The S.E.E.D. Method

The weird experiment that made me $120K in 3 Days WITHOUT running any paid ads or webinars

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Hey there, Pam Obasa here! Creator of The S.E.E.D Method and your guide through this Case Study which really is an…. Adventure!

In this Case Study, I will show you how to get your ideal clients in just 3 days (72 hours)!

Whilst writing this, I contemplated the best way to relay this strategy with you.

Therefore, I made the decision to show you how we generated $120,000 in 3 days using this exact strategy, ‘The S.E.E.D Method’ WITHOUT running any paid ads, webinars, writing blog posts, posting on social media, going on podcasts, trying to be famous like a Kardashian…

There's a DETAILED video above. Please watch this FIRST!

So HOW exactly did we do it? I will be sharing our exact strategy, step-by-step throughout this case study.

Here's What You'll Discover In The Case Study:

The S.E.E.D. Method Case Study

Your Commitment

Before we dive in, I want you to promise me this...

Read Every Word

You WILL read every word of this case study till the very end

Out With The Old

You will throw out anything you thought you knew about getting clients… those ‘old’ strategies are no longer working.


You commit to IMPLEMENTING what you will discover from me today



This is not some vague attempt to simply “get” your attention. No! I will be sharing our ENTIRE strategy right here, cutting out all the BS and fluff that you might have become accustomed to.


I have nothing to sell to you on this page (so you can breathe a sigh of relief now!).

When you read through this case study my hope is that you WILL want to implement these strategies.

Why wouldn’t you? They WORK! And you’d be mad to ignore them

But… in order to help you succeed at this, my team and I have set aside some time to actually help you.

However, because we can only help a few people (due to time constraints), we’ve set a limit on our calendar.

If you would like our help (absolutely FREE) then, schedule your call before the timer hits zero… you will receive a Business Audit that could be just what your business needs… all at no cost (usually $1000)

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Let’s dive in

If you’ve been in the coaching biz for more than 2 minutes you’ve no doubt fallen victim to a lot of the “shiny objects” out there

What am I talking about?

You see an ad of a Coach in her flashy clothes, dream life by the beach, the mansion that just “happened to be in the backdrop” and you buy into that dream

You invest, say, $5k into a program that promised you results…

…instead of receiving what was promised, all you received was a bunch of videos, cookie-cutter strategies and broken dreams with said Coach never actually showing up to help you implement the strategies!


This is the state of the Coaching industry today!

I assume you’ve been bitten by some of these guru coaches and that’s why I want to start off by saying

…I am NOT internet famous

I do NOT have a Lamborghini

I do NOT live in a 15-bed mansion

I’m just a mum of two little boys who after trying for nearly two years and FAILING to grow my coaching business, finally cracked it BIG!

And when I did…

…I made a commitment to help others cut the trial and error so that they too can see success in a matter of DAYS!

You might be thinking…

“Pam, if you’re doing so well, why are you sharing your “secrets” with everyone?”

Here are my reasons:

  1. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes or waste money or time on trial and error like I did. The more successful businesses out there, the more testimonials I’ll get 😊. Just being honest here
  2. There’s so much noise out there and if you’re a newbie or you’re confused in any way… I don’t blame you. It’s tough knowing what’s real and even, WHO’S real these days since EVERYONE is an “expert”
  3. I’m sick and tired of people bundling up repurposed content they found online and selling these as courses with a HUGE price tag, without helping their clients get REAL results. It’s unfair and gives this industry a bad name.
  4. I’m also confident that by reading this (and by me being so transparent) you’ll then decide…

“I like this lady! I want her help to implement this strategy into my business”

Should you have those sentiments, you’d simply click on the button below to schedule a call with my team

(full disclaimer… I spend my time actually helping our clients and my team take the calls. Makes sense right? Don’t worry, they’re pretty amazing)

If during the call, you decide that you DO want my help implementing this entire system, you’ll be working with me directly 😉

Ok. I’ve laid all my cards on the table now

Inside this Case Study, we’re laying out the practical strategies that have worked for us and our clients.

We have INCREDIBLE ‘brag-worthy’ testimonials but here’s a disclaimer…

‘No two businesses are the same’

What I’m sharing with you is what WORKS, it is your responsibility to make it work for you.


