Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

How to create a Facebook Business Page [2021]– A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey, do you want to create a Well-Optimized Facebook Business Page in the fastest way possible and generate all the likes, comments, and Business from it – with some of my PRO Tips!!

Then, Let’s get started and help you get those Leads for FREE….    

Before you dive in, open your Facebook Profile in a separate tab to make the step-by-step changes.

Here’s a glance at this episode to help you navigate…

  • [02:00] Open your Facebook Profile
  • [02:14] What is Facebook Profile
  • [02:36] #1: Create a Facebook Page
  • [07:23] #2: Create the cover photo and logo
  • [08:54] TIP: Check everything for Mobile
  • [10:32] #3: Create a Username
  • [11:20] #4: Add a Button
  • [13:59] #5: Add Info and Preferences
  • [16:52] #6: Introduce your Page
  • [18:20] TIP: Create a Welcome Post
  • [22:20] TIP: Invite Friends
  • [24:17] #8: Edit Page Information
  • [30:10] TIP: Add detailed Keywords to the page
  • [30:44] #9: Add other Social Media Handles
  • [33:26] #10: Advanced Settings
  • [33:55] #11: Edit General Tab
  • [40:15] TIP: Make a list of Blocked Words
  • [45:19] #12: Merge Duplicate Pages
  • [47:21] #13: Check the Messaging Tab
  • [48:32] TIP: Add a Messenger Greeting
  • [51:22] #15: Add Messenger to your Website
  • [58:39] #16: Set-up Automated Responses
  • [64:17] TIP: Send Appointment Reminders
  • [66:04] #17: Customize Tabs for the Page
  • [68:38] #18: Personalize Notification Settings
  • [70:20] TIP: Ensure Domain is white-listed
  • [70:44] #19: Set-up Page Roles
  • [74:22] #20: Go over the Appointment Settings Tab
  • [76:57] #21: Check the Inbox
  • [77:59] #22: Use the Publishing Tools Section
  • [80:05] #23: Check Insights Tab

What is Facebook Profile?

A quick- brief for you, Facebook Profile is where you get to connect with new friends, Facebook ads manager if you are going to be running Facebook ads, set up Facebook groups, set up Facebook pages and all other things that are available to you and these are all available on your profile…

Creating a Facebook Page

Click on the Pages in the left bar…

Then Click on Create a New Page, again on the left bar, where if you have already created a few pages then you will see those as well…

The first thing is that Facebook will give you a blank canvas for you to begin with and they’re pretty much showing you what needs to go down, what needs to happen and where so….

So first you need to create a name for the page…..

For example, I am creating a page for a dog grooming company, for you to have a better understanding of… 

Let me know what your page is for in the comment section below this blog post so that I can record a specific tutorial for how you create a page for your type of business….

Although I’m a business coach, I wanted to create something a little bit different so the first thing you need to do is on the left-hand side here give your page a name….and see if that name is available

 So here, I am calling my page Paw Dog London

NEXT, choose a category that describes what type of business, organization or topic your page represents…

Note here, you can add up to three categories so let’s do that…

For my example, since I know mine is about dog grooming, I’m gonna start with dog grooming. Let’s see if dog grooming is available…Nope that is not…

So then you have to pick a category that’s available..

Like I have…dog trainer dog walker….and so you can see in the image below… that these two have green ticks…. which means they are available…

The next thing Facebook wants you to do is to add a description….

So below the category section, write about what your business does, the services that you provide, all the purpose of the page…etc…

Continuing the example, I’m going to pop something here…..

We’re a dog grooming company that makes sure that your dog is pawfectly groomed, walked, fed and happy. Book consultation with us today.

So above, you can see that I have included a call to action….

I have said to book a consultation with us today… because we’re going to talk about their dog and their needs and all of those things….

These are just the basic requirements that you need to fulfill to get started….

TIP: Check everything for Mobile

When creating your page, one thing you must see is what it looks like on mobile, although you haven’t added many details, but it would be helpful… 

As people are more likely to see things on mobile so make sure you are always checking that out and making sure that it looks good on it….

Create The Profile & Cover Photo

Once you hit the create page….

You will see a drop-down where Facebook will ask you to upload a profile photo and a cover photo….

Now, I have already created these photos, related to the example page I am creating to show you….

