Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

How to Scale & Sell with Instagram Reels and Stories

Welcome to the latest episode of the Wake to Wealth Show, where we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and explore the strategies and tactics used by successful business owners.

In this episode, we will be discussing a topic that is of utmost importance to anyone looking to grow their business online: How to Scale & Sell with Instagram Reels and Stories.

Our guest for today’s show is Katrina Le Bar, an experienced Instagram coach and business mentor who has helped numerous service-based businesses and coaches not only grow their Social Media presence but also increase their revenue.

Katrina will be sharing her insights and expertise on how to effectively use Instagram Reels and Stories to drive engagement, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, generate more sales for your business.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to take some notes as we uncover the secrets of scaling and selling with Instagram.

Pam: Hello, hello. So this episode is extra special. Not only do I have another beautiful guest, but today we are talking about one of my favorite platforms, which is Instagram, but a specific part of Instagram. And my guest, Katrina Lebar, is going to be walking us through and just sharing her journey through exploding her business using Instagram Reels

Katrina, can you please introduce yourself? 

Katrina: Hi, my name is Katrina Lebar. I am an Instagram and Business Coach

I teach business owners, service providers, and coaches how to grow on Instagram and build digital products and services to help them scale their businesses.

Pam: Thank you so much for being on the show. 

There are so many questions about Instagram because it is one of those platforms, Katrina, and I’m sure you would agree that it is ever-changing. 

There are so many things that are new and one of the biggest things is which part of the platform I should use. 

But before we dive into questions on Instagram, I want to find out more about you. 

What made you become Instagram and Business Coach?


Katrina: I’ve had quite the entrepreneurial journey. 

I actually used to be an event planner. 

I had my own event company and then I realized I didn’t want to be working 60 hours a week so I went another route, and started social selling. 

And that is really what got me into the online space of selling through Instagram. And then I really found my passion for showing up and coaching people. And I shifted and started doing business coaching. 

I wanted to have my own thing and not be attached to some other brands. So I started learning the platform in and out for my business. And then I decided one day I should probably start teaching it since I’ve mastered this and learned how to grow my business through it. 

And Reels, when that started, well, previously to Reels, I wasn’t really growing on the platform. I had a great following, but it was a challenge. 

Unless you had, I don’t know, 100K followers, you weren’t getting on the Explorer page, you weren’t getting discovered. 

I’m so grateful that Instagram finally gave us a feature, Reels, where smaller groups of people can actually get discovered.

Finally. That’s really what exploded my profile. 

I started running with that feature. 

And again, you can grow your account, but are you monetizing with it as well? 

So I figured out how to grow, but also how to target my ideal audience And I ended up tripling my income. 

My business ended up exploding and I am where I am today because of it.

Pam: Oh, wow. I love that. 

What I find so fascinating is how it’s pretty much the power of Social Media. 

But the power isn’t just in the platform. The power’s in understanding how to use the platform, how to monetize it and etc. 

So let’s start from the beginning. 

I want to cover 3 key things. 

#1: Targeting your audience, 

#2: Growing

#3: Monetization

So let’s talk about targeting your audience on Instagram. 

#1: Targeting Your Audience On Instagram

What are some strategies for targeting your ideal people on Instagram that are working today?

Katrina: Well, you want to create a desire around your offer. 

So you really want to figure out what is the need for what you are offering, your products or your service, and then really educate on the platform about that, but then create that sense of community. 

So you want to create that sense of community, show the desire for what you’re offering, and then showcase your clients, and your design, and show why we should come to you.

Pam: Can you elaborate more on that community aspect, the importance of it?

Katrina: If you offer a product or a service and you don’t have a community, there’s a good chance you’re going to hear crickets when you put out your offer. 

So creating that, building that authentic authority around what you do and building trust with your audience is really what’s going to help you create sales online. 

And I always said, if you want more sales, you got to build a community around what you do because these are the people that believe in you. These are the people that trust your brand messaging. Having a community is what’s going to help you scale your business.

Pam: Absolutely. 

What is the best way to target your ideal clients on Instagram?

Katrina: You really want to figure out who exactly you’re speaking to. 

When you’re speaking to everybody, you end up speaking to nobody. 

So you really want to figure out who exactly you are speaking to and what problem you can solve. 

This is when I get into niching down.

For myself, Instagram Coach is great, but how can I niche out a little bit further?

So I help business owners scale and sell with Reels. So this is a specific thing that I have now niched down with Reels.

If you’re a business owner and you’re struggling to sell with Reels, well, then I’m probably going to be your person to help you with that rather than it being like a Social Media Coach.

Pam: This is the key. 

I agree with you 100%.

What about growing your audience? 

#2: Growing Your Audience

I really think that Instagram is one of those platforms that it’s very good for business, but people can remain quite stagnant whilst you’re working hard. 

What are some growth strategies that you have seen working right now?

Katrina: Well, everyone’s saying ‘trends’, and I think there’s a way of doing it if you want it. I do think ‘trends’ are going to help you, but I don’t think it should be your only strategy. 

