Today social media is being proved to be one of the best platforms for marketing and connecting with your target clients. It is also a useful tool to build your brand, increase sales, and increase website traffic. Publishing valuable and exciting content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements are some of the activities which can give a boom to your business. Some of the social media platforms in trend these days are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. I am here to help you if you want to build a brand or grow your business. I want to help you succeed. Among different social media platforms, I mostly love Instagram for increasing the fan followers and growth of my business.

Recently I have had a lot of people follow me on Instagram, which is interesting, and I want to share a few of the things that I do because I know that if you do them too, you will get incredible results. You may grab it to grow your Instagram account. So do not forget to hit that link in the description when you finish reading this blog.


I'm Pam Obasa and I'm the founder of The Lucrative Lady.

My genius zone is Storytelling and Video. I help entrepreneurs become captivating on the stage and in front of the camera and I can't wait to share this video for you. Why? Because ‘Speaking’ has been one of the main ways that I've actually grown my business.

Even though I am a trained actress so I do have a ‘Speaking’ background within my acting background, let me tell you, they are two very different things.

it's very different to be an actor and play ‘other people’ and then to be ‘yourself’ on the stage and still be amazing and captivating and have people queuing to buy from you.

One of the key ways that I have been able to achieve amazing things whilst building my brand, including being flown around the world to speak, having my own academy and my own membership, as well as a very successful coaching business and being able to sell services like that at the drop of a hat is because of this one thing….

Speaking on the Stage!

So, I want you to really, really understand how crucial speaking is for your business.

Why should you get into speaking or why should you do more speaking or build your brand with speaking?

Well it increases your email list. It gives you more opportunity, you get invited to speak and to teach. You also get to enroll your clients in one sitting because you are speaking and they are engrossed and captivated by you. But the key way that you are able to have that kind of impact is to create what I call a ‘Signature Talk’.

What is a Signature Talk?

A Signature Talk is a specific talk that represents your:

– Messaging

– Brand

– Your story.


6 Steps to Creating an Effective Signature Talk That's Captivating


Step 1: Unforgettable Opener

The first step in creating a signature top is your unforgettable opener. Whenever you get on the stage to speak of whenever you get in front of the camera to speak, you've got to realize that your opener is what sets the tone for how your talk will be received.

The way you open is what tells people whether they need to pay attention to you or whether they will zone out.

So your unforgettable opener is a crucial step


Step 2: Your Back Story

Step number two is your back story. Now whenever I get on the stage I never just start with

“Hi everybody I'm Pam Obasa”

I never start with that. That is boring because chances are whoever introduced you did actually say your name. So why waste those valuable minutes or seconds re-introducing yourself again, no use that to share your story.

So your backstory is really, really critical.


Step 3: Why should they care

Step three is ‘why should they care about your topic’.

Why should they care?

You've got to tell your audience why your area of expertise, why your topic is important.

Give your audience three reasons why they should care and these reasons have to be linked to their pain points, so depending on who you're speaking to sit down and think ‘what are the pain points’ and turn them into reasons why they've got to pay attention to you, because that is when you truly grab them.


Step 4: Valuable pieces of content

Number four is your valuable piece of content. If you have a 15 minutes talk, then for every 5 minutes you need one value piece.

So if you have 15 minutes to speak you need 3 value pieces, if you have 20 minutes to speak you need 4 pieces etc

Your value pieces are you ‘teaching’ points. But within that five minutes for your value piece you're not going to be teaching for the entire five minutes.

What you’re going to be doing instead is you are going to use a combination of your value piece and key stories.


Step 5: Key Stories

Whenever you share something with someone that could change their lives chances are that more often than not they will have objections. They will have objections as to why it may not work for them, why it's not the right time for them.

All sorts of things will come up.

Now your job is to find key stories that will knock down those objections and use those stories to support your value piece.


Step 6: Transformation

Number six is a transformation. You've got to share with your audience ‘how’ what you’re sharing will transform their lives.

And you don't say it by sharing how it will transform their lives, you do something that I call ‘Mirroring'.

‘Mirroring’ is when you share a customer success story, not just a testimonial but it's a specific type of storytelling that mirrors your ideal clients where they are right now and it only takes about 60 to 90 seconds to share this piece of transformation using mirroring

If you loved all of those tips then that's fantastic because I have something pretty awesome to share with you.

I have created called new premium course called  ‘Speak to Sell – How to Create a Signature Talk That Sells' 

In ‘Speak to Sell’ I teach you my entire methodology on Speaking and Selling from the Stage.

Now I have something called ‘The Lucrative Business Academy’, my paid membership and you can get a 7 Day free trial absolutely free.

Within that trial you can access ‘Speak to Sell' and a whole host of other courses within my academy.

Now why am I doing that? Well it's of course because I want you to come into the academy and I want you to stay. But first I want you to come into the academy and I want you to love it. And that is the reason why you then stay.

So join me inside The Lucrative Business Academy  and grab the product ‘Speak to Sell' and for the next seven days I am so confident that not only will you be to create a Signature Talk but that you will find all the other courses within The Lucrative Business Academy the coaching that I offer and of course the amazing community that comes along with it that you will find it absolutely incredible for your business.


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