Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Reset Your Life | Set 90 Day Goals

Did your 2020 turn out how you expected it to turn out?

Way back in 2019 when you set your goals chances are it didn’t.

I remember heading towards the end of 2020 and pretty much from September most people I knew were already writing off 2020 and saying things like”

“Oh I cannot wait for this year to be over”

“I cannot wait to see the back of this year “

Then of course we had the second wave of the Coronavirus and second waves of lockdowns across the world and then this new strain of Covid and all of this craziness that happened leading into 2021 

…and chances are that most people are still afraid, still in doubt, still uncertain about what their 2022 will look like.

If that’s you and you have those same feelings then I want to let you know that you are not alone.

You are really not alone.

 A lot of people are in that same boat.

A lot of people are now hanging up their goals and waving goodbye to their goals as they waved goodbye to 2021 because they cannot see the silver lining 

..and they cannot even imagine a different world to all of the crazy pandemics that we have all been experiencing.

I am here to tell you it is not time to wave goodbye to your goals.

In fact, you want to set even bigger goals because that is what will really allow you to live the life that you desire.

So today I want to teach you a specific 90-day strategy for setting your goals with ease so that you can reach your ideal income.

I have created a goal setting worksheet for you. You can find it right below this, grab that and get working on your goals.


Why you should set goals?

Let’s talk about why you should even set goals

What most people do is that they literally just live life based on ‘habits’ rather than setting goals

They live life on whatever habits that they have accumulated, whatever routines that they feel that they need at that moment, that’s how they live life.

The problem with that is they have actually missed a step.

The first step should be to actually create the goal and then you set the habit to support that goal.

Most people have forgotten that the goal should inform the habit, not the other way around…

…otherwise, you run at the risk of going about your day and going about this routine and you get to ten years down the line 

…or even two years down the line and you look back and your life is still where it was.

That’s how most people are and that will be the reality for most people but not you because you are reading this.

The most dangerous thing about living your life based on ‘habits’ and’ routines’ is that things run away with you and you don’t even realize.

For example, inside of my business one of the things that we let go of and didn’t set a goal for was growing one of our free Facebook groups.

We have a couple of groups and for one specific one, we didn’t really set a goal because that group was growing by itself.

So when the Coronavirus hit hard over here in the UK and my husband became unwell and my life felt like it was falling apart… 

…I had let go of quite a few things.

Especially that Facebook group.

I realised that we didn’t actually set a goal, a growth goal, an impact goal or anything that we wanted to see in that group.

So when things started to look up and I went back into that group to try and engage with our group members guess what had happened?

The Facebook algorithm had forgotten all about me and so when I would post I would hear crickets because nobody was then engaging because they hadn’t engaged with me in such a long time inside of that group.

We had to start all over again 

But if we had set a goal, to begin with, what would have happened even when life was happening and things were falling apart because of what was going on in my personal life?

I am pretty sure that we would not have lost that group.

This is one of the negative things that can happen 

Every successful person is successful because of the GOALS and HABITS that they have

Every GOOD thing that we have achieved in my business happened because:

  • We set goals
  • We created habits.
  • We created actions.
  • We created routines that supported that goal.

If we hadn’t set up that goal at the beginning, none of the habits would have fallen into place.

None of the action steps would have fallen into place.

So when it comes to setting your goals I highly recommend setting just a 90-day goal or setting your goals in 90-day increments.


Well, it’s simply because 90 days is a heck of a lot easier than 365 days.

Most people start off the new year really excited about their goals.

…but the truth of the matter is that come February, the majority of people have actually lost track and don’t actually know what to focus on any longer.

I remember going to the gym with my husband one day and he said to me:

“Pam just you watch come January this place will be packed out”

 and I responded “Well I don’t know what we’re gonna do if that happens”

He then said:

“No, don’t worry come February it will be empty again”

We both laughed and chuckled because we know that that is the truth.

Most people go in January:

“Yes let’s do it”

But by February they’ve fallen off their goals because in their mind they just set up a goal instead of strategically setting a goal that they can actually achieve.

When you’re setting goals in smaller chunks it’s easier to track and measure.

Even if you’re not used to setting goals or you’ve never set goals before or you’ve never set goals that you have achieved…

…I highly encourage you to start small in smaller chunks.

Achieve that one step before you move to the next.

So if you’re feeling bent out from 2021…

Here’s the truth…

You’re still alive.

You are still on this planet.

That means that there’s still a purpose for your life.

So go ahead and start small.

I’m not saying set crazy goals that you will never hit like:

“I want to make a million pounds in my business within the next seven days”

I know that’s not impossible.

Some people can do it for sure but set a goal that is easy to achieve for you so that once you do that it gives you the motivation that you need to set even further goals and to meet those.

How to set 90 days goals?

I have a few steps to share with you for setting your 90-day goals.


