StorySelling Live Tour (2nd July to 5th October)

Live Workshop to Help Your Audience Clarify Their Message, Revolutionise Their Marketing & Create a Constant Flow of Clients,  With The Power of Storytelling

Do you host an event for Entrepreneurs ?

Are you looking for a powerful workshop that will give your audience the exact tools they need to attract IDEAL clients and build a sustainable business around their expertise?

Do you want to help your audience master how to grow their business the RIGHT way, so that they can have more money, more time and more freedom instead of focusing on activities that will drain their marketing budget and give them lack lustre results?

StorySelling Revolution is an interactive workshop that teaches Professionals and Service-based Entrepreneurs the MOST EFFECTIVE way to grow their business whilst attracting an immense following of raving fans and IDEAL clients.

In this exciting workshop, your audience will learn how to use the Power of Storytelling to clarify their message, build a Powerful Brand and Create a Consistent Flow of Clients.

What makes ‘StorySelling’ revolutionary?

It teaches you how to build a powerful Brand Story that INSTANTLY hooks your audience and clearly communicates the solution your services offer (without you being salesy, slimy or pushy!)

And we are bringing StorySelling LIVE to YOUR city!

Want to bring StorySelling Live to your event or small group meeting?

Please complete the short form below and our Tour Manager Palesa Amadi will be in touch with you.

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StorySelling Live Tour Dates:


5/8/18 Blackheath, London The Business Workshop
25/7/18 Southhampton Women In Business
18/7/18 Wolverhampton Women In Business
4/7/18 Billericay, Essex Women In Business
12/3/18 Podcast My Biz From Home with Kingsley grant
16/2/18 Greenwich, London UK My African Dream Seminar
11/2/18 Paris, France Iron Mind Conference


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