You can create the cover and logo by using templates from canva…

So… go to and log in…. Well, if you don’t have a canva account already… just go ahead and sign up…as it’s free…

Go to templates in the Navigation Bar and in the drop-down, on the left hand side, Click on Facebook covers….

The beauty about Canva is that it gives you loads of different templates that you can use… So this is a really really great place to start and similarly for the logo…Just pick a template…

And change a couple of things to make it yours….

Coming back to the page…

Create a Username

Facebook is actually pretty good at guiding us through….

It will show you how many steps you have done and how many are left…. 

By now you will be able to see that the Facebook page is really coming out together…

The first thing I want you to do however is to start from the top so you need to create a username….

You should create a username that is very easy for people to remember….

For our example, I clicked on create a username and created ‘Paw Dog London’ as the username of the page…

Now you have your page and your username…. which is absolutely brilliant!! 

Let’s move forward…


Next thing you need to do is…hover over to the blue button and create your button…. 

You can see in the black text underneath it says add a button to get people to act from your page such as shop or sign up….

Just for understanding, there are lots of buttons that you can choose…. Based on what action you want your page or visitors to take….

Do you want them to follow you…or… do you want them to book you now….etc..

You can see that Facebook has given you so many different calls to actions that you can use…. you’ve just got to choose the one that works for you….

Now choosing it depends on what your business is about…. but if I had for my coaching business…..

As you all know I’m a business coach…so…. for my coaching business I would go with ‘send message’, for example, because I want to talk to my customers or clients not over the phone but over messenger….

OR, I would choose ‘learn more’ …etc… because these are the things that will serve my brand but for the purpose of this dog grooming company then I might choose something such as ‘call now’ or ‘book now’……

Here, I chose ‘learn more’.…. And if you choose this one…it’s going to ask you for a website…..and click save……… 

Amazing a button has been added!!

Fantastic, so now you have done 5 of 13 steps so the first thing you want to do is come down over here even before you create………….


Now you need to do everything else that Facebook is asking you to do….

You will see now that one step is left on establishing your identity…. so click on that and do what it says…

It says here you’ve created a page name, you’ve chosen a category… added a cover photo and added a description……Great!

Now it will ask you to provide info and preferences….And to introduce your page……

SO, let’s hit the drop down on info and preferences…..

Now, it will ask you, does your business already have a website….

If your business has a website……. you click on the add website….. 

And it’s going to ask you for your website name which you need to add… and if your business doesn’t have a website you click on my page and it doesn’t have a website….

There you go.. The website has been updated…

NEXT, it will ask you for your location.. Do you want your page to display a business address or service area….

You can either click on add location info…. or… click on more so you can save and finish it later….or…. you can click on this, it doesn’t apply to my page….

For Instance, I clicked on add location and added United Kingdom, London…

The next thing it will ask you is for your business hours…. 

Now in this example, I have taken up.. Since it’s a specific business it does have business hours, so I have added some hours….

If your business however doesn’t have any business hours you… you hit this drop down and select it doesn’t apply to my page…..

And if you add business hours…

It has some options available….you can say no hours available…or…. always open…or… permanently closed…or…open during selected hours….. 

Now this is something new that Facebook has brought in due to the pandemic as you know that a lot of businesses were closed……or were open at specific times of the day…

The next thing it will ask you is to insert a phone number…. If you have one, add it here or you can choose, it doesn’t apply to my page….

AWESOME… so far we have done 9 out of 13 steps…that Facebook lists…

Okay so now moving forward….. It’s saying provide…. info on preferences which we have done partially….

It will ask you for messaging preferences….. So if you prefer people contacting you through WhatsApp  you can connect WhatsApp  or you can say no I don’t want them to by selecting it doesn’t apply to my page…

Introduce Your Page

Next you need to introduce your page and you would see that it says two steps left for this….

If you hit the drop-down you can do that…..and you will see the steps…

Now the first thing that Facebook wants you to do to introduce your page is…….. 

To invite your friends this is really really important because when your friends like your page and interact with your post….. it can help to reach new people…. this is true right…

So you definitely want to invite some friends….. 

Now to do that you click on invite friends ….. and then Facebook is going to show you a list of your friends…. 

