What was your business like before you came into the LSS Mastermind?

Ken: We've been running a business at the humble penny for two and a half years, and we've relied primarily on creating organic content. Organic content was coming from blog content as well as from YouTube content. 

And the monetization that we had explored was varied, but it was all reliant on the organic stuff. 

So we would create a course and you'd hope people buy it. And sometimes people bought but it wasn't running in an automatic fashion. 

Then you (Pam) said to me, ‘what you're missing is a sales system’

I said, well, ‘OK, what on earth is a sales system’? And then we started to talk about it.  

We came to the house and we drew this out of white board. And then you started talking about LSS as well. And I said, you know what? This sounds like something I need to sign to. 

But you said to me, it's for 12 weeks. And I thought, ‘oh, my God, Do  I have 12 weeks of my life to commit to this’?

How did the assets (emails, funnels) that you received from us help you?

Pam: Ken, I want to talk about the moments just before launch. I sent you the emails and then it took a while before you and Mary actually execute it. 

Tell me about the emails and all of the assets that you received and did that help you? How did it help you to execute some of this?


Ken: Yeah, so building the whole process was actually really difficult, but the minute we got going, it got a lot easier because we started to pay much closer attention to what you had given us to actually use. 

For example, the email templates that we were going to use, we had actually written our emails and forgot that we actually had the templates from you available. So we then scrapped all of that and used what you'd given us. 


And that was just incredible because it took a while to tweak some of the wording to almost sound how we wanted in our own voice. The minute we had done that it really piled on a lot of those mental triggers that were necessary for sales to be created automatically

Over that period I think it was a five day launch period, Yes, we made sales from day one. 

We were selling it, if you remember me taking screenshots and so forth. 

And what you said to me was, ‘if they're buying on day one, that they're going to buy a lot the last day or the last day before that’.

Pam: The reason they found it so difficult was they were not using what was given to them, but they were going away and creating their own stuff. And then I was just like, well, why are you doing that? Just use our stuff. And then they had to scrap what they had created to use what they were given just to reinvent the wheel. Yeah, from day one I remember that. And I remember saying to you, I said to you that specifically you should start seeing results from around day three. Right. I remember you started to see results from day one. Do you remember what the stats were at all?

What results did you see? How many sales came in?

Ken: Oh, I know the conversion rate was really high. I think it was around 50 percent. Well, yes, 48%. Yeah, yeah. We ended the whole thing with about 45%  conversion thereabouts.

Which for me was ridiculous, it’s the highest kind of conversion rate I'd come across because we've done product launches before but not in this way. So it was interesting to see those sorts of results coming out of that.

You had around 419 sales mid launch, how exciting was that?

Pam: Amazing.  So at the point that I got that screenshot you had 419 conversions.  How exciting was that?

Ken: Do you know what, I'll tell you what was exciting was beyond the fact that we had all these sales, which is incredible. 

What was exciting was when I said to  you, ‘oh, we forgot to put the other Upsell and you said, hurry, go put that on right now. And Mary and I quickly designed this thing on Canva and we came up with it within like an hour and put it on. And what was beautiful was to see the funnel working, to see people going’.

They bought the £29 product. Then they put on the £12 products on top of that, and then they were converted and then it was a three level funnel because people bought the product, they bought the Upsell and then they bought the Membership. 

You had a mixture of people buying not just the low ticket £29, but they also bought the upsell. And then they bought the membership, which is just for me because the membership is a monthly thing to me. 

 I haven't just had 419 conversions, I've had more than that because each person the size of their basket for most people on average was buying maybe two products rather than 1. 

So that 419 was actually more than that because some people bought more than one thing.

“so, the investment into the program has been the best thing for us”

Yes, that for me was the moment when I realized, OK, so the investment into the program has been the best thing, because now all we need to think about is how do we start to bring the leads in to fill the funnel from the top. We already have organic leads. 

And bear in mind, all the stuff we've done is by organic. We haven't even touched Facebook ads at all. And I know that when we turn on Facebook ads the whole thing will go nuts. 

Yeah, but so far the organic stuff has been incredible.

How many buyers do you have now from the sales system you created in the program?

Pam: Because the funnel is working for you, which is  amazing.  I'm super proud of you guys. I know that you are now at the next phase because we extended the program for you guys. 

You've got to do the high ticket stuff now.  I don't know how many buyers you have now, but at that point it was 419.

“We have over 700 buyers now”

Ken: I think we're at 700 and something now, and we only launched in August  we're in September now. 