If you need clients and you need a simple, predictable way to get them fast… You might sell or want to sell High Ticket:


OR... You want to take your off-line business online (for Speakers who were selling from the stage pre-Covid… this one’s for you)

When it comes to getting clients, there is no shortfall of the methods that you can use to grow your business

The Method You Choose
Depends on 3 Things

How quickly you want it

How easy you want it

How consistent you need it to be

If you want ALL 3 (quick, easy and consistent)… then you’re going to need The S.E.E.D Method

And the good news is, I’m going to teach YOU that method!

Now, I know that you’re eager to jump into The S.E.E.D Method, however, is it OK if I over deliver here?

Lets begin with…

Step 1 - The Big Idea:
(Creating a ‘Cash-back’ Offer)

When I first started my Coaching business, I STRUGGLED hard!

Even though I started in a niche that I was an EXPERT in, for the first 18 months of my business, I struggled to string together $500 for my Marketing services

I soon discovered when I joined other Facebook groups for Coaches that ‘BARELY bringing in $500 per month’ was actually the “norm” for Coaches

And here’s the kicker…

45% of FEMALE entrepreneurs (in general) are barely making $500/month in their business


This is sad!

A lot of Coaches are simply NOT making any money and it’s no surprise!

Here’s the Big Problem:

Problem #1: Most Coaches charge for their services by the ‘hour’, making it incredibly difficult to scale

Problem #2: Most Coaches rely on outdated strategies which are as ancient as ‘boot-leg jeans’ such as depending on referrals for clients, joining jobs boards for clients, posting in Facebook groups in hopes that their ideal clients will notice them

Problem #3: Most Coaches have TERRIBLE Offers! They simply refuse to move with the times to create what I call a “a Cash Back” offer!

✏️NOTE: A ‘cash-back’ offer is an offer that pays you time and time again! A Timeless offer!

#3 is what started this journey for me

After spending years trying a number of strategies from…

– Live events
– Running webinars
– Posting in Facebook groups
– Creating online courses
– Creating a membership site

…to name a few…

I did NOT have any success that could even remotely justify the time spent on those strategies

Some of the strategies worked great for some time, but the month after… ZERO income ! 😞

The Game-Changing Experiment…

One day, I decided to create a “Cash-back offer” which was the beginning of this experiment….

I wanted to test a theory that I’d always believed deep down but I wasn’t sure if it would work.

That was when I made my first $3k in 3 Days… barely lifting a finger!

Here’s how we got that first win that kicked off this journey…

I call it ‘The Testing Phase’

Step 2 - The Testing Phase:
Scaling a $9 offer to $3k in 3 Days (no Paid Ads or Webinars)

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One of the biggest mistakes I’d made in the early stages of my business was buying into the whole “Webinar miracle” thing! 🤦‍♀️

Yes, every marketer who has a webinar course advertises it as the “miracle cure” when really…

…it’s a botch job of bad strategies designed to take money from unknowing newbies

You know how it goes…

First, they tell you to Create a High Ticket Offer (even though you know NOTHING about how to properly enrol clients)

Then, they tell you that you need to Create a Webinar (again... another mistakes newbie make)

When you've created your webinar, they then convince you to invest THOUSANDS of 💰💰💰 into running facebook ads to that webinar

The goal of this strategy is to get people to schedule a call with you after watching the webinar

Finally... Close them like a ninja.

Except… what they forgot to tell you is that webinars cost a LOT of money to promote successfully!

I’m talking, $200 per calendar booking (and that’s on the LOW side)

So… to get 10 people to book a call, you’d need to whack out $2,000 upfront!

Out of those 10 people, perhaps only 3 of them will actually show up for the call

(since those who watch webinars are usually watching multiple webinars and might not even remember that they’d scheduled a call with you)

Then… you have 3 people show up on a call, now what?

You blast them with your $10k offer and get any of the following responses

Person #1: “thank you, but I thought this was a free call. I didn’t know you’d be asking me to buy something”

Person #2: “Can we reschedule till next year when I’m actually making some money in my biz?”

Person #3: “Great offer, I love it. Can I just ask your advice about something” a.k.a pick your brain for free

Let’s not forget all that money you already spent on Facebook ads… urgh! 😭

I was DONE with this!

