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I've recouped my investment already – Meet Betty

NICHE - Business Coach

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I now have 89 people who bought my mini course and 10 of them also purchased my 1:1 program which was 10X the amount of the first offer

Betty: I've gotten 89 new emails, very serious people.

This one's on was when we did sell them the mini-course, then put them in a two-hour zoom session, someone of them was not available to attend, out of the 89 who bought the first offer,59 of them attended the Zoom session

Then, out of the 59, 10 bought the next course, which was ten times the amount that we sold the mini-course.

Pam: Wow. And this is all based on what you learn from the intensive?

Exactly. Yeah, that's the feedback I actually wanted to give you.

I was telling my husband today about how Pam has been helpful.

One of the things is that of course, I wasn't going to put them in a Zoom session so that I could offer an upsell.

I wasn't going to do that if I hadn't attended the intensive. And so, of course,

I've recouped my investment already

How betty sold 10 spots in her one on one coaching program

Pam: I’m so glad to hear that? So you had 89 people bought the first mini-course you put out there and then you upsold them to another product. How much was that?

Betty: The 89 attend zoom session.

We told them since you bought this post, we are giving you a bonus. of a free session for two hours.

So out of the 56 that attended the session, 10 bought the next program for ten times more because they've already bought.

But it's our one on one program.

Pam: Exactly. This is how you scale quickly and I, I love it. I'm so, so excited. So 59 attended the intensive and 10 of them bought your one on one Coaching program

Betty: Exactly. Yes. 10 of them.

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"I was so impressed at how Pam helped 20 women to create their Signature Offer. This is a 'Super power"

"I spent so much money on other courses but this course gave me the HOW'. I LOVE the implementation. The personal feedback was a big game changer for me"

"I'd taken so many courses but this one forced me to sit down and actually get the work done. Very helpful"

"This is by far the best Course. It has been absolutely spot on!"

"I increased my price and I've sold my course already. Thank you so much Pam""

"Most of the trainers that I've been to leave you 'hanging'. You helped me more than anybody and I am truly grateful for it"

I loved learning about Ads

"To anyone who's thinking of doing this Intensive. Don't think just do it!"

"This weekend, EVERYTHING clicked into place. This is absolutely amazing"

"This is one of the best Courses I've ever taken"

"It really highlighted what I really need to be doing"

"Doing the Implementations with Pam has really helped. This is the most discovery work that I've ever done"

"I keep thinking why did I wait a whole year before taking this intensive. It's one of the BEST courses I've ever joined"

It was an eye opener for me

It's exactly what I needed

"I honestly wish I had this many months ago"

"It was such an eye opener and it really gave me hope"

"For me it was mind-blowing. I love that it was so hands-on"

"Pam made us feel very comfortable. I loved the details of how to create our own program"

"I loved the training on Sales Calls. I was making so many mistakes on the calls but now I know how to Close"

"I was failing with Facebook Ads but now I know how to do it right. I learned a lot today, thank you"

I've spent so much money on ads and different programs, nothing compares to this

I love how you took us by the hand, pushed us to achieve each task instead of leaving us

You always overdeliver. The whole 3 days, everything you taught was important for me.

I've had so many coaches but none of them have taken the time to push me like you have.

"I love how practical it was, everyone got clarity from each segment and you pushed us. It's just perfect!"

I loved the "hand holding". You didn't just give us worksheets like other Coaches, you helped us implement each step.

Before attending, I didn't know how to put together a program, now, I have my Signature Offer created

This gave me clarity on the steps that I should take, especially how to run Facebook Ads successfully

My biggest win is the Sales System. I also 'slammed the back door shut' in all areas of my life that have been holding me back all these years

"I'd summarise these 3 days as 'slamming the back door' in my mindset, business'. I really enjoyed these 3 days"

"My big win is that before this program I was lost but I've been able to move my business forward"

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