Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

How To Create Your Ideal Client Profile | Customer Avatar

I’m so excited about today’s training because today I am going to be walking you through such a foundational step of your business.

It’s so fundamental that so many people skip over this step and then wonder why they are struggling to make money from their business.

This is something that you must have in your business and not only must you have it in your business but you have to revisit it every single day.

In fact, you’ve got to revisit this blog again before you write any single word on a sales page or a blog post, record any videos,or write a social media post. 

You’ve got to have this in place.

Once you have it, it makes getting your business out there and getting your messaging out there very, very easy to do.

What is it that I’m talking about?

I’m going to be teaching you today how to create your ideal client profile.

You might have heard people talk about the ideal client or target audience or ideal client persona. 

People call it different things but it absolutely just means the same thing.

What it really means is that whoever it is that you want to bring into your business, whoever it is that you want to become a customer or a client they are your ideal client.

Do you see my point?

They are the ideal person that you ought to be talking to because if you are talking to everyone you are talking to no one.

Which means you have got to focus on speaking to that specific person, that ideal person.

The reason they’re ideal is because they are the ones who are most likely to take action.

That is why this is very, very important and it is such a huge foundational step.

Now before I even walk you through this I want you to meet a really good friend of mine.


She’s a business coach and her name is ‘Kendra’.

‘Kendra’ lives in the United States, specifically in the city of New York.

‘Kendra’ is married.

She’s got two boys.

Her boys are aged four and aged seven.

One of the special things about ‘Kendra’ is that she actually used to have a job.

She was working in 9 to 5 before.

Then, she became a coach.

She had a very comfortable job that paid the bills, paid the mortgage and gave her and her family a really, really good life .

However in the middle of the pandemic like many people out there ‘Kendra’ was made redundant and so she lost her job.

Because of that she now has a big massive WHY and a big massive push to really grow her business.

She has found a way to use her expertise and turn that into a coaching business but her biggest problem right now is she’s not actually making any money.

‘Kendra’, unfortunately, spends a lot of her time giving away her coaching for free.

She’s always talking to people giving them advice and solving their problems and doing all of these amazing things but for free and she’s struggling because all of her savings are literally going lower and lower and lower because no more is coming in.

She’s at a point right now in her business that she really wants to find out how to leverage her expertise, how to leverage her story and everything that she has been through and how to pull that into her business so that it becomes a wildly successful coaching business for her and that serves her family.

That is my good friend ‘Kendra’ that I want you to meet.


Unfortunately you’re not going to get to meet ‘Kendra’ because ‘Kendra’ isn’t actually a real person.

‘Kendra’ is my Ideal Client.

You see how I painted a really detailed picture about ‘Kendra’.

How I told you how many kids she had and how old her children were and how I told you that she used to have a job, she was then made redundant, how I shared about the biggest things that keep ‘Kendra’ up at night.

The reason why I am able to do that and to talk in such great detail about my ideal Client is because I have spent a lot of time getting to building a picture of this person so that when I am creating any type of content it becomes very easy for me to picture ‘Kendra’ and say this is ‘Kendra’.

  • Is this something that she would be interested in?
  • Is this something that she would click on?

If it’s a no then I won’t create it because ‘Kendra’ wouldn’t consume that type of content .

‘Kendra’ wouldn’t do whatever it is that I want her to do if it doesn’t fit with her persona, with this ideal client.

I have hundreds of thousands of ‘Kendra’’s who watch my videos, read my post, click on the links, go into my email list, buy my stuff and it is because of ‘Kendra’ – my ideal client that I now have a profitable and wildly successful coaching business.

Do you see what I did there?

This is the importance of having your own ideal client profile and knowing them inside out.

Knowing them is like the back of your hand so that when you talk about this person people wonder if this is real.

You’ve got to know her or him inside out like the back of your hand so that your messaging is so succinct, it’s so powerful, it shoots straight and it hits the point that you want it to hit .

When your ideal client, when your ‘Kendra’ reads it, they go:

“Oh my goodness this is for me. I’ve got to do this. You’re talking to me.”

 I get so many emails from people who watch my videos or click on my ads or consume any type of content and say:

“Pam, it feels like you were talking to me”

And I smile because I was talking to them.

I was speaking to ‘‘Kendra’’ and they are ‘‘Kendra’’.

Do you see my point?

So this is what I’m sharing with you today and it’s so fundamental that many people get lazy and they just skip over it.

Then they wonder why they are struggling to really grow their business.

Here is what I want to do right now. I want to help you to build your own ideal client profile.

I’m going to be asking you a series of questions and I want you to grab a notepad and a pen and you are going to answer these questions.

How to build your ideal client profile

Let’s dive in.

#1: Who is your ideal client?

I want you to think, are they a male or a female?

How old are they?

I want you to give them a name.