Then there’s the ‘keep it safe, stick to organic’ strategy which whilst IS “safe”…

….often requires you to either hang out in other peoples facebook groups which they worked hard to build…

…regurgitating your posts from one Facebook group to the other to see who “bites”

…all whilst hoping and praying that the group admins don’t smell the fish and kick you out

Meanwhile… you’re in “desperate town” ready to DM anyone who even so much as “looks at” your post!

I was DONE with this too!

Look, I’m not saying that these strategies don’t work!

They do ‘sometimes’!

👉 Webinars work when you have a BIG ads budget and if you do, cool beans!

👉 Organic marketing also works but it’s more like a ‘slow dripping tap’

Can you imagine trying to fill a bathtub from a slow dripping tap?

But here’s how I use ORGANIC marketing…

I use it in the ‘Testing Phase’ of my offers!

If you’ve been using either of the strategies above with no luck…

…today, I want to help you to fix that by sharing a little experiment that I ran over 3 days.

I started by creating a ‘Cash back’ Offer

This was a digital product!

Create it once and get ‘cash back’ FOREVER! See what I did there? 🙂

How I Promoted My Cash-Back offer

To sell this offer, I decided to go against what a lot of “Gurus” teach and instead place a tiny price tag on this offer… just like I teach inside my Mastermind

$9 to be precise

My goal was to see how many we could sell WITHOUT running any paid traffic

Here are the results:

Day 1 Results: 5 Sales

✏️ IMPORTANT – I start testing my offers really low to see how quickly it’ll convert, then I increase the price every 24 hours based on conversion.

24 hours passed, so price increased

Day 2 Results: 24 Sales

At $17 we had a further 24 sales in less than 12 hours and they kept coming in

Now things are getting interesting right?!

24 hours passed, price increased to $27

Day 3 Results: 36 Sales

We published 3 posts on Social Media and 3 emails, making 36 sales which brought in $972

Imagine what publishing only 3 posts, repurposing those posts into emails can do for your business.

Total Sales of the Cash-Back = 65

Total Income from 65 sales: $1,410


By the end of this 3 day experiment we actually brought in a total of $3,125

Which means an EXTRA $1,715 came in without us doing any more work, publishing more posts or getting on any sales calls with clients

Where did this additional income come from?

The Lucrative Story-selling System (the ground-breaking Sales system that you need to create a Consistent Flow of Clients & Sales)

You see, even though we had an incredible offer of high-value at the front and promoted just that offer for 3 days,

…70% of people who bought that first offer also took us up on our SECOND offer which they say AUTOMATICALLY after purchasing the first!

A further 30% also took us up on our THIRD offer in the sales system

This is the power of a Lucrative Sales System

Let me ask you, how many hours would you have to spend speaking to people on the phone to sell a $3k package?

A Lot right?

Imagine bringing in $3k+ DAILY without speaking to anyone

Would you like to be able to create a system just like this?

I thought I was done with this experiment…

I mean… to bring in over $3k in PROFIT in just 3 days without spending money on Paid Ads or wasting hours of my precious time speaking to non-committed clients…

This was a GOOD deal!

But, my experiment wasn’t over yet.

As I’d exhausted my small email list and social media followers, I needed to bring this offer to a NEW audience.

That’s when I deployed Step 3 of my experiment. Let’s take a look at that now…

Step 3 - The Waterfall Phase:
Scaling from $3k in 3 days to $22,359 in 30 days

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I want to share with you something most people DON’T SHARE…

We call this The Lucrative Story-selling System


After my crazy experiment… I discovered 5 things:

I had an AWESOME offer that people actually NEED and WANT powerful combo

I’d nailed the MESSAGING on the offer (writing various Social Media posts daily for 3 days was just my way of seeing what people will resonate with the most.

I’d nailed the Marketing (again… we’d used various images to promote so we could see the very BEST one)

I’d nailed the PRICE POINT (you’d think that at $9 we would make the most sales… nope! )

I’d nailed the MARKET

And we did it WITHOUT paying for Facebook Ads.

Here’s how we put everything we’d gathered together to Create a CONSISTENT flow of paying clients on Autopilot:

Step 1: We took the money we made organically and now invested in Paid ads

By running ads to this we’re FREE to focus on other areas of the business and serving private clients inside our Mastermind

Step 2: We crafted ‘Story-based’ Ad copy.

Going after a ‘cold’ audience, meaning, a group of people who have no clue who we are meant we needed to give them something to connect with.