I think the main thing that’s going to help you grow, not only your account, but your business, is sharing your story. 

Showing up authenticity, sharing your story that is going to be related to your ideal client. 

That is going to help you grow more than anything. 

I want my clients and everyone to be using their voices as well. 

The best thing that’s going to help you grow is speaking to the camera. 

So speaking directly to the camera, using your voice, and this is not going to help you get views or go viral, but this is what’s going to help you build connections, grow your following, and get sales. 

So the best way to build trust is by using your voice and not just doing every voiceover or trend that’s happening.

#3: Monetization

Pam: In terms of selling, what part of the platform would you find the best for monetization? 

What part would you say is the top part where we should really focus?

Katrina: Absolutely your stories

Your stories are where all your biggest fans are. 

They’re watching you because they are paying attention to all of your content. 

They’re your warmed-up customers that have already been on the journey that are ready to listen and purchase whatever you’re going to offer. 

Your stories are so important for you to show up and not only sell on there but to also talk to your audience, connect with them, and share behind the scenes. 

That’s where you really build the connection with them. 

Pam: I have experienced that. You’re absolutely right. 

Would you agree that the other part of the platform, your feed, your reels, your everything else is really to drive people to take action in the stories? Yes?

Katrina: I do say share a ton of value, show social proof on your page, and then you can direct them to your stories. 

You got to share value, and your storytelling to get them to even want to be there. 

So it’s building trust within your content and then really selling what you offer in your stories.

Pam: So we’ve talked about growth, monetization, and targeting your ideal clients. 

Is it possible to scale your business using only Instagram? 

Now, one of the things our audience doesn’t know is that before this, one of the first questions I asked you was:

‘Katrina, I couldn’t find your website.’ 

And you said: 

‘Well, I don’t have one, Pam.’ 

So it was quite intriguing for me because most people I speak to often have websites. 

But let’s talk about what scaling looks like. 

So how have you used Social Media to the point where that’s really the only source that people can find you? 

Katrina: Well, Instagram is a powerful platform when you’re using it. 

But I do have other platforms that I do use, but they’re all Social Channels. 

Another way that I do highly recommend is your email list. 

Build an email list. 

That is the same thing. That’s something that you actually own. So I do a lot of sales within there as well. 

But I have a great link and bio, which is the whole website. So I haven’t had the urge to create a website of my own. But Instagram is so powerful. When you build a community there, you don’t really need to direct them anywhere else.

Pam: Katrina, I want to ask you a question. 

What was the moment for you when you realized that you were able to wake up wealthier because of your skills and because of your expertise? 

Katrina: Well, I was a server for a long time because I was so scared to fully jump into my business coaching. 

So I’m going to say imposter syndrome was definitely a major thing I was struggling with. 

And the aha moment was when the pandemic happened, and I finally jumped. 

I was like, this is it. 

This is my now or never. 

And I jumped in and I realized, wow, I can actually do this. 

I know enough, I am enough. 

And when the clients started coming to me, that was my wake-to-wealth moment. 

It didn’t matter how much my income was. It was more of just believing that I can do this. 

Pam: Yeah, absolutely. And I love that you’ve talked about imposter syndrome because that is one of the biggest things that’s holding people back from stepping into their wealth and waking up wealthier because they’re actually getting in their own way and it’s their belief system. 

Obviously, pandemics and things outside of our control will happen. But oftentimes, our belief system is at the heart, at the foundation of where we are with our finances and our money and wealth, essentially. 

Katrina: I think a major thing for the imposter syndrome if someone is listening and they haven’t started because they’re comparing themselves to maybe someone that’s successful in their industry, is it does not matter how many people are in your industry. 

You have a unique story that someone’s going to relate to.

That’s going to help you stand out. 

Pam: We have come to a wild card moment, Katrina. 

Wild card is where Katrina is going to choose a number between one to five and whatever number she chooses, I’m going to read out a question that I had collected prior to this interview.

And just so you all know, Katrina has no idea what these questions are. 

So, Katrina, what number would you choose between one to five?

Katrina: Let’s do three.

Pam: This is a good one for you. Okay, I like this. We’ve covered it slightly, which is brilliant. So it says:

Could you please share some tips on being consistent with the content in Instagram stories?

Katrina: Just show your life and connect with your audience

People overthink what needs to go in stories. 

Just show a time-lapse of you working, show your client journey, show the behind-the-scenes of what you do on a daily basis. 

People actually love that. 

People want to see that stuff. 

They want to see the authentic raw moments. 

Show up with a messy bun in your hair, and show up in your PJs. People love that. 

You don’t need to be put together in your stories. And this is what’s going to also help you stay consistent when you’re not.

So just show up, show behind the scenes and ask your audience what they would love to see from you. That’s the easiest way.

Pam: I love that. I feel that for most people, especially myself just hearing that, I feel like you just gave me permission.

Thank you so much. I have learned a ton from you about how to scale and sell through Reels and stories specifically. 

Katrina: Thank you for having me.




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