Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

How To Create High-Quality Youtube Videos Using Your Phone

Hey there, welcome to this full tutorial for how to film, edit and upload a youtube video directly from your phone to youtube using only your phone. I’m so excited to walk you through step by step my entire process for how to create content for youtube using either an Iphone or an android.


  • [0:00] Intro about Episode
  • [03:01] How To Create The Videos
  • [12:42] How To Create The Videos – Tips & Tricks
  • [14:57] How To Create & Edit Thumbnails
  • [31:25] How To Create & Edit Thumbnails – Tips & Tricks
  • [33:21] How To Edit Video from Phone
  • [38:29] How To Edit Video – Tips & Tricks
  • [39:29] How To Upload & Optimize Video For Views
  • [45:26] How To Upload & Optimize Video For Views – Tips & Tricks
  • [47:10] How To Record Videos Without Showing Your Face

So in this strategy that I’m going to tell you which works for both types of phones so this series actually has five different segments. 

  1. How to Create the Videos
  2. How to Edit and Create Thumbnail
  3. How to Edit Videos 
  4. How to Upload and Optimize Videos for Views
  5. How to Records Videos Without Showing Your Face

In this tutorial, I will tell you the Special section which is Tips Tricks about each segment.

How to create the videos from smartphone

Any smartphone that you own you can totally have a flourishing channel on youtube. Create amazing content for your business or for other areas of your life just with what you have. 

So when it comes to recording really great videos from your smartphone the first tip that I want to give you is  

  1. Always use Front Camera 

As a result, you’ll want to set your camera to selfie mode. You’re not only going to shoot yourself with this camera; instead, you should always shoot your Background.

If you’re using a front-facing camera, you can adjust the background by simply moving the angle of your phone.

  1. Set up your Gear and Accessories

Now there are three types of accessories 

  • Microphone is important to record with high-quality voice.
  • Camera of course which is on your phone.
  • Tripod: To be honest, on a lot of occasions when I’m filming a video using my Phone. 

These are fine for Facebook ads or Instagram videos, but if you’re shooting a video for YouTube, Then you’ll definitely use a tripod.

  • Lighting You’re going to need some form of lighting. 

In the studio where I’m now working, we use a variety of lights, but you can get started with only a simple, cheap ring light like this. You can buy from Amazon by going here.

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit: 48 centimeters Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light Light Stand Bluetooth Receiver for Smartphone Youtube Self-Portrait Video Shooting
  1. How to Shoot Videos

When recording video, focus on the lens rather than the entire phone.

If you have a tripod, use the rear camera instead of the front camera because the back camera has better quality.

  1. Look at the lens 

It is very very important that you are looking through the lens of the camera.

If you look at the whole view of the phone, that’s wrong. 

So here is the difference.

  1. Select the Right Camera Setting 

Before you start filming, make sure you have the correct camera settings for your phone.  This is perfectly acceptable. However check your options if 4k or HD is available, then choose it.

  1. Deliver your Content 

Now, are you ready to deliver your stuff? As I previously stated, I failed because I was not adequately prepared, thus one of the best ways to ensure that you have excellent material is to ensure that you deliver. 

Now I’d like to share some preparation tips.

  • Do Your Research: I promise you that a lot of other people have developed similar stuff. So make sure you’ve done your research and watched their videos to figure out what makes it so great. 

Why do they have all of these views and What can you do differently?

  • Write down Some Notes: Once you’ve completed your research. Make a list of your most significant notes. Make some notes and write down some of the elements you want to include in your video.
  • Break it down into Bullet Points: Then you’ll want to break them down into bullet points or in numbered lists.

When it comes to recording or delivering the content, you can literally pick up your notes and start recording.

  1. Add call to action 

Your rallying cry In the spirit of a call to action. Make sure you include whatever your call to action is, whether it’s to get people to subscribe, view another video, or click a link in the description below your video.


  1. Be Consistent

To post a new video, you must always follow a specific procedure and don’t stop publishing new content.

  1. Publish twice a week

You should try to post more than one YouTube video per week.

I recommend doing two videos per week, on whichever days or times you want.

How to create & edit video thumbnails from phone

Now I’m going to tell you, How to make and edit YouTube video thumbnails right from your phone. 

When you first start out on YouTube, figuring out all of the cameras, all of the tools and gadgets, and all of the editing software you’ll need may be very difficult for beginners. 

So I decided to do this lesson to show you how to do everything from your smartphone.

  1. Start with The End in Mind

When It comes to creating your thumbnail, it has everything to do with your mindset, which is, to begin with the end in your mind.

It indicates that one of the reasons people will click on a video is because of the thumbnail, right? 

They’re clicking on it because of what they can see on the thumbnail that has grabbed their interest.

  1. Take a lot of Photos

Take a lot of photos for your thumbnail because when you are editing and thinking, Then you have multiple choices, that which Photo need to select.

  1. Stand on White Background

Another fantastic idea is to stand out against a white backdrop because it is easy to change the background or add text on the thumbnail.

  1. How to add text on your Photo

Now you need to add text to your photo. You can use a lot of free editing apps to add text to your photo.

But I recommend “Phonto- Text on Photos” to add text to your photo from your phone.


If you have a laptop then you can create your Thumbnail using canva. Check out the explained video for more detail on how to create a thumbnail using canva.


  1. Avoid Busy Fonts and Backgrounds 

Make sure that you avoid using really really busy fonts or backgrounds.

Always capture pictures with a white or plain background because it’s easy when you start your editing.

  1. Have box behind the Text

Make sure that you have some sort of box or rectangle behind the Text. 