This is where ‘Storytelling’ really trumps any other form of persuasion

Step 3: We set up the Ads using a super ‘targeted’ strategy

We continued testing various markets with this strategy and by the end of running this experiment for only 30 Days, we generate $22,359.

Wouldn’t you like to have this set up in your business?

I’ve opened up my calendar for a few days to show you how you can 10X the revenue in your business using this strategy.

This no-cost call is for you if you’re serious and ready to invest in yourself and in your business.

Click the button below to set up a call with us

Step 4 - The Avalanche Phase
Scaling from $22,359 to $65k in 5 days

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After generating $22,359 in 30 days one of the main things that we’d acquired that was way more valuable was this:


✏️IMPORTANT: Ever heard of the phrase ‘a buyer is a buyer’?

When most people run paid ads, they run them to a ‘free’ offer, otherwise known as a ‘lead magnet’

This works well at generating “leads”…

…however… a ‘lead’ may not be worth much to you unless they’re ready to buy your stuff

I’ve met many Coaches who have thousands of people on their email list BUT they’re NOT making any money

This is because they acquired ‘leads’ instead of acquiring ‘Buyers’

When you have ‘BUYERS’ on your email list… they continue to BUY from you

…in contrast, when you have ‘leads’ on your email list… they continue to ‘leech’ from you 😞

The Ascension phase

One of the core strategies I used to convert ‘leads’ into ‘buyers’ in the early stages of my business was 5 Day Challenges

We call this an ‘Ascension’

Previously… we found great success using 5 Day Challenges as the Ascension System

However, it was NOT a scalable strategy! Here’s why:

Challenges have a ceiling – anything over $2500 is DIFFICULT to sell via a challenge

Challenges can be tough to put on – it requires a LOT of work (HINT: That’s why it’s called a ‘Challenge’)

Challenges require BIG NUMBERS – Yes! Just like running webinars, challenges are pretty expensive to fill and people drop off in large amounts each day of the challenge

Saying all that… we did challenges well selling a $2500 offer and walking away with a $65k revenue each month with the bulk of that coming in during the 5 Day Challenge.

This was how we went from making $22,349 in 30 days to $65,000 in 5 Days

BUT it was a TON of work and frankly… we couldn’t sustain it

We needed to scale to bringing in 6-Figures a month but scaling was IMPOSSIBLE with this Challenge system

The more we ran it, the results dwindled month after month and Ad costs rose higher, making it pretty much impossible to make any reasonable amount of money

‘Revenue’ is one thing… making profit is very DIFFERENT!

I want to share with you the system that DID it for us!

And this system did NOT require paid ads, webinars, posting in Facebook groups or Social Media…


We simply leveraged the audience we’d already built and worked less than we ever did.

We call this The S.E.E.D Method

Once we’d generated a LOT of Sales with our low ticket offer, we were elated!

I mean, $22,359 in 30 days is no small change after all.

But the truth is that only about half of that was ‘Profit’. So we made a lot of money but kept only half as profit

Which was still a great win.

Now, we needed to figure out a way to get ‘repeat’ business from our new ‘Customers’

This is where we deployed The S.E.E.D Method

The S.E.E.D Method is a ‘bridge’ that moves your Ideal Clients very quickly up your Value Ladder to your HIGHEST offer

Step 5 - The S.E.E.D Method
How I made $120,000 in 3 Days,
no paid ads

What is S.E.E.D. Method

The S.E.E.D Method Is A Simple System That We’ve Used To Help Us Bring In 6-Figures PER MONTH Without Working More Hours.

The S.E.E.D Method is an ecosystem of 4 POWERFUL components that when put together, becomes the matrix for getting High Paying clients at will.

These 4 Components are:


Evergreen System

Emails That Convert

Delivered Daily

I’ll break each one down in a moment… but first…


2020 was been an interesting year for most people!

Whilst many people might have written off and moved on from 2020, for some of us, it’s going to be a pretty difficult year to forget!

Whilst everyone struggled with this pandemic and the new challenges that lockdown presented…

For some… it was having to homeschool their kids for the first time ever

For others… being in such close proximity with their spouse probably set off some unexpected fireworks (some good, some bad)

However, for me…

Life was in the balance!

In March of 2020 I’d scheduled some client meetings and with just an hour before my meetings started, my husband became very poorly very QUICKLY and I called the ambulance (and cancelled all my meetings)

I honestly thought this illness was a minor!

