The CULTure Method: How to grow a crazy engaged community and generate sales at will with the ultimate Facebook group


 – 2500 Facebook Group members in 6 months

– 100%Engagement in her group

– Only 10 minutes per day spent running her group

– Generate sales at will

–  A community that know you, love you and tryst you

Say whaaaattt????

Chantelle Paige Turner was our guest Expert on the StorySelling For Entrepreneurs Show today and one of my amazing clients.

Chantelle had us all jaw-dropping with her delivery today in the StorySelling For Entrepreneurs Community.

She shared about her unique Facebook Group Growth method –

The CULTure Method: How to grow a highly engaged Facebook group and generate sales at will.

Amongst many awesome tips she shared, Her Facebook post tip is one we’d never heard before but if you’ve been wondering how to retarget people in your Facebook group then you really want to catch this live guest interview.

This was an awesome guest interview and a must watch for every entrepreneur who wants to create a community of raving fans and generate clients at will.

If you would like to learn how to Sell Through Storytelling, I have an amazing resource for you below:


Click HERE to join the StorySelling For Entrepreneurs community

Chantelle has an awesome resource for you all also, please CLICK HERE to grab it.



  1. Natalie Smith

    Totally awesome interview ladies. Thankyou so much.

    I ran a FB group for many years from 2014 but felt like I sold my soul to it. I have been completely scarred ever since.

    Now starting a new project that would really benefit from having a group for that feeling of revolution we are creating, I have been in constant turmoil if I have it in me to do it all over again.

    This has given me hope that it does not have to be all that hard to have a growing engaged group and still have a life! Thankyou thankyou!!

    • Pam Obasa

      Hi Natalie, glad you got some value from this. feel free to reach out if you have any questions x


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