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Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

INSTAGRAM IS CHANGING | New Instagram Update July 2021 | Algorithm Update

I have an exclusive for you.

I’m so excited about what I’m about to share with you because it is completely the game-changer that you have been waiting for in your business.

The CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri shared a two-minute video on Instagram and on Twitter and everybody is going crazy.


Because what he shared in that two-minute video is so contrary to what Instagram is known for and it is all about how they’re going to be changing the platform.

If you can just grasp what I’m about to share with you, then you will understand how to win on Instagram and win big.

So what was this two-minute video about?

Basically, it was Instagram warning us that there are big, big, big changes coming to the platform.

It’s not happening yet but it will be rolled out over the next couple of months.

Now inside of the two-minute video that I mentioned earlier, that the CEO of Instagram shared, there are 3 key things that he talked about.

…so I want to talk about each and every one of them and how they can work for your business.

3 Big Changes Coming To INSTAGRAM

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[01:03] Pam shares the 3 key things that CEO of Instagram talked about how Instagram is going to change[02:02] The 1st change – Instagram is no longer going to be known as a photo-sharing app 

[05:08] The 2nd big thing that Adam Mosseri shared in that two-minute IGTV

[06:27] The 3rd change that is announced

[08:31] 4 areas that Instagram is really focusing on

[15:51] 3 biggest takes on this and what I think you should do next

 The first thing he talked about and this is the biggest thing that is shaking everybody is that:

1.) Instagram is no longer going to be known as a photo-sharing app 

Instagram is moving to video guys 😲

Can you believe it?

Now, why is this big?

It’s big news because photos are what Instagram has been known for.

When Instagram started it was known as the photo platform.

It was known as the ‘glossy magazine platform’.

You had to look a certain way, and so you know, in came influencers who didn’t really care for video, didn’t really care for anything else but they could take good photos.

That’s when I knew I had to get comfortable getting snapped… cue the photoshoots…

7 August, 2021 8:12:29 pm - Screenshot
7 August, 2021 8:13:01 pm - Screenshot
7 August, 2021 8:13:59 pm - Screenshot

As time has moved Instagram then released other features such as ‘Instagram Stories’, Carousels and of course Instagram Reels, as of recent and IGTV 

Through all of these changes Instagram has secretly been warning us that in the next couple of years, there are going to be a videos only platform but they never announced it until now.

So now Instagram has officially announced that they are moving away from being a photo giant to being a video giant and competing with the big dogs that are, of course, YouTube…

Photos have always been a huge part of the reasons why people go on Instagram in fact using Instagram hashtags you could argue that Instagram is a search engine of its own.

The biggest news is that Instagram is moving away from photos into video.

Now I’m not saying that photos are going to disappear 100% and I don’t even think that that’s what Adam Mosseri meant when he did his two-minute IGTV but what he did definitely say is that the platform is going to be known for video.

What does this tell us and what do we do with this information?

2) Ways That You Can Use This New Instagram Change


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from Instagram and any other platform, when they release new things is that you want to be ahead of the curve that means start getting on video right now.


The second thing is to lean in and listen to what Instagram CEO is saying

I highly recommend that you watch that two-minute video, just watch it and read between the lines because when platforms release these things they’re not playing, they have thought about them, it’s not an afterthought.

It’s not something that they just thought about in a second.

 This is something that has been in the pipeworks.

So if you want to get ahead of the curve and really stand out and have the algorithm really push your content you’ve got to start leaning in and doing the work from now on.

SECOND – The second big thing that Adam Mosseri shared in that two-minute IGTV was using the words “there is stiff competition”

One thing that Instagram is really recognizing is that it’s amongst the competition.

Now the two competitions that they really talked about the most were YouTube and TikTok.

So what does this mean and why are we even talking about YouTube and TikTok when we’re talking about Instagram?

 It’s because if you look back at the releases that Instagram has done they have secretly been competing with these platforms.

Think about IGTV, what is it competing with? YouTube.

Now think about Instagram reels, what is it competing with? TikTok.

You see what I’m trying to say, so all along they’ve been secretly aware that these are their biggest competitions and they are looking for a big slice of that pie when it comes to video marketing.

I have been talking about video marketing for like forever.

Get on video, get in front of the camera and just start using video to push your business now.

Instagram is also saying the same thing because they know that video is the future, it always has been and so as the world is changing video is becoming the most dominant method of really sharing information in a nutshell.

Instagram doesn’t want to be left behind.

It wants a big slice of that video pie and so should you.

So get on top of that video.

