How to create a success plan for 2019 and beyond


I'm Pam Obasa and I'm the founder of The Lucrative Lady and The Lucrative Business Academy and I'm incredibly excited to be sharing this with you.

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Over the course of the Christmas holiday, my family and I went on a once in a lifetime break. We visited my home country Nigeria a place that I haven't visited for 29 years.

A very very long time.

And as you can imagine we were quite apprehensive about this journey and excited but a little bit nervous and anxious and all of the things that come with going to a place that you have never been to or haven't been to for a very very long time.

We didn't have any idea what would be waiting for us. But even though I can say it was a fantastic journey, something crazy happened on this journey and that was that within 3 days into this holiday my mum who is my heart, my everything, fell critically ill.

And this really really rocked our world because it was literally touch and go. And I'm so so grateful that my mum is doing really well and she's getting better and stronger day by day.

But this single experience has really caused me to rethink my entire business model. It shook my world.

I felt like one of those piggy banks, like a money jar that you pick up and you shake and you shake it and it makes a lot of noise. It shook my world my entire world.

My brother and my sister are all entrepreneurs, as is my entire family, we all run businesses and it really really made us think.

I wanted to create this video because I think that the various things that we learned on this journey are really really important. In fact, I wish I had focused on these things before.

Unfortunately, the first few years of building my business have been based around the “hustle” lifestyle. You know, the “work till you drop” and working into the night and then waking up really early in the morning and starting the work again and really literally running the race.

But with everything that happened with my mum and the experience that we had of almost losing her has really caused me to think and to change things in my business.


But the greatest thing I want to share with you is this:


But the greatest thing I want to share with you is that in making changes in your business, one of the most important things you have to create if you want to create a Success Plan is actually to create a Wellbeing Plan!

What good is it to make all this money in your business and make the 6 and 7 and 8 Figures if you’re unable to actually take a step back and enjoy that with the people you love the most?

What good is it if you aren't able to do that?

Well those are the questions that I was faced as my entire family were going through one of the most horrible horrible HORRIBLE moments in our lives.


5 Things to Include in Your Success Plan:


I want to share with you 5 things that have really changed our lives and that we are all working on as a family, my hope is that you’ll include these in your Success plan:


1. Get off the horse and get some good sleep


The first is you need to have a plan for when you will get off the horse and sleep.

It's very easy as an entrepreneur to be running running running running and making it on 4 hours sleep sometimes 3 hours sleep and sometimes, even when you are asleep you’re planning your day, for the following day.

You mind is on your to-do list and you're still adding more to that list.

Why? Because we’re so focused on what other people are doing in their business, what's going on on social media. We are so focused on building “the dream” that we forget to actually put a plan together for how we will make that dream happen.

Now, the key to doing that is actually to learn to take a step back and to look after YOU.

So sleep is #1!

Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep so that your mind is able to rest, your mind is able to take a break and you’re able to physically and mentally be present.

Remember, your mind is a machine, you have to program your mind DAILY.

One of the ways that I program my mind by actually giving it a break and I find that I’m actually more focused and I achieve MORE in less time.

How do you program your mind for success?


2. Eat Good Food


One of the most dangerous parts about being an entrepreneur is that time runs out.

Do you ever wake up and think to yourself “my goodness, where has time gone?” And you look back at the things you've achieved and even though you've done a lot, It doesn't feel that way because you had so much to do in the first place.

And when that happens, one of the things we tend to sacrifice the most when you're running a business is ‘eating good food’. You end up grabbing and going and then you don't even have the time to just sit down and enjoy a meal.

I know because that used to be me last year 2018. I would literally be taking my lunch break on the sofa with my laptop and it's 5 minutes and I'm up again recording a video, doing a livestream or sending an e-mail.

But I realise that by doing that, what you’re doing is damaging yourself, what you are actually doing is sending a message to your brain to tell yourself that ‘unless you hustle nothing will happen’.

Working SMARTER is key!

