Welcome, Kome,
Get Ready To Take Your Business To A Whole New Level Of INCREDIBLE Success with Recurring Revenue

I created this Personalized Roadmap just for you!

Your Personal Goal:

To create a conversion vehicle that allows you to:

Create a ‘Continuity’ program

Add Recurring Revenue streams to your business

Charge MORE

Increase your conversion

Get paid EVERYDAY via recurring revenue

✅ Work less and retain a healthy lifestyle balance

Here’s how I’ll help you achieve this:

We will work together in my ‘Profits On Demand System’  to add multiple recurring revenue systems to your business so that you get paid EVERY DAY

The Strategy:

Our goal is to add multiple recurring revenue systems/continuity programs to your business. 

How many continuity programs can you have? 

Answer: As many as you can handle

As a member of Profits On Demand System (PODS), each session my team and I will help you to:

Map out your personalizedContinuity’ value ladder to bring in multiple recurring revenue streams into your business

Strategise your Continuity Offers, adding all the conversion elements that have been a game-changer for us

Build out your Continuity programs step-by-step so that you can start getting members immediately 

You’ll implement our proven ‘Recurring Revenue’ plug-and-play system into your business so that you can drive traffic immediately

I’ll also walk you through how to LAUNCH your continuity offers in a ‘container’ to maximize your conversions


✅ You’ll be able to grow a community of raving fans who’ll be grateful that they found YOU!

You’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the Coaching, Entrepreneurship and Small Business niche

Using your success from your Continuity programs, you’ll then be able to bring in a consistent flow of leads, clients and CASH!

Whilst you focus on spending quality time with your family, and of course, building your empire.

Like the sound of that? So do I!

I’m so thrilled for you Kome!

I'll help you build:

✅ Your mini membership

✅ Your next level amplifier offer that brings in Continuity

✅ Your ultra premium Continuity amplifier

✅ And your signature Continuity offer

What’s Included:

➡️ The ‘Profits On Demand System’ Success Path - This is your key to consistent earnings, offering a proven roadmap to financial success 

➡️ Group Coaching - Accelerate your success with our exclusive 'Profits On Demand System' bi-weekly group coaching sessions

➡️ Facebook Ads Coaching - Master your advertising game with expert guidance in our 'Profits On Demand System' Facebook Ads Coaching.

➡️ Community - Join our thriving ‘Profits On Demand System’ community, where collaboration fuels success and growth.

➡️️ Recurring Revenue Funnel - Unlock profitability effortlessly with our 'Profits On Demand System' Done-For-You Funnel— simply plug-in our proven funnel into your business for an instant path to business success.

➡️️ Facebook Ads Course - Level up your marketing game with our Facebook Ads Course, designed to empower you with the skills and strategies needed for impactful and targeted advertising on the world's largest social platform.

➡️️ The Perfect Close Sales System Course - Elevate your sales mastery with 'The Perfect Close Sales System Course,' a transformative program designed to refine your techniques and maximize your closing success

Plus you get these incredible bonuses

Bonus #1: 

Coach Sales School

The “Coach Sales School” teaches a proven closing framework for coaches just like you to confidently & consistently close $5000+ sales and skyrocket the revenue in your business.

VALUE: $997

Bonus #2: 

Coach Launch Hub

Coaches Done-For-You Business & Branding Templates That Help You to Become The Authority in Your Niche, Show Up Authentically, Attract Ideal Customers, Create & Sell Transformations With Ease

VALUE: $497

Bonus #3:

Get 5 Private Label Rights (PLR) products from our Branderry Store (complete with Licenses included)

This is your game changing opportunity to add our already high-converting and insanely popular products to YOUR continuity programs and keep 100% of the profits. 

This means that you can launch your memberships like clockwork, we created the products, simply plug them into YOUR business and keep 100% of the profits

VALUE: $2000

You’re about to Master the secrets to Scaling and getting paid EVERYDAY

This is the key to having a REAL impact, whilst enjoying a beautiful lifestyle

IMPORTANT: As this is a new program, we will only be taking on a maximum of 5 clients at this time.

I only work with those that are COMMITTED Kome, that’s why I’m excited to begin this journey with you.

I’m invested in your success

You are READY!

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