3.) People Come to Instagram to be Entertained

The third thing that you see is really honing in on that two-minute video is that they know that ‘people come to Instagram to be entertained’

What does this tell us?

It means that not only are they saying ‘get on top of your video and start using video instead of photos or any other type of content’ but when it comes to video you’ve got to think entertainment.

They want you to entertain people.

Let’s face it, these platforms are like puppet masters and us – the content creators, the business people who are using the platforms, we are the puppets.

They are literally pulling the strings and they’re using us to create the content and our job is to bring more people to their platform and to keep people on their platform by being entertaining.

It’s a game that they’re playing and it’s a game that we have to play along with them in order to be visible.

One of the biggest things, when you’re playing the Social Media game, is that you’ve got to play it right otherwise you truly are just a puppet and they’re just using you to really grow their platform and to fill their pockets.

But if you think about it, because I know that you are incredibly smart, then doesn’t it tell you that your goal when you are on these platforms is two things:

#1 to make sure that your business is incredibly visible.

#2 to make sure that you are making money, you are monetizing the platform.

Every time that these platforms release a new feature I’m always the first one to start shouting through the rooftops about it to say get on top of it, get ahead of the curve so that you can begin to use it to monetize your business.

Then that way, yes of course we’re still building the platforms for the owners of the platforms but at least your business is benefiting from it.

So two things to take away from this at this point are:

#1: Think video

#2: Think entertainment 

These are the two combinations that are going to help you to win on Instagram moving forward.

There are other things that Adam Mosseri really talked about that I want you to know about because I think it’s very important as a creator, as a business person, as an entrepreneur that you understand what they are thinking.

4 Areas That INSTAGRAM Is Really Focusing On

1: Creators 

II think it’s really interesting that you know the word ‘creators’ or we as ‘creators’ are number one on the list.

I’m not suggesting that this list is in any particular order because he didn’t say it but in my mind when he said creators first I understood it, we are the puppets, you as a creator, you as a business person so what he’s basically trying to say is we’re ready to give back to you.

What does he mean and what’s in it for us – the creators?

Adam Mosseri said that they want to help creators make a living off the platform.

The second thing they want is to help creators monetize the platform.

They want to help you to make money, they want to give back to you because they realize that that is the only way that you will stay.

They’re really secretly trying to pull everybody from the other platforms.

Now, this isn’t bad, this is business and that’s what it looks like.

So if Instagram is giving this to you on a platter then take it now.

How are they doing this?

There are several ways that they’re doing this.

We’re seeing ads on IGTV already, they have recently introduced badges now they’re even talking about introducing affiliates.

As a creator, you are now in a position where you actually get paid for being a creator.

2: Video

 What he said is that through research one thing that they have noticed is that people are looking for videos more on the platform.

They’re looking for video and they’re looking for entertainment.

I’ve talked a little bit about this earlier and you can see why video is the way the world is going right now 

…and so if their goal is to really serve the people who use their platform then they want to use the most effective means to do that and that is video and entertainment

 3: Shopping

Shopping isn’t actually new on Instagram so if you go to the Instagram feed you’ll see right at the bottom that there is an icon for shopping.


Instagram has been supporting e-commerce for quite some time now and the pandemic made this even more relevant because we’re all at home.

Or rather, we were all at home and everybody was shopping online and so Instagram didn’t want to miss out on that pie.

Therefore they really pushed shopping and that is something that they’re looking at pushing, even more.

They want people to create more e-commerce, to create more shops on the platform, they want creators to sell more stuff on the platform.

In essence, earlier I talked about how the big dogs – the Instagram competition as the CEO mentioned were Youtube and TikTok but when it comes to shopping what’s another platform that is well known for shopping?

Amazon and eBay

So Instagram does not want to miss out on this.

They want the shopping to happen on their own platform.

4: Messaging 

What the CEO also talked about is that how people keep in touch with their friends is very important to Instagram.

Even though he didn’t give many details about some of the changes that might be happening in the dm just that statement alone tells me that there will be some changes in the dm’s and I don’t mind, that’s brilliant.

I think the dm’s are a really good place to do business and to do it properly with a heart which I absolutely love.

I love connecting with people on the dm’s, so if they’re going to be improving the dm’s and giving us perhaps more features, more tools to really build connections deeper with people, then I’m all for it.

 Make it rain Instagram.

How We Use The DM’s

So I’m not sure how you are using dm’s in your business but for us when we’re launching a product or an offer or masterclass or anything like that our dm’s are busy because people are asking questions, they want to make connections, and all of these things so I consider the dm’s a really, really valuable feature on Instagram.

 So if they’re going to be improving it then brilliant, bring it on.

Speaking of dm’s I’m in my dm’s quite often so if you want to send me a dm just send me a message.

Go to @pamobasa, connect with me over there, and in fact follow me over there on Instagram by CLICKING HERE

I have two accounts @pamobasa and @thelucrativelady so send me a dm and I will be responding to you.

 I’m making those connections with you because I think they are really really valuable.

One statement that the CEO of Instagram did mention in this two-minute video said.. “Away from stories and feed” 

Now, what does this mean?

Does this mean that they’re going to be killing Instagram stories and the newsfeed?

I don’t know, I really don’t know and nobody knows, only Instagram knows.

But I do know that they will be removing the attention from the stories and the attention from the feed and moving it on to video.

So I’m talking Instagram reels, IGTV and whatever else that they will come up with that is video so that is exactly what they will be doing.

Speaking of the video, there are two new things that he did mention that will be coming to the video.

2 New Things You Should Know About Video On INSTAGRAM

 1. Recommendations 

Right now when you use Instagram you see things based on the people who you follow, people who you engage with and hashtags that you follow, so recommendations sound like it’s going to be them recommending things to you relating to what they know you like.

So let’s say somebody has a t-shirt shop and you follow that person and somebody else has ah another t-shirt shop but you don’t follow them, Instagram knows that you like t-shirts so chances are that they will begin to recommend products to you that you never even followed or you never even knew existed, based on your actions on the platform.

 Sounds to me like Facebook, what Facebook does.

The recommendation is a thing that they will be using a lot.

2: Topics

We don’t know what this looks like but it sounds to me as though perhaps in the settings you may then be able to choose what topics you are interested in, you might be able to select them and then when it comes to Recommendations, it helps Instagram to be able to curate the type of content for your news feed, for you.

Who knows, but these are the two things that will be coming when it comes to some of these changes that are happening on Instagram.

Now before I share my next steps with you I want to talk about the entertainment factor.

I think that when a lot of people hear entertainment you know video and be Entertaining is like what do I need to be funny, do I need to be a clown, do I need to be a comedian all of a sudden, do I need to develop a funny bone, I don’t think that’s what it is and I used to think that too.

What does entertainment mean?

It means having people engage with your content, that is entertaining content because you’ve had them engage with your content.

What is engagement or entertaining content?

I truly think that it’s a type of content that evokes emotion.

It can be emotional, it can be inspirational, it can be value-based or educational but the truth of the matter is that people are not just watching that thing and then zapping off but they are sticking on the platform and watching that thing till the end because they are entertained, they are engaged, they are hooked to whatever it is that you are sharing.

When you’re thinking about what type of video should I create make sure you think in that line.

3 Biggest Takes On This & What I Think You Should Do Next

#1: The first thing I want you to do next is to make sure that you follow me on Instagram and follow the CEO of Instagram @MOSSERY because I really think it’s important to follow him so that you can be abreast of the changes ahead of everybody else.

The reason I’m asking you to follow me is not only just to grow my account but to see how I use video because I use video all the time and it’s actually my favourite means of communication.

 I actually don’t like taking pictures like that just to pose and share a picture and Instagram is the thing that made me start to do that so I’m a little bit happy with these changes to be quite frank.

#2: The second thing is to start to adopt video and again that’s why I said follow me, follow other people who you see are really using video well.

You’ve got to let go of any hang-ups “I don’t even like the video”, “I don’t even have a good camera”, use your phone, use whatever you have it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to put on new tech to make this happen.

You’ve just got to get in on it and get ahead of the curve.

#3: The third thing that I want to share with you is when it comes to video make sure that you are going for content that is engaging that is entertaining and that makes sense for your brand.

That is very important because people fall into the traps of just creating content because “oh well it’s video so now I can just dance in front of the camera”, you can dance but make sure that whatever it is that you’re doing that it makes sense for your brand because ultimately just like Instagram are having a big focus on growing their brand and their platform you’ve got to have a big focus on growing your brand and your platform and your business.

That’s very, very important.

So stay true to yourself but use a video, as the means to do that.

I hope that you got value from this.

What to watch next on How to use Instagram for your business

Creator Exclusive Stories | New Instagram Subscriptions Feature COMING SOON

Let me know in the comments, what do you think about these changes?

Are you scared of them?

Are you excited?

Which part of it are you most excited about or most intrigued by?

I read and respond to all my comments myself.



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