Crazy Success Stories

I just wanted to give a shout out to Pam for the amazing help she's given me and my business in coming up with our messaging in creating the story that we use to sell our products, programs and our agency. And not only that, we've been able to harness what she's told me in delivering better results for our clients.

Everything that she's told me with regards to the messaging, building out story, storytelling, story systems and and how you bring that all together is allowed us to get better results for our clients.

What you do is unbelievable, the amount of energy you put into your business with everything that you have going on. I truly believe you are an incredible woman, an incredible businessperson. And so thank you very, very much.


Cam Jarrad

“If you're looking to work with Pam I highly recommend reaching out to her, she will help you get results”.


Marcin – Digital Accelerator

‘The amount of value that you are provide is worth way more than I expected‘.

Amy Joy Genuine – Confidence Specialist

‘I was able to identify what I really want to do, now I'm very clear who I'm talking to and what I can offer to them ’.

Jefyne Togba

‘I've moved from the place where I was just thinking about how I have to do the things to actually doing them'.

Cristina Gherasim

‘I had value for my investment, absolutely. Your input on this Course is above what most similar courses are offering ‘. 

Lizzie Paish –Life-Transformation Coach

‘One of the arsenals you need for a successful business is Automation, you will get that and more in this Course'.

Tayo Soluade Sokomba

‘Honestly my business would not be where it is today if it were not for her and her amazing team'.

Nathalia Copeland – Facebook Ads Strategist

‘It’s just invaluable. This is the one of the best courses I have ever taken’.

Cecilia M – Scientist

‘I absolutely adore Pamela, she is phenomenal and I highly, highly recommend her'.

Jena Proctor – Pinterest Strategist

‘If you get the opportunity to work with Pam, if you need a story but you don't know how to share it, how to SELL it then you definitely want to work with Pam'.

Chantelle Paige Turner – The CulTured Method

‘If you believe that doing the mastermind is going to take your business where you need it to go. Then you need to do it. It's that simple'.

Ceri S – Leadership Expert

‘Without a doubt, you're gonna walk away with a System. The money is worth it'. Push the easy button

Terry M. Lee – Live Video & Kajabi Expert

“With my new program, I've been able to sign two new clients for over $6500! I didn't advertise – I changed my “story” and they were in

Leah H – Business Coach

“To further illustrate the power of what Pam Obasa teaches, I got my first sale of my Intro offer overnight and the lady also bought my Profit Maximiser”
Lisa M – Branding Expert

“I created my online HR package in Pam's workshop and created 3 tiers. Monthly subscription starts from £97 and goes up to £500 a month with full HR support.

I've now sold 3 already and haven't even launched yet”

Michelle R – HR Expert

“I first started running webinars and totally failed! After working with Pam, I more than doubled my Ad Spend.

Honestly, my business would not be where it is today if it were not for her. Working with Pam has been life changing for me and I know that it will be for you too
Nathalia C – Facebook Ads expert

Left to me to figure this out by myself it would take me 2 years plus.

Before I started I wasn't really sure who my niche was. I wasn't sure who I wanted to work with. And I think helping me to understand my niche and then creating these products that they likely to need was massive for me

So many things that I've taken from this, love the simplicity and the way that you've taught us.

Roksana – Relationship Coach

“I really like the small group format. I feel like just having your attention and you, you really gave a lot. You give a lot, that was a huge piece of it for me. And plus, I like being in the group format, too, because I like learning from other people and I like seeing what other people are doing. I think there's such a value in that, too.

So I think it's perfect for me. It's a perfect mix of great coaching, but then also learning from my fellow participants in the program”

Lisa M – Branding Strategist

“It's been incredibly, incredibly easy. The way you've shown us how to set up the funnels. You even gave us the exact pages and your exact funnel, trust me, it's, it's so, so helpful because it's a different thing to read this thing and trying to understand and trying to implement.

I've done so many courses. I've taken even Marie Forleo's B School, I have the training. I've done so many things in the past.

Well, I just had the knowledge. I just had the information laying somewhere. Just building myself. Well, now you’ve given me the confidence to go all in, because now, I had the time to actually sit down to actually create my products which before, you know, I had the information, but they weren't all together. So, it's been AMAZING”

Tosin T – Business Coach for Startups

“I had a dream of starting my own business and I tried to do it but didn't have any clue how.
I didn't have clarity what I can offer my clients and I had so much fear of being visible.

When I started working with Pam it changed my world, it changed my life. It blown me away because her way, her determination, her faith in me changed everything for me.

Pam pushed me forward. She had a strategy that worked for me and her way is very personal and very organic.

So thank you so much Pam for your support , for your help. I wouldn't be where I am today if you hadn't helped me, if you had not supported me, if you hadn't pushed me forward. Your faith in me is tremendous

Olga R
Health & Wellness Coach

“LSS is foundational to growing your business. If you're not seeing growth in your income, LSS is the best place to start.

It's AMAZING. I'm really grateful for the push from Pam's side because I would never do it otherwise. I'm really excited to have been part of such community and Pam running it”.

Irina S – Dating Coach

“I implemented the funnels and my Email list started to grow, even though I'd taken my eyes off it.

To the women that haven't done LSS, I highly recommend it, i can't say it enough. My list started to grow even though I'd taken my eyes off it for a moment… thats AUTOPILOT”

Terri L – Livestream Strategist

“Pam is awesome at the actual mechanics of ‘Storytelling’“

Bhaskar Sarma

“Pam is an amazing Speaker. Everyone walked away with something they can use in their business right away”

Jordan Nell

“Pam for me has so much Integrity, I learnt so much today. Thank you Pam”

Sue McDermott

“Learning ‘Storytelling’ has created a niche for me as a Film Maker”

Nelson M.

“Pam has inspired me to become a much better storyteller”


“So inspiring and encouraging”

Wolverhampton Women’s Business Club

“The succinct, clear advice Pam gave me had me running even before we finished”

Coach Kemi

“Pamela showed me how to create content that will connect with my audience in an authentic way”

Palesa Amadi

“I really just appreciate your expertise and know that it works and what you are capable of doing.”


“After working with Pam I saw a dramatic change, and I converted live for the first time and it was one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world and I can't recommend Pam enough”

Jelani A – Ecom Apex

Ken O – Finance Coach

Isi – Career Coach

Leah H – Business Coach

Lisa M – Branding Coach

Tendai D – MLM Queen

Zeinab O – Helping Corporate Women Own The Room

“I had a 10% webinar Conversion working with Pam”

Booked a client for $30,000 per month using Stories to Sell

$23,500 in 7 weeks

“Some of the BEST coaching I ever had”


“You gave the words to the missing piece in my puzzle”


“Learn the art of Storytelling in your webinars”


“I loved every second of it. What you teach is simply invaluable”


I loved how you broke down the process of Storytelling



“I am killing it live. Try Pam, you will scale like you never imagined”


“You are the Storytelling Queen”



“Keeps you on your toes and holds you accountable”

“I wish this course was longer”

“Absolutely amazing”


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