Pam: What? That’s Incredible, you didn’t tell me that 🙂


Ken: Yeah. I'd just forgotten, I'd just forgotten to talk about it. So I've gotten used to this funnel life now I've gotten used to this stuff just coming. I'm just like ‘oh that's just a sale’.

What's interesting about that is, you know, I think this is the thing that we forget a lot is this and this is the thing to realize issales system is helping you generate sales during a pandemic’

Lets not forget that during a pandemic, when everyone is going, the whole world is falling apart, you're actually still making sales. 

So we went through this because of Pam it's only through this that we're now seeing this process. And it's given us almost a vision, actually, because we're worried about sales any more. 

We're now thinking about 2021. We need to kind of, you know, put in place in this last quarter to prepare because the new year rolls out every year. I’m ready to start the New Year, new life and all that. 

So you want to have your processes ready, set up by the 1st of January. Everybody should be ready to kind of jump on your sales leads, You've got to have the whole process set up.

How much money did you make in the first week?

Pam: Roughly how much money did you make in the first week?

Ken:  In the first week of launch we made around £15,000 thereabouts in that first week and that obviously doesn’t even include transactions for people who bought memberships that are now running on autopilot every month because they're paying on a membership that is £37 a month. 

What's interesting actually is some of those guys who came and bought the low ticket products have now been through the second stage of the funnel and have been nurtured into our membership. 

Those low ticket products £29 have now started buying the membership because they're going through the longer term funnel as well, because we're kind of nurturing them into becoming ongoing members.

And I mean first of all, of course, we recovered the cost of the program because we recovered in the first week of the launch. And from then on, it's just been it's just been all right. It's been profitable. 


I can reach out to Pam and say, ‘hey, look, this is kind of what we're thinking about doing next. What do you think?’ Pam can offer insights and yeah, we can implement as quickly as possible. 

And I think as well, it's given us confidence, you know, because some of this stuff is very, very technical, from the outside is very, very technical. But once you're kind of going through the process and you start to learn the language, that's kind of how it works. 

It becomes a part of who you are. And before you know it, you've acquired pretty much a life skill you can teach as well. 

You know, this is how I look at it. It's like I've acquired it's learning now that I can go and even teach my own people my own community and so on.

How being authentic contributed to a brilliant launch?

Pam: Aside from a great funnel, do you feel anything else contributed to your success?


Ken: So I'd say being radically authentic. It's very important that the messaging that goes through the funnel actually really reflects who you are and what your message is, what you believe and what problems you're trying to solve. 

We had a really good understanding of our ideal customer. We had a really good understanding of our call to our audience. And we've been operating for some time. So we had a good picture for what the type of people who were on our email list, what they kind of looked like, what their problems were. 

And so it really helped that through that process of doing the program, we focused a lot on really making sure that the products we were creating were going to be solving a very specific problem for our ideal customer. 


So I think that's what nailed it, because I knew that, OK, this is what they really want and I can connect how that product would help to solve the problem. 

And we went completely nuts. I mean, the product was £29, but it was an 80 page e-book that we put so much value into there. And when people saw it, they were overwhelmed by the value. 

So it's really being radically authentic that helped a lot because people are not thinking that you're trying to scam or anything like that, because, you know, it's still completely related to who you are and what your voice is and what your messaging is. 

I just want to say one more thing to anyone who's here, which is that you've got to remember, this is the thing that and this is a mindset thing. 

Ken’s advice for for those who are considering working with us

Forget just the cost of any program. I'm just talking generally now. So what you're learning is a life skill. Like, I feel like I can from this room and this room has printed out a lot of money. This room alone I can from this room like do something through this computer and money will come in. 

And that's because we've learned a life skill. 

So literally, I don't need to  leave the house. I could in this room, like within a week do something that prints money. Yeah, that's because that's because we've learned a life skill. 

It's almost like learning how to drive or how to invest your money, like once you've learned it, no one can ever take that away from you because it takes your mindset to a whole different level and you're able to operate with a different level of confidence. 

And I think that's what it did for me. 

Beyond the fact that it WORKS, it's just a practice like, OK, we've now understood something quite unique and we're now going to take that thing that's unique and continue to improve it over time.


Pam: I'm just, I'm crazy proud of you guys.  Even building the products. I remember you guys kept thinking going back and forth because you are perfectionists  just like me which I love. 


And that's why you worked so much. 

You wanted to get it right and you listened and you developed something so good you didn't just try to create a botched job. 

Give something of value in this  even if they pay little, they're still paying for it. And once that bit of the funnel opens,  a buyer is a buyer, is a buyer, they're always going to buy from you. 

So thank you so much Ken.


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