Pride Will Keep You Hungry

Something incredible happened to me today and I want to share it with you.


I've been taking a lot of cabs today and I got into this specific cab and it was a lady driver.

And more importantly, it was actually a black lady driver. Now that's different. You know I've rarely met women who do uber or who drive cabs, women in the minority, women full stop tend not to do those kinds of jobs. I started to talk with this lady and I noticed that she had about 3 phones on her dashboard and I asked her what are those phones for. She explained to me that she doesn't only drive uber, but she does it for various companies and what she does is wherever the job comes from first she takes the job. And that keeps her with a consistent flow of clients.

Wow. That is so smart.

I've never seen a cab driver doing that. I think that is incredibly smart. And then I started to talk to her about how when a lot of people come to this country they know that there's so much pride in getting a job. I mean starting a specific business, so much pride involved especially if it's something that they don't think is where the area is incredibly pretty prolific or something to sing about if. You know you're not a doctor or lawyer or anything like that. So there's a lot of pride involved in that. And you know she actually laughed. She said the words that I will never forget. And she said that if you are proud if you are too proud you will go hungry. And I thought Wow. That is so true.

I want to take it a step further to say this:

“If you are too proud you will go hungry, but if you are too fearful to take a move, to take a step, if you are too fearful, perhaps you're running a business, and so if you are too scared to learn new things, to learning new systems, if you are too scared to invest in your business, invest in coaching, if you are too proud and think perhaps you don't need the support you will go hungry.’

And it really stuck with me and that's really what I wanted to share with you today that one of the things that have really helped me in my business is putting aside pride, putting aside fear putting aside things that will hold me back. So that I can instead go forth and learn the things that I needed to learn and developing ways that I needed to develop so that I could use those learnings and pull them into my business.

I want you to think about what you are afraid of, what is making you being too proud about or what do you really need in the business that you haven't.

You're making excuses, not a lot of people think that they don't have the money to invest in their business but look at this lady she's walking free for three different companies to make ends meet, to make money so she can reinvest in herself and then that way one day she doesn't ever need to do that again.

So I just think that is just so so so inspirational and that's why I hope you will take something away from this. If you want to move forward in your business and think where is the money to invest in systems you talk about, where is the money to invest in coaching and all of these things. Well here is the thing. If you want to do it and you know that this is the thing that will change things for your business then you need to think what else can I do to make the money in the interim so that I can reinvest in my business, so that I never have to do those other jobs.

I also want to share this with you.

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Pam xoxo

It’s great to have you Lucrative Lady

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