Notice when I talked about mine I talked about ‘Kendra’.

She has a name because she’s got to be living and breathing in my mind 

I’m going to be creating products for ‘‘Kendra’’, coaching programs for ‘‘Kendra’’ and lots of different messaging and posts and blog posts and videos for ‘Kendra’ so she has got to be a real person in quotation in my mind.

So who is your person?

What is their name?

How old are they?

These are the first questions that I want you to answer.

Then I want you to answer this.

#2: What makes them excited?

Let’s say your person is called Danielle, what makes her tick?

What is it that rubs them up the wrong way?

What is it that makes them go:

“Oh my goodness, this is irritating me”

What makes them tick or what makes them excited?

That’s another way to think about it.

What is it?

Write that down .

#3: What are their biggest problem?

Notice that when talked about ‘Kendra’ I talked about the fact that her biggest problem is the fact that she’s been made redundant 

…and so her cushioned life savings that she had is going down and there is no influx 

…and so she’s busy giving away her coaching services for free but she’s struggling with how to monetize it, and how to get paid for her expertise.

These are her biggest problems, her biggest frustrations.

Her biggest frustrations right now is: “How do I get some money coming in using my expertise”

So thinking about your person, what would you say are their biggest problems?

Write that down.

Then I want you to write down other pieces of information such as:

#4: What type of education do they have?

Are they educated? Not?

If so, where did they go to school?

What qualifications do they hold, if any?

#5: How much money do they make right now?

How much money would they like to be making right now?

Write those down.

Then I want you to think about your ideal clients, their goals and their desires.

#6: What are their goals and desires?

So in mine, for ‘Kendra’, her biggest goal and desire is to be able to replace the income that she used to have when she had a job and to earn double of that .

She’s not even trying to be a millionaire right now.

She just wants to be able to look at her old boss, her old colleagues and not feel a certain way.

Not feel slighted.

Not feel sad or down but know that she is actually doing better and was well off for being let go of than when she was working for them.

That is one of the things that she really desires.

So thinking about your ideal client, what Is it that she really desires?

#7: What are their interest & hobbies?

What are some of the things that she’s doing when she’s not doing whatever it is that you offer.

So if you do business coaching when she’s not running her business what is she doing?

If you’re a career coach when she’s not working, what is she doing?

If you are a relationship coach when she’s not thinking about those relationships what is she doing?

How does she spend her time?

We have two more questions that I want you to cover.

These are very very important.

#8: What is your message to this persion?

One of the biggest things that I talk about when I talk to ‘Kendra’, my biggest message to ‘Kendra’ is this one.

  1. Yes you can completely earn your desired income. You can do this. 
  2. You don’t have to do this by working yourself into the ground or by giving your services away for free.
  3. If you simply nail down the area of your expertise and use our Framework to turn that into a profitable business you will be able to create an offer that you can then find a paying client for in as little as three days.

Now why is that my message?

Because we have proven this over and over and over again, but it didn’t start with the proof.

It started with me going… “this is what I would like to help people to achieve and this is my message”

Then I started to get results from clients who have achieved that.

So it is your turn.

What is your message to that person?

What is your message to ‘Kendra’?

Your message can be different as well.

It can change.

My ‘Kendra’ for example, a lot of them come to me because they look up to me in the sense that 

“Pam you are a black woman, you’re a dark-skinned black woman and you’re doing incredible things”

So part of my message as well to my market is:

  1. Yes it doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, you can do amazing things if you just take action and put your mind to it and leave all the excuses outside the window
  2. It doesn’t matter what your accent is. It doesn’t matter what your background is. It doesn’t matter what your status is. It doesn’t matter. If you want to achieve what you want to achieve and you are willing to put in the work you can.

You see that is why I’m able to attract the people that I attract because my message is really, really clear.

So, what is your message to the market?

#9: Where do they hang out?

Which basically means where are you going to be talking to your Ideal Client?

Are you going to be talking to her on youtube or are you going to be talking to her on Facebook?

Are they on clubhouse or on Snapchat or on Instagram or on LinkedIn or somewhere else?

Where do they hang out?

It’s very important for you to know where your Ideal Client hangs out because if you know where they hang out then you know how to talk to them 

…because if they hang out on youtube then you know you’ve got to create videos.

Do you see my point?

If she only reads blog posts then you know you’ve got to be blogging.

If she is more of an audio person and maybe she’s always on the go then you know that you’ve got to do some podcasting 

…or going to the clubhouse or something like that.

So these are the components that I want you to put into your ideal client profile.

We have our free gift with all of the questions that I have shared here and some bonus stuff inside for you that really breaks down exactly how to market to this person.

So if you look at the link below you will be able to grab the ultimate target audience persona template.

Grab that and start completing that so that you are able to talk to your ideal client with ease


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