What are some practical things that one can do?

There are several things. So we read books, we watch amazing people, we listen to podcasts, and we hear these things.

But how do we put it into practicality?

What should a morning routine look like?

Natasha: So I would say you need nonnegotiables.

So for me, mine is meditating, journaling, and then I do EFT, so emotional freedom tapping.

For me, every single morning without fail, they’re part of my morning routine and gratitude.

I’ve got to sit into who I want to become that day, that week, that month.

So energetically, where you are right now to where your goal is, it isn’t always the strategy that’s the problem, that’s the gap.

The majority of the time you don’t feel aligned with that version of yourself.

So things like your morning practices, before you even think about opening the laptop or speaking to clients, you need that time to work on yourself.

So when things pop up throughout the day, which they do, we’re running big businesses, we have teams, we have clients, all of those things, you have to be making sure that you’re on point.

Pam: Yes. Love it.

So meditating, journaling, EFT, gratitude.

I want to break each one down to talk a little bit further into them.

So let’s start with meditating. 

#1: Meditating

So how do you meditate in a positive way and in a way that drives you forward? What are some strategies for meditating specifically?

Natasha: Okay, don’t be scared of that fearful place, though.

Sometimes we’ve got to go to that void and that quietness for those brain waves and magical downloads that come.

When I first started, I would always do guided meditation.

When I have a feeling, let’s say it’s not an empowering thought, I then go and journal.

So it’s a chance for my subconscious mind to download everything that’s coming out.

Pam: Okay, I like that. Is it possible to meditate on the go?

Natasha: There is no right or wrong when it comes to your morning routine, as long as your energy is behind it.

Pam: Now, journaling. So for anybody who is starting in journaling, Natasha, within the coach that you are, what is journaling and how do we do it effectively?

#2:  Journaling

So for anybody who is starting in journaling, Natasha, within the coach that you are, what is journaling and how do we do it effectively?

Natasha: I feel that journaling is escapism. That’s how I feel about journaling. 

And like yourself, when I first started journaling, I was like:

‘I don’t know what to write.’ 

‘This just feels silly.’

Whereas now I see journalists as you open your journal and you sit there with your pen and you just go:

‘Okay, what’s on my mind right now?’

You don’t have to sit and visualize things in an empowering way if you don’t feel to.

What you can do is just brain-dive what’s on your mind.

Okay, what’s coming up for me right now?

I feel fear that I’m going to invest in this coach. I feel fear that I’m going to put this offer out there and it’s not going to happen.

Okay, but why? What’s coming up? What’s beneath that?

And I layer it down with my clients.

So it’s never just what you think about. I’m scared of putting this offer out there and no one buying. Yeah, but what does that mean? Because when you get down to the root of it, you don’t feel enough.

We’re validated by how much money we make or how the offer has gone viral, or we’ve got 15,000 followers on Instagram. But we need to get to the root of worthiness. And this is where I feel like journaling comes in because there’s no judgment. Nobody’s going to look at this in your Journal.

It’s about you being able to have that time to download everything that’s on your heart and your soul.

And then we work it.

So it’s not a block that’s keeping you stuck. We’re able to work out what it’s going to look like.

So let’s say a problem comes up and you address it, and we get down to the root of what it is. Then we bring it over to what we want it to feel like. What do we want to feel like about this? What would it feel like? And I always play this with my clients.

We’re in a world of possibilities. We’re entrepreneurs. Nothing we do is logical. It’s not logical the amount of money we make, the impact we make, or the fact we change lives, or we get paid to talk. None of it’s logical. So why are you being logical now?

Pam: I want to add to it. I always think to myself, if it can happen to somebody else, why not me?

And you’re right, I love the what-if game.

I’m going to use the ‘what if’ because what if it does happen?

Can we just be excited about the possibilities of life instead of the fear behind it?

So that is what journaling allows you to do.

The other thing I’m getting from journaling, from what you’ve shared is, and this is where sometimes I struggle and a lot of people struggle, and it’s very easy to bottle things up.

So can you talk a little bit more about the impact of journaling and the importance of that?

Natasha: So this is where it ties in with unconsciousness.

So your subconscious is programmed to just keep you alive.

That’s all it’s programmed to do.

So you ruminating the same thought and keeping it inside of it, you’re just up in your head. And it’s just going to ruminate the same thing. And then what mine is going to do is find evidence.

Let’s say you’re like:

‘I’m really scared to scale my business. I’m so comfy where I am now. Everything feels safe. I like my clients. I like how much money I make.‘

The fearfulness of the unknown is where the subconscious goes:

‘No, don’t do it. Don’t do it.‘

So when you face the fear, it’s like you take its power away.

You have to say what it is.

Let’s say when you call fear out, it loses its power. Because at the moment, fear in your head is something huge.

