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It's easy to have the income that you desire once you know how to sign high-end clients with ease. I work with service-based entrepreneurs (Coaches, Consultants, Online course creators etc) who are looking to have a full roster of their dream clients without making any uneasy, embarrassing, pushy sales calls or holding webinars that that fail miserably.
I help my clients cut through the icky sales calls but instead build a presentation that'll captivate their audience, simply based on storytelling.

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“I had a 10% webinar Conversion working with Pam”

Booked a client for $30,000 per month using Stories to Sell

$23,500 in 7 weeks

“Some of the BEST coaching I ever had”

“You gave the words to the missing piece in my puzzle”

“Learn the art of Storytelling in your webinars”

“Storytelling helped me have the most impact in my Launch”

“Pam helped me build an amazing webinar where I shared my story and turned those watching into clients and customers”

“Working with Pam changed everything for me and I finally launched my business”

“I loved every second of it. What you teach is simply invaluable”

I loved how you broke down the process of Storytelling

“I am killing it live. Try Pam, you will scale like you never imagined”

“Pam is awesome at the actual mechanics of ‘Storytelling’ “

“Pam is an amazing Speaker. Everyone walked away with something they can use in their business right away”

“Pam is an amazing Speaker. Everyone walked away with something they can use in their business right away”

“You are the Storytelling Queen”

“Keeps you on your toes and holds you accountable”

“I wish this course was longer”

“I ran 2 webinars BEFORE working with Pam and they FAILED. When a webinar after working with Pam, I converted live for the first time

“The succinct, clear advice Pam gave me had me running even before we finished”

“Pamela showed me how to create content that will connect with my audience in an authentic way”

“Absolutely amazing”

“Pam has inspired me to become a much better storyteller”

“So inspiring and encouraging”

“Learning ‘Storytelling’ has created a niche for me as a Film Maker”


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