 That is the first question to ask yourself.

 This allows you to paint the bigger picture.

The vision that you have for your life or your business for that year.

Now, remember that’s not a 90-day goal, that is just a question for the entire year.

Let’s imagine that you have answered that question that takes you to step two.


Step two is to look at the answer to that question and you’re going to think about four steps that will allow you to reach that goal.

Let’s imagine that she said:

“By the end of the year, I want my business to hit $10k per month consistently”

That is your big goal.

Now for most people, they would have no idea what to do with that goal, so in step 2 what I want you to do is to look at that big goal and you’ve got to create four action steps for that one big goal.

Action step number one could be to create a lead magnet or a lead generator that allows people to get onto your email list so that you have an email list or a database of warm leads for your business that is step one.

Step two could be to grow your email list to your first 1000 subscribers.

Step three could then be to create a signature offer or program or product that you can sell to these people.

Then step four could then be to create the sales system so that you are able to sell this to them on autopilot consistently.

Those are the four steps to do with that one big goal.


So therefore in the case of the example that I shared your 90-day goal, in that case, would be simply to create a lead magnet that brings people and helps you to create a database of warm leads for your business.

Can you see how simple that is?

Now you have a focus for the next 90 days.

Now you know exactly this is the only thing I am focusing on for the next 90 days.

It’s easy to do.

You can measure it.

You can achieve it.

It’s not overwhelming and it serves you towards your big goal.

The important thing to make sure is that your 90-day goal is tangible so you cannot say that my 90-day goal is to be happy, that’s not tangible.

How do you even measure that?

Do you see my point?

If you instead change that to something that leads to that happiness or to that joy now you’re talking about.

Remember it’s all about progress, not perfection.

Nobody’s going to be marking this.

This is not school.

It’s really up to you, so the more granular you can get with your 90-day goal the more it will serve you.

What type of goal you should set for yourself?

Everybody’s goal is going to be different but I love to have three types of goals.

  1. Business goal
  2. Happiness goal 
  3. Relationships goal 

Your business goal could be around your revenue.

How much money do you want to be bringing in your business this year?

Your happiness goal is to do with your impact on how much joy you want to have, how much balance you want to have in your life so that you can actually enjoy all of the money that you’re going to be making all of that income.

Your relationship goal could be the relationship with your spouse, with your children, with your parents, your family, your friends, anybody who is important to you.

No man or woman is an island so it’s very important that we hold people dear and near to us even close.

I love to have goals within these three areas because it really helps me to be holistic in the way that I live my life so that as the income is growing my joy, my happiness is growing and my relationships are even becoming stronger.

 Here is a quick recap that I want to share with you all really quickly.

3 quick points for how to set a goal that you can achieve


Instead of saying:

“I want to have more balance in my life:

That’s not really specific.

Specific  means

“I’m going to go to bed at a specific time so I’m going to go to bed at 10 pm at night”


“I’m going to wake up at 5am so that I can stop working by say 1pm and spend more time with my spouse and my children”

Can you see how specific that is?


Red flags are the things that hold you back.

The things that you know cause you to not achieve your goal because you know it’s just life happening to you.

A red flag could be your children, an illness or anything else or a relationship with somebody that you know that if they call you, you’re going to have to stop and answer them they’re a red flag.

A red flag is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is just something that is important in your life that causes you to have to stop in your tracks every time.

For example, for me, my children, my husband, and my family they’re a red flag.

I love them enough that if they called right now at the time of me writing this I would stop and answer them.

So they’re a red flag.


Your green flag is how you turn those red flags into a green flag.

What is the solution for that red flag?

As I mentioned my children, my husband, my family they’re red flags so what is the solution?

Now I’m writing this so what I have done is I have informed them that I’m busy writing from this time to this time.

I have let them know so that they can contact me only if it is urgent.

I have done something about my red flag now, it is now a green flag.

 I have found a solution to it.

So make sure that your goals are specific.

Identify the things that can get in the way and then identify solutions to those specific things so that you are able to really have greater success with those goals.

My Personal 90 Day Goal

I have found that when I have really enjoyed my business the most, where I have been the most productive is when I have woken up at 5am to do my work before the kids are awake.

I tend to do that when they’re at school because it’s easier but during the holidays I slack so I want to make sure I’m consistent and consistently waking up at 5 a.m come rain or shine whatever the day is I’m just really really keeping working in that muscle so that when I wake up I’m not feeling tired because my body is used to it.

That is something that I’m going to be focusing on for the next 90 days.

Now your turn.

Let me know in the comments what are you going to be focusing on in the next 90 days?

What is that goal for the next 90 days?


How to Design Your Life (My Process For Achieving Goals)

So let me know in the comments below, RE Goal Setting…

I would love to know in the comments:

What are you working on over the next 90 days for your first 90-day goal before I even share mine with you?



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