Because this is easy to read on a single view.

  1. Keep it to 5 words or less

Make sure that you keep your thumbnails to five or fewer words. Because on youtube, the thumbnail has a tiny view. If you have fewer words, then you can increase their size. For a better view.

  1. Be Intentional About your Thumbnail

Make sure your thumbnail is well-thought-out; after all, your image is everything. It matters a lot where your finger is pointing while you’re gazing at your eye line. All of these factors work together to help you gain more YouTube views.

How to edit youtube videos from phone

So you recorded the video on your smartphone and now it is time to edit it from your smartphone. So let’s start and check out the following tutorial.

So simple and easy to do that anybody can do that so thank you so much for that to Valentina.

Tips & Tricks for Video Editing

  1. Use free APP

The first thing I’d like to point out is that there are multiple editing tools and software available. 

Don’t get caught up in the trap of buying a lot of expensive software. You don’t need those; instead, you can use some free apps on your phone or iPhone, such as inShot, iMovie, or kinemaster.

  1. Outsource 

If you are too busy in your business then you can hire someone for the editing of your videos.

So go ahead on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork to find people who are really good at editing, and who will edit your videos.

How to upload and optimize video from your phone

Going to be showing you how to export your video from your phone and upload it directly to youtube again from your smartphone. 

After you have your video recorded and you have done your editing. Now you want to upload it to youtube. There are a few things that need to be done. 

The first thing that you need to do is download these apps

These are the two apps that are going to help you and then you are able to upload and optimize your video. 

The second thing that is important and makes sure is 

  • Your Phone Charged
  • You have good internet speed

Because you are uploading a video, you need good internet speed to help you to do it fast. Once you have all of that, then follow the instructions in the video.

Tips & Tricks for Optimze & Upload Videos From Phone

The tips and tricks section of this video is uploading and optimizing, so the tips that I want to share with you is that 

  1. Use Desktop to upload

You should use Youtube on a desktop or laptop. Because you can easily add tags, create end screens, and create cards; all of these things will help you to grow your channel.

  1. Create a long Piece of content

Creating big pieces of content and then breaking them up into pieces. It really helped you to stay consistent on your channel. 

So take a look at your YouTube strategy and make sure you’re creating long-form material.

  1. Have a Good Mindset

Is to have a really good mindset because youtube is a long game. Which is one of the reasons why I prefer to teach people how to monetize their expertise.

It takes a long time and most people get overwhelmed and actually stop their youtube channel before they actually get to benefit from it. 

How to Create Youtube Videos without Showing Face

I’ll show you step-by-step how to make YouTube videos without showing your face. So you want to make YouTube videos and obtain a piece of the amazing pie from Youtube.

If you don’t want to record videos but still want to be a YouTuber or create video content for your business. I’ve used a variety of videos in the past, some with my face on them and some without.

So in this post, I’m going to show you a whopping 10 different types of videos that you can create and absolutely monetize without showing your face.

  1. Tutorials

I enjoy making tutorials, and I make them first thing in the morning. I get up at 5 a.m. to film my YouTube videos.

Let’s be honest, Who wants to do makeup at 5 a.m.? 

So you can make tutorials about all types of things from tech tutorials, cooking tutorials, art tutorials, anything that you know about anything that you have experience or expertise. 

  1. Hands-only Videos

How amazing is it that you can record videos entirely based on the camera simply looking at your hands?

So this works really well as I mentioned earlier if you’re doing Cooking videos or if you are a seamstress and you are working with your hands, some of this interesting and upload on Youtube.

  1. Listicle Videos

Now, what are listicle videos? Literally where you run through a list of something or numbers through something. 

So I do this all the time when I’m creating programs or even videos for youtube but in this instance what I do is I use slides. 

You can explain each point in your video, which is a great idea to explain or teach someone without showing your face.

  1. Point of View Videos

Now the point of view videos are really really brilliant. You need to go live streaming and share your review or thoughts. 

For example, You use it for all sorts of things now. What is your point of view about all things in the universe? 

  1. Unboxing Videos

The next type of video that you can create that doesn’t even require your face but just your voice and the thing that you are showing people is an unboxing video.

Recently I bought this backpack which has all of my filming content so the beautiful thing about an unboxing video is you can explain advantages and disadvantages, and affiliate links for that Product.

Buy Now

  1. Pet Videos

Pet videos all day long and everybody loves pet videos so if you have a cuddly friend in your home get them in front of the camera and you don’t even have to say anything about the beauty of pet videos.

Because everyone loves pets and wants to know more about pets.

  1. Products Reviews

Product reviews are very similar to the unboxing video but the difference is that instead of unboxing a brand new product. 

This time you are going to be showcasing a product or software that you know or used and love and you trust or maybe don’t trust. 

You’re going to be giving a review about the product or Software.

  1. Animation videos

Animation videos I really like animation videos the downside with animation videos.

However, it requires skill and it takes a lot of time but they’re actually brilliant. You can use a lot of tools and software which allow you to create animated videos.

  1. Inspirational Videos

Inspirational videos using stock videos. So now I have really gotten into watching or rather listening to inspirational videos especially when I’m at the gym and I’m just listening.

I’m not watching and sometimes I’m looking down at it but one of the beautiful things that I love about these types of motivational or inspirational videos is that they have 100 stock images.

So this is a really really powerful way to create Video content without you showing your face. 

  1. Converting Your Articles To Videos

Converting your articles or blog posts into videos. Are another one of those things that you might want to consider doing.

We all know that blog posts are brilliant, but videos are like a million times much stronger than blog posts because it really helps you to build that know like and trust factor very very quickly.



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