So what it does is it enables you… It’s like a gateway where it opens your soul up to allow it to come out.

And the first time you do it, you’ll be like:

‘Oh, wow. It wasn’t that bad.’

And what it’s going to do is open the floodgates.

And the more you can step into what you want your life to become, what it looks like, what it feels like, and the impact you’re doing on people’s lives.

I used to journal about clients going:

‘Oh, my God, Natasha. Working with you is the best thing ever.’

Way before I had clients.

I would journal about how I’d spend my money, how I’d invest in coaches, and how I’d invest into property and have stocks and shares and all this when I was in debt. So this is what I mean about really tuning in and tapping into the best version of yourself.

And this is just one of the great ways that you can do it through journaling out for sure.

Pam: Yeah, absolutely 100%. All right, let’s talk EFT. 

#3: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

What is EFT? And how do I tap into this?

Can you just break down what it is and perhaps share some exercises or just some things that we can take action on today using EFT?

Natasha: EFT, if you don’t know what it is, it’s emotional freedom tapping or technique.

I like to do things with a little bit of a twist because I am obsessed with neuroscience and I’m obsessed with the subconscious mind. I like to intertwine them. And what I do with my clients is something called RRT, which is rapid resolution therapy. And that’s about changing the way your mind is programmed to think because it’s all just data.

And as soon as the mind can understand that we’re just analyzing data, we’re not attaching any meaning to it, I then bring both of them together.

So tapping is when you’re tapping in the Meridian points.

And what this does is it breaks down the pathway.

We’re going to train our minds to think very differently.

And this is how EFT and rapid resolution therapy comes together to be able to tap into those Meridian points.

So your unconscious thinks very differently and can shift the way you’ve been thinking to see things differently.

And as soon as we see things differently, we act differently, which gets us different results.

Pam:  What I’m getting from that is working on your mindset and your subconscious, it’s not just about thinking about it. You can just tap into it, physically tap into it. Then.

Now, let’s move on to gratitude. 


This is one that I practice like there is no tomorrow.

Let’s talk about gratitude in the business world of entrepreneurship.

Can you just talk a little bit more about some strategies behind gratitude and why we do it?

Natasha: You want to tap into everything that you are grateful for right now because how do you expect to get to that next level of success?

Think about where you are right now in your business journey, and think about what you used to make.

So for example, for me, when I made 60K, I was like:

‘Wow, I used to make £30,000 a year, working a whole year. And I’ve doubled that in one month.’

So tapping into everything you’ve got right now, but a great little secret sauce is, so part of my gratitude on one side of it is everything I’ve got right now, everything I’m grateful for, from health to wealth, to my husband, to every single morning when I wake up, I’m grateful to wake up, to be alive because we can take this far too… It’s something that, Oh, it’s a given. It’s not. So taking it down to the core foundations of I’m so grateful that I get to be alive and I woke up and experienced another day.

I’m grateful to live the life that I do and that I love what it is that I do.

I’m grateful that I get to impact my clients’ lives.

And then what I do is I write down a list of things that I’m grateful for that haven’t made their way to my life just yet that are coming.

The order has been up in the cosmic order room, and I’m now just waiting for the delivery.

So I’m setting, I’m so grateful for fill in the blank. It feels amazing. I’m so beneficial. I’m so full of gratitude that I’m able to fill in the blank.

So again, can you see, you always come back down to the feeling and the energy before you even receive something?

Pam: Now, how often are you doing this for your mindset practice?

Natasha: Every day.

Pam: Thank you for sharing that.

So we’ve been talking a lot about meditating. So the four strategies, the four key strategies, meditating, journaling, EFT, and of course, gratitude.

We’ve heard about your journey and we’ve seen some of the strategies that you have used to get to where you are today and the amazing coach that you are.

What was the one moment that you realized that all of these things that you’ve been doing, the meditating, the journaling, the EFT, the gratitude, it had all come together, and you are now able to wake up wealthier every single day? What was that moment? Can you share the story and take us on that journey?

Natasha: I remember when it all came together with the mindset and the energetics, so feeling truly worthy. And I’ll give you an example.

When I had that 60K month, obviously I was elated. I was like:

‘It’s all coming together. It’s incredible.’

And it showed me what is possible and what you can create.

I’ve been grateful for my journey and the adversities and challenges I’ve been through in life because I can now share my journey with this normal person that’s created this life.

Instantly, what came up to me is the pressure of worthiness. Can I do this again?

And it took away very quickly from the glory of what I’d achieved because then I felt the pressure.

Wow, what if I don’t do it next month?

Does it mean I’m a failure?

Does it mean I’m never going to do this again?

Was it a fluke?

Am I good enough?

And that’s really where the inner deep, energetic work came in for me.

I did all the mindset work, the strategy I was smashing. I got this success. And then I was like: ‘I need to go deeper.’

Because what I’d become very aware of is we’re very validated by external circumstances and situations.

But what happens if you take all of that away and you go down to the core?

And for you to activate that next level of success for you, you’ve got to do that inner work and it’s energetic.

It’s not just the foundation mindset stuff.

It’s really about taking it to a whole deeper level.

Pam: That is just such a big thing.

It’s so easy in this entrepreneurial world to be validated by external circumstances.

As you said, it’s so easy.

And when those things don’t happen, and as we know, and this is one thing that I always say, there are levels and there are levels and there are levels.

And between level to level, there are going to be challenging.

There are going to be mindset practices that need to happen.

And I say to people, you’re trying to hit six figures? Trust me, when you get there, the next goal is going to come and you’re going to need to do the work to get to that goal. Then there’s the next goal. And it just never stops.

But when everything is all said and done, who is the person at the heart of this? Who is at the foundation of it? Do you still love yourself? Do you still appreciate yourself? Do you still want to go, go, go, and get when everything is all said and done? And I just love that you have pointed that out because I have felt the same way when something happened.

And instead of just being grateful, that fear just seeps in and it takes away the enjoyment of just that gratitude. And I like this because it just shows that we’re both human and we’re all human. And we’re just trying to go from one level to the other, experience to experience. Absolutely.

Natasha: And also I feel like I’ve heard this saying, different level, the different devil.

And I don’t like that. I see it as a different level, a different opportunity to do the deeper, wider work for you to be able to step into yourself and know that you are innately enough.

And then everything else is just bonuses and extras.

Don’t chase the money, don’t chase the success. Chase just trying to be the better person that you are. The money is the byproduct. Trust me, it will come. It will come and it will get more and more and more. And the more you can master the energetics of money because that’s all it is, isn’t it?

That’s all money is, is energy.

As soon as you can tap into that a lot quicker, that’s where you can quantum leap your wealth.

That’s why people can go from this to this.

It isn’t because they’ve done this magic one strategy. Do this one post and you’re going to go worldwide viral. It’s about they’ve done the inner work to match that up.

Pam: Yeah, I love it.

It just reminded me of a saying that Winston Churchill said, and I think it says:

‘Success is going from failure to failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’

It’s just what you’ve said. We do the work, but what if it fails every time? It’s the energy that we put behind it that helps us to keep going until we hit that money goal. Then you might fail again.

Natasha: Exactly. Yeah. But let me just add to that.

We’re talking about failure.

So when I had the £60K a month, I did the same strategy.

I made £600. Just let that land. 60k, 600k using the exact same strategy.

That is where I needed to go deeper.

Once then, I’d done the deeper, energetic work. Of course, that never happened again.

But I just want to share that with you because you look up to these coaches and think they never go through bad times, trials, or tribulations, or never have to go through any obstacles they go through. Yes, they do.

And what makes us better coaches.

This is why I’m so passionate about you’ve got to do the energetic work to match the next level of success because I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and I’ve experienced it.

And now I want to teach you exactly how to do that. There you go.

Pam: And that’s why I always say it’s such a blessing. Every downfall, every pitfall, every, failure that we have, I look at it as:

‘Okay, brilliant. Pam, what can you learn from this? And how can you then pull this into a blessing, other people, into holding somebody else’s hand and raising them up in their downtime?’

Thank you, Natasha. That has been wonderful.

So we’ve come to the part of Wild Card.

I have five questions that I have collected from our community, and I’m going to ask Natasha to choose a number between one and five. And whatever number she gives me, I will ask that specific question.

So, Natasha, just to confirm, do you have no idea what these questions are?

Natasha: No idea, but I love the sound of it.

Pam: All right, brilliant. So, Natasha, can you please choose for me any number from number one to five?

Natasha: I’m going to pick two. 

Pam: Number two says:

How do you become the CEO of your mindset? 

Natasha: You have to take ownership.

You’ve got to understand that this is just data.

But more importantly, probably above it all is getting help.

Hire a coach or mentor, someone that’s going to be able to help you unblock, defunk and become that un-triggerable woman.

That’s my biggest thing.

I wish I’d invested sooner in a coach.

I, really, truly do.

And I envy other coaches now that are starting their journey that invests straight away.

Pam: Yes. And you know, the funny thing is everybody who’s been on this show has said the same thing.

And I’m like, I put a bow of my hands.

I was the person who wanted to bootstrap and thought I could do it on my own.

So that is just getting help as quickly as you can.

Thank you so much for being a wonderful guest. I have learned a ton from today.

It’s been so much fun with you, Natasha. Thank you for being such a giver.

Natasha: Thank you so much for having me on. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 




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