Little did I know that for the next few months, my husbands life would be hanging in the balance

He went into a Coma within 24 hours of being at the hospital.

I felt numb at first and it didn’t really hit me

But within a few days… BOOM!

It felt like my entire world had been turned upside down

Days turned into weeks…

…and weeks turned into months of him being at the hospital

And as my little boys cried for their dad…

..I knew that life would never be the same again

During lockdown I couldn’t visit my husband in the hospital… as expected

So I managed liaison with the medical team over the phone… which was TOUGH!

I’ll never forget this one phone call with the Doctor who was caring for my husband whilst he was in intensive care. He said…

“I’m sorry Mrs Obasa, most people in intensive care NEVER make it out so don’t hold your breath over your husband coming out”?



One day, I received a call that I will never forget…

“Your husband is waking up. We think you should speak to him and reassure him”

I was driving when I received this call!

I quickly pulled over, I could barely hold my excitement nor the tears as they streamed down my face…

They placed the phone to my husband’s ear so that I could speak with him

“Hello my love!” I said over and over again…

I tried to use as few words as possible so as not to overwhelm him

But all I heard back was silence

No words!

He didn’t respond

He couldn’t respond!

I then learned that my husband couldn’t speak or move

He will have to learn how to speak again, and how to eat. We will also bring in physio to teach him how to walk again” … said, the doctor

The biggest battle at that moment was ‘holding back the tears’

I had to accept that the man I know and love, is different now and there was no telling how long it’ll take for him to recover fully


Within a few weeks of my husband waking up from the Coma, lockdown was finally eased in London!

I could now visit him in hospital.

This was BIG news!

The journey to the hospital however, was long! What should be a 60 minute drive often took 90 minutes there and back

But I didn’t care! I could finally have my husband!

So, daily, I’d spend 3 hours on the road visiting him in hospital

It was during these gruelling road trips that I made the decision that changed the course of my business


The question that I asked myself was

“How do I juggle being mum to my two boys, carer to my husband, homeschooling AND running my business?”

It was clear that I could no longer do business the “traditional” way:

Posting on social media consistently

Live streaming in Facebook groups

Depending on referrals

Launching consistently

Running 5 day challenges which took FOREVER to set up and execute These methods are LONG, SLOW and HARD!



I killed the challenges and launches!

I stopped it all!

Even being on social media was a massive distraction so I left all the groups that I was part of and focused on scaling my business the simplest way possible!

I needed to deploy a completely new Ascension System

This time…. Instead of 5 Day Challenges… I wanted to have a real impact!

✏️IMPORTANT: Expertise + Impact = Income

What do I mean by that?

Whatever are you’re an expert in….

…figure out the best way to impact others positively and it’ll lead to a big pay day!

So I started on a quest to have a BIG impact!

That’s Where The S.E.E.D Method Comes In

There are 4 Steps that make up the ‘S.E.E.D Method’

Let’s break them down together…

Step 1:

The ‘S’ in S.E.E.D Method stands for Storytelling

We have found by far that Storytelling hands down beats any other form of persuasion!

And to get those perfect clients, they need to have bought into YOU first!

As an entrepreneur you have so much going for you. You have a LOT of life experiences that when crafted into a ‘knife-point story’, is what will truly take your sales to the edge!

To craft the perfect story, you need: The Perfect Offer

I created a brand new offer that solved a BIG problem for my audience.

This offer had to be big enough to get taken seriously, but also it had to be an easy ‘Yes’.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of growing a business.

Most people slap together an offer or Coaching program and call it an ‘Offer’.

It isn’t.

There’s so much that goes into creating an offer that sells like water in a desert!

Step 2:

Evergreen System – This is the first ‘E’ In The S.E.E.D Method

It’s easier to sell to a ‘repeat’ customer. That’s where your business truly grows. Most people think that getting ‘sales’ is the holy-grail.

No! Getting people to buy from you over and over again, increasing their cart value is where your focus should be

One of the biggest mistakes Coaches are making online is using ‘spray and pray’ marketing which basically involves them posting constantly on social media

This leads to BURNOUT!

Having an ‘Evergreen System’ that works around the clock means that you can focus on actually doing the things you love… instead of “trying to get clients”

Step 3:

Emails – This is the second ‘E’ in S.E.E.D Method

Ever heard that “emails are dead”? Only BROKE people say that so I’d ignore them, If I were you!

The BEST place by far to sell is on territory that you OWN

Your email list!

This is how we scaled to 6-Figures per month…. by sharing our offers to our email list without running any more ads

You need an email list to remain relevant online!

Not only that… your email list must have:

1. The Right Audience – In order to sell an offer like you’re selling ‘water in a desert’, you have to be selling the RIGHT offer to the RIGHT market.

It has to be sold to a HUNGRY market

The most ‘hungry’ market are those on your EMAIL LIST!

Not just social media!

So if you’re not building an email list, now’s a good time to start!

2. The Right Messaging – What sells an offer isn’t the ‘Offer’ itself… what sells an Offer is the ‘Messaging’ around that offer.

It’s the way you talk about the offer, hitting pain points that have your Ideal Clients thinking “oh she’s reading my mind” that matters most

The danger of hitting it RIGHT with your Messaging is that of course, you can sell a mediocre offer too (which I of course don’t advise).

But I share that to say this – the ‘Offer’ doesn’t matter as much as the Messaging.

Step 4:

Delivered Daily – The ‘D’ In S.E.E.D Stands For ‘Daily’! That’s Right!

Creating a consistent flow of clients coming into your business requires you putting your business out there ‘DAILY’…

…but who has time for that, as well as:

– Ferrying the kids to school

– Taking care of your home

– Working with clients

– And actually enjoying life?!

No wonder 95% of online businesses fail within their first year!


When you have the ecosystem of The S.E.E.D Method running your business,

…you can set it all up and walk away 🙂

Using The S.E.E.D Method we consistently fill our programs, generating $120,000 per launch without running additional paid ads, webinars or challenge

Following the psychology triggers that can easily be achieved through powerful storytelling.

Sending this directly to a list of ‘prospects’ that are already in your ‘ecosystem’ makes this method extremely POWERFUL!

Now, you might be thinking…


No you don’t!

We’ve had clients pull in $15k months with a tiny list of 100 or so and those clients actually started working with us when they had NO LIST at all!

Your next question might be…


That’ll be another ‘NO’.

There are specific methods for growing your audience quickly that are way more effective than simply spraying and praying!

There’s NONE of the following with The S.E.E.D Method

Posting on social media to get clients

Depending on referrals

Trying to get booked on podcasts

Trying to be IG famous

Suddenly wanting to grow an audience on Tik Tok because some guru told you to

No affiliate marketing needed

No need for a YouTube channel either

No big following needed

Irina made £29,000 from a TINY list of 100 people

Jeehan crushed her launch to her TINY list of 150

Here’s what you DO need:

You solve a REAL problem

You’re passionate about the people you help

You run a client-based business (not physical Product or e-commerce)

You’re ready and willing to take action


That’s all it is!

We use this EXACT system to build our 6-Figures Per Month business

Our clients use this EXACT system too and are totally killing it in their markets

Here’s the kicker… you too can implement this!

So… now that I’ve laid it all out for you

You can run with this and attempt to implement it on your own

That might sound tempting but is that really a wise decision?

You see…

Even though you CAN implement this in a matter of days…

…attempting it on your own will set you back months, if not years

The question to ask yourself is…

“How much money am I leaving on the table for each month that I don’t have this system in my business?”

Let’s explore that for a second…


Let’s imagine that you have an offer of say, $5,000 per client

You try to fill this offer (which is a group program) on your own – you want say, 10 people in the program

That’s $50k right there!

For each month that you haven’t booked out this program, you’re leaving $50k on the table!

The same principle works if your program is double that at $10,000

Now, you’re leaving $100k on the table EACH MONTH that you do not have this implemented

The other question to ask yourself is this:

“Is what I’m doing NOW to get clients serving me or do I need help?”

These are important questions to ask

And if the answer is YES.

Then help is at hand and it doesn’t cost you a thing to book!

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Jefyne Togba

‘I had value for my investment, absolutely. Your input on this Course is above what most similar courses are offering ‘.

Lizzie Paish –Life-Transformation Coach

‘One of the arsenals you need for a successful business is Automation, you will get that and more in this Course'.

Tayo Soluade Sokomba

‘Honestly my business would not be where it is today if it were not for her and her amazing team'.

Nathalia Copeland – Facebook Ads Strategist

‘It’s just invaluable. This is the one of the best courses I have ever taken’.

Cecilia M – Scientist

‘Without a doubt, you're gonna walk away with a System. The money is worth it'. Push the easy button.

Terry M. Lee – Live Video & Kajabi Expert

‘If you believe that doing the mastermind is going to take your business where you need it to go. Then you need to do it. It's that simple'.

Ceri S – Leadership Expert

‘If you get the opportunity to work with Pam, if you need a story but you don't know how to share it, how to SELL it then you definitely want to work with Pam'.

Chantelle Paige Turner – The CulTured Method

‘I absolutely adore Pamela, she is phenomenal and I highly, highly recommend her'.

Jena Proctor – Pinterest Strategist

Don't take my word for it...

Hear from LUVIA!

So I think it's perfect for me. It's a perfect mix of great coaching, but then also learning from my fellow participants in the program”

Lisa M (Branding Strategist)

I really like the small group format. I feel like just having your attention and you, you really gave a lot. You give a lot, that was a huge piece of it for me. And plus, I like being in the group format, too, because I like learning from other people and I like seeing what other people are doing. I think there's such a value in that, too

My list started to grow even though I'd taken my eyes off it for a moment… thats AUTOPILOT

Terri L (Livestream Strategist)

“I implemented the funnels and my Email list started to grow, even though I'd taken my eyes off it. To the women that haven't done LSS, I highly recommend it, i can't say it enough. My list started to grow even though I'd taken my eyes off it for a moment… thats AUTOPILOT”

LSS is foundational to growing your business. If you're not seeing growth in your income, LSS is the best place to start.

Irina S (Dating Coach)

It's AMAZING. I'm really grateful for the push from Pam's side because I would never do it otherwise. I'm really excited to have been part of such community and Pam running it. I lost hope before I met Pam that it would ever work, so with LSS, I finally regained my hope and became positive again, created my products and Sales System.

Introducing: The 10X Your Revenue Call

As You’re Still Here With Me, It’s A Great Sign That You’re An Action Taker Which Means That You Qualify For What I’m About To Share With You 🙂

But These Results Are For My Clients....
I Want The Same Results For You...!

Your Invitation
I’m taking on a small number of action takers to show you the exact steps, call it a blueprint, for how to 10X your revenue

Here’s What We’ll Discuss On Call:

Go deep into your business to discover your B.I.G (Basic Income Goal) and how to hit it QUICKLY

Then we’ll discuss your B.A.I.G (Big Audacious Income Goal) and using this, we’ll create a revenue plan to help you meet those massive income goals

We’ll nip your lead gen issues in the bud right on the call and we let you in on the little known secrets our clients are using to create an inexhaustible source of leads

Then we’ll help you to map out your exact blueprint for how to achieve results in the shortest amount of time.

Follow this plan over the next 30 days and you’ll be brimming with confidence, full clarity on exactly what you have to do in your business

…to bring in a Consistent flow of High Paying Clients and to 10X your revenue.

You’re probably wondering…

But, Why Would You Give All This Away For Free, Pam?

That’s a great question.

The honest answer is that I just love giving value this way

I was blessed to have learnt a lot from really generous people and this is my way of giving back

The second reason is that I truly believe that this is my PURPOSE

Having been in business since I was 17, I just can’t see it done any better way than to help other female entrepreneurs step off the “hustle” and start making impact already

The final reason for why I’m this generous with my time is simply because…

This is one of the ways that I attract my Ideal Clients

I’m not here to pull a wall over your eyes

I’m also in business to do business

And as a Business Coach…

…if at the end of our call, we hit it off and we’re a great fit,

We may discuss opportunities for working together…

…but ONLY if we’re the perfect match

But regardless of whether we are a match or not..

The blueprint we’ll be mapping out for you is yours to keep and you can walk away from the call with full confidence and clarity

…putting you miles ahead of other people competing for your audience’s attention

This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone.

We’re very careful with our criteria for this call because as you’ve guessed…
…we have very limited slots available

So this special opportunity is only for people who have a legitimate business, such as:

– You’re in the coaching, consulting space or you run a service-based business


You’re a Speaker, Trainer, Author or Personal Brand

This is important, you need to have some level of momentum already in your business

Lastly but most importantly, you’re ready to take things to the next level.

If that sounds like you, then CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to book your 10X revenue call so that we can map out your exact steps to profit.


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