If you just work smarter you will achieve everything that you want to achieve in your business and still have your personal life and your loved ones and those key relationships that matter still intact.


3. Exercise Daily


Last week I had a strange question from one of my best friends

“How do you create Products so quickly Pam”, she asked.

I had a long think after I got off the call, thinking, ‘what is it that has given me a spring in my step?’.

It’s a number of things, but I want to share with you a productivity secret that I have discovered…

If you’re a busy mum like me (I have 2 boys under five, a two year old and a four year old)

I also cook every day and all of these things happen on top of my businesses.

One of the key things that I've started to do that has really made a key difference for me is that I now exercise at NIGHT.

Yes! So when my kids come home from school and from nursery, we do homework, we then have dinner, we spend some quality time together and when they've gone to bed I workout

The key the reason why I do this is because I really believe in the power of going to sleep happy. I really believe in going to sleep and ending your day on a HIGH.

I find that when I wake up in the morning because I've gone to bed on a high I wake up on a high, I wake up happy, I wake up with a spring in my step, I wake up excited for the day and I'm ready to smash this day.

And that's exactly what has been getting me through and really supporting me through this extremely tough season.

I’m getting more done in LESS time.

What is your Productivity secret?


4. Take Time OUT


I made a commitment to myself last year that I would no longer work on Fridays or at the weekends and I won't be working on the evenings.

Now that leaves very little time for my business but I want to get to that in a minute to tell you how I solve that problem. 🙂

Taking time for yourself is extremely crucial.

Why? Because you’re at the heart of your family.

If you are a lady and you’re reading this right now, know that you’re a Lucrative Lady

The key to building a LUCRATIVE business is to understand that unless you look after YOURSELF unless you become “selfish” and prioritize yourself and just take a step back, that will not happen.


5. Use Systems, Softwares and Process to AUTOMATE your business


If you want to create your success plan and your well-being is at the heart of it, one of the key things you want to do in your business is to make sure that you have systems processes softwares running your business with you.

Now a lot of the things that happen in this online space and when you're an entrepreneur especially, if you're a Coach or a Consultant is that you end up working by the hour.

You're constantly posting on social media, trying to book people on the call. You have to get on the call with those prospects.

There's a lot that involves YOU directly running your business and at the end of the day even if you do hit those 6 figures, when you work out how long you've actually worked in your business you've probably been working at £8 per hour or $8 per hour or even £5 per hour. Who knows?

I'm probably hitting a nerve right now and I'm glad I'm hitting that nerve because I'm all about the truth.

And this is the truth, when you look back at all the work that you have put in your business you were probably better off getting a job.

You'd be paid more and you'd be clocking out at 5:00 p.m.. Now that's tough because it's the truth.

Now how do we turn this around?

Well one of the key things that has allowed me to be able to spend quality time with my family in this season and look after my mum which you know is the best thing in the world for me right now, one of the things that has allowed me to be able to do that is because I have Sales Funnels running my business and systems.

I'm running my business but AUTOMATION is at the heart of it so that whether I'm here or I'm over there at the other part of the world looking after my mum or I'm doing the school run or I'm in the school assembly watching my son sing or something, that business is still running and my team are still at work.

So I want to ask really really difficult question.

What is your success plan for 2019 and beyond? What is your well-being plan?

How are you going to make sure that you are still going to be here next year? In 10 years 20 30, 40 or 50 years?

How are you making sure that these things that you’re building, that you actually get to enjoy them?

What is that plan?

That's a tough question and I want you to sit down today and answer them and write in the comments.

I want to ask an even tougher question which is this:

What systems, software and processes do you have in your business?

If you had to leave for a couple of weeks or a few months what would your business look like?

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Pam xoxo

It’s great to have you Lucrative Lady


  1. Tammy

    Really important message about wellness! Without our health we really have nothing.

    • Pam Obasa

      Heu Tammy, thanks so much for reading. Yesss… I've learnt this the hard way but putting health first is now top of my list. Great to see you here xxx


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