AND then you can just simply…. hit the checklist to choose who you want to invite and you can click at the bottom to also send each invitation on messenger…

This again is something new with Facebook…. so a lot has changed between the last time that I wrote a similar post and this year….

Facebook is always improving and that’s why I love Facebook…..

But for now for our example….. because it isn’t a real business, I did not invite any friends instead I just marked it as complete….


Facebook says, ‘Welcome people to your page….. highlight what makes your page products or services special. You can include photos or videos to catch people’s attention’…..

So now you know you need to create a welcome post…. if you want to skip this for later you can hit the drop-down and skip for later…..

 But you should actually do this….because I believe that this is important….

So, click on create a welcome post….

For your reference, I am adding this text…

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to launch this new service for those of you who live in London, South East….

Here, we are telling people who we are right so you can see already that I’ve shown some excitement right… 

If you’re launching something new you’ve got to be…..Excited ….

I’ve also talked about the location and now I will also talk about what we do….

We are a dog grooming company that makes sure that your dog, your little pup is paw-fectly groomed top to toe….

We also offer dog walking services and dog sitting for those who need to get some sunshine and luxury holiday post Covid…

so let’s read it. Hi everyone, I’m so excited to launch this new service for those of you who live in London.

Now you can see that this has a lot of personality in it. You can also add emojis…

You hit post…..AND…. ta-da it will post your very first post…. and it’s going to appear here….

Now we have 12 of 13 steps completed so if I hit the drop-down…. let’s see what we have left to do…

As far as the setup goes…. we have done quite a bit already…. there’s still quite a few things to do…

So let me just walk you through exactly what we have remaining to do….


Here you can hit on to see your friends once you do that Facebook is going to show you all your friends…

Because it wants you to invite your friends so that they can support your page…

This is actually quite important because once you post you want your friends to react to your post and the more people who react to your post and Facebook is actually going to reward you with more reach so that’s very important…..


In order to continue setting up your page….

It is actually worth going over to the left hand side and going down to edit page info….

Over here… so you can edit the page info…. You can go through everything that we have done so far here….

Now, you can add email here, like I have in the image below…

You can add additional location details….

Now it says….. does your page have a physical location that customers can visit…. yes you can pop that in there…. Does your page travel to its customers ….yes or no….

Pop in whatever suits you….can your customers buy your goods or services online…

It is very important to put in here the service area…as seen in the above image….

So if you travel to provide goods or services to your customers…..

Select up to 10 neighborhoods, towns, cities or regions to define your service area….

For instance… I had put SouthEast London….

NEXT, when it comes to hours of operation we’ve talked about this above….you can say always open… permanently closed….open during select hours….etc….

If you choose to stay open during select hours, Then you can add timings when you click on the plus sign.. You can add the break time you have…etc…

If you open on a  wednesday for example you only open in the evening or you know at a specific time for a short time…. say from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m….that is completely fine…..

And this is what I love about this…… it’s completely flexible for you to fill in what works for you……

Moving down would mean temporary service changes….

This is to do with covid…..

So this is where you get to really specify you know what you are, what you are doing, are you operating as usual or do you have service changes…..

For example, I could say… no actually we only do online classes you know for how to groom your own dog at home because of covid…etc….right and I took this online services only…..

You can also hit the plus and specify more things……

Next we have the Privacy Policy….

If you have a privacy policy for your business….. This is where you need to pop in the link to products for your business….

This is where it says it’s an optional field list of products that your business offers limits to 2000 characters…

So if you have a type of business where you actually have products, perhaps I have dog grooming products. This is the section that I would list….like in the image above….

It says in certain countries such as Austria, Germany or Switzerland businesses may be required by law to include a statement of ownership on their web presence right….so you need to check for your country to see if this applies to yours….

Next…. you get to put in any additional information for your page that you want people to see in this section……


You definitely want to go as big as possible, you know to include as much information as possible……

Knowing that having a business page is pretty akin to having a website right because the great thing about having a Facebook business page is that it is very very easy to find online via seo…

So it is very important to have a really really good detailed page with lots of keywords that really apply to your business…..

And then down there you will have the price range….so if your services are really cheap… take the first one if it’s moderate you take the second one….. Etc…

If it’s unspecified you get to choose this if you do not wish to specify a price range or if your price range isn’t applicable you pop it in….


Facebook wants you to link out to your other accounts….

So if you hit the drop down you can see that you can link out to Instagram…

If you have an instagram account you pop it in here….. if you have a twitter account for your business you pop it there…etc 

Whatever else you want to link out to so it’s pretty awesome…..

Facebook is giving you access to links to your other channels so that people can find you in all sorts of places….

AND this is very important because having a business online means that you want people to follow you online and to find you in all of these different places…..

Different places like so you have instagram, twitter, snapchat… if you have a snapchat account….youtube, twitch, WhatsApp , wechat, kick, pinterest, tumblr…etc…etc….

Soundcloud….spotify….if you have a podcast…..For example….link skype….. if you want to do face-to-face calls with your clients or customers online etc…..

There are so many different options that you can link out to so….. 

I highly highly recommend that you link up to as many of these as possible…………


NOW that you have put in the basic information… Let’s move onto the more advanced stuff…right….

Because your Facebook page is a lot more than just putting in your basic information and that is really all that you have done……

So in order to cover the more advanced stuff you need to go to the left and scroll all the way down to settings…let’s hit that….

You now have access to a whole heap of settings that are really going to help your page to grow really really quickly….

Don’t be overwhelmed by everything that you see…I know there’s a lot to see there and gosh there’s so much to do on your Facebook page and it is amazing….

So I will cover the ones that need attention…and show you the ones that you need to do properly…


The first thing you should do is the general tab…

And in it…page visibility….it automatically says the page is published…. 

You can edit it to be unpublished…as what a lot of people do…. is they actually unpublish their page so that nobody sees it just yet until they have finished setting up everything….

But, I kept the page published…

Next….Visitor posts…. it says anyone can publish to the page anyone can add photos or videos to your page….. 

I don’t think this is right…as I think that if you’re a real legitimate business then you need to protect your page because imagine if you have anybody just publishing content to your page they could publish things that could be damaging to your business…..

So you should hit edit and change to disable posts by other people…

NEXT IS…News feed audience and visibility post….

The ability to narrow the potential audience up for news feed and limited visibility on your post is turned off….. so now let’s click on edit…and you will see it says allow news feed audience selection and post visibility options for your page….

I think this is important so it’s telling you a little bit more….

‘It says when you create a post you can choose which people see it in the news feed by selecting your audience’s interest, gender age and more. You also have the option to control who sees the post on your page’s timeline by limiting the audience by location or language….’

So I think this is a really important thing if you have a business in a certain location then you only want people in that location to see it surely or if you have something that is age sensitive then you want to make it appropriate for the age….

So again it depends on you…. but I suggest you to keep that ticked and click on save changes….

Next you will see…Post and Story Sharing..

I think this is fine…you can leave this ON….

This is important because when people share your stuff…..They are essentially doing the advertising for you so why wouldn’t you want to give them the opportunity to do that…right…

So leave these ticks in my opinion and just leave them as they are

Next Up…is Messages…

Through this…People can contact your page privately…. Now this is very important if you want people to be able to contact you now as you run a business…

Chances are that you do want people to contact you….

BUT, if you don’t click on edit here and you untick this…. but I suggest you let people contact your page privately by showing the message button…

Then you would see, Tagging Ability..which is up to you…

Followed by Others tagging this page…

Now people may tag your page for negative reasons…so keep that in mind while taking a decision on this one..

You can add Country If you want to show it to a specific country’s can add more than one country…

Like in our reference example.. I could add..London..and say…only show this country…

Again…depending on your type of business….. if your type of business or product…which has any age restrictions …then you can make those changes…


Page moderation…. You will see next to it, it says, that no words are being blocked from the page…..

I do think it’s important to have a list of words that you block from your page…….

WHY, because let’s face it…. we are online and there are keyboard warriors out there who are busy wanting to do damage to other people…..

Hence, it’s really important that you add phrases in there…..

If you have a long list of words depending on your type of business…let’s say for example, if you deal with children, you might have a longer list of words that you want to avoid. You can also click here to upload a csv file and Facebook will automatically register that…..

You can add any negative words you want to put in and avoid….. once you do that you click on save and any comments or posts containing those words…will be automatically blocked…

NEXT, you would see….. similar page suggestions…………

Choose whether your page is recommended to others..…. 

I think this is very important and you should leave this as it is…and include your page….

Because what happens is when people are searching for other companies similar to your page…. What you’re saying to Facebook is that you want Facebook to recommend your page to those others, who are searching for something similar….

So leave this ticket…..

Page Updates….This informs you on a variety of information…

Yes, so, leave this as it is… let’s look at what it is right….

You can automatically publish posts when information is updated on this page…if you untick this then your pages won’t be automatically updated…..

Thus, you want to definitely leave it ticked and just leave it as it is….. 

NOW, next would be… in multiple languages…

Here it says the ability to write posts in multiple languages is turned off, by default…. 

But if you want to use….for instance, if you speak more than one language or if your audience is multilingual….

For example…If you had a language school for example then you would change this….right…but Facebook has turned this off simply because it knows that the majority of people are only going to be using one language….

Now, below it, you will be able to see….Translate automatically……

Your post may show translations automatically for people who read other languages….

I think this is pretty cool…Don’t you?

I mean if Facebook can do that…. then why don’t you allow it to do that…..right…

Because you have lots of people whose English may not be their first or second language even…..right……. and so you want to have you know give Facebook the opportunity to be able to translate this for them….

Comment Ranking…… is next up….

The most recent comments are shown for your page as a default…. 

You have two options when it comes to comment ranking. You can either do the most recent….Or…..most relevant….

I think it doesn’t matter…but if you want to change..then you can do that..

Now, the next thing you would have is….Content distribution…..

Here it says downloading to Facebook is allowed….If  you will click on edit…then you can change it to….prohibit downloading to Facebook…..

It basically means…if you want people to be able to download your videos then you leave this unticked….

However I don’t think this is a good thing…. right….for business I mean it depends on what type of business you run…

But for me personally I would not want anybody downloading my videos…I would want them to remain as my content so I would suggest you prohibit downloading videos….

Download Page….

This is important now….. this isn’t for other people to download your page…this is for you….

So if you ever want to download your page and get a copy of all of your posts, all of your photos, all of your videos and all of your page info… perhaps you either want to close your page down….

Or maybe you want to open a new page but you don’t want to create brand new content…. You can easily download your page content by clicking this….


This is very very important… if you click on edit… right…. So it says merge pages you manage that have similar names and represent the same things…..

For instance, if you have more than one page that kind of does the same thing and let’s say you have content on both of those pages….you can merge them into one page….

So all you have to do is to click on duplicate pages…. and it’s going to ask you to sign in etc to make sure that you are, who you say you are….etc and 

AND once you do you will then have the ability to merge pages….. 

So it will ask you to choose the two pages that you would like to merge…. so you need to insert page one and two….

Then it will give you some warnings… 

Things to Remember…You can request a match if you are the admin of both pages…..the pages you merge must represent the same thing and have similar names….

This is very important when merging pages…that they can’t be undone…. Once you have started the process, make sure you are sure before you merge those pages….Done!

Last in the general tab is…Remove pages…

So, if you ever wanted to delete your page….you can click on edit and click on permanently delete your page…. And remember this is permanent…okay!

Now you have set up a lot for your page and you have made sure that your page is going to be popping and standing out when people visit….. 

Moving forward, let’s look at the next thing we need to set up …..


Facebook allows you to set up messenger essentially so that people can send you private messages….

AND there are lots of things to do….. You have the general settings… starting the messenger conversation and during the messenger conversation….

So let’s jump in…The First Thing you need to do is to use the return key to send a message so it will tell you here press the return or enter key on your computer to send a message to send messenger and instagram messages….

If this feature is off….click send… a lot of people keep this turned off and I actually think it’s better to keep this turned off …..

Why? Because if you write a really long message in a paragraph then you would want to be able to hit send when you are ready…. oftentimes you just want to hit enter because you want the message to be a little bit longer…

And if you leave this turned on it will just send your message before your message is actually finished writing 

LET’S look at it now… Starting a Messenger Conversation…


When it comes to messenger conversation Facebook recommends that you show a greeting… which I also think is very important…. 

It says greet people before they send your page a message…. your greeting appears in a chat window before a message is sent or in the about section of your business’s messenger profile…..

I think it’s very important to turn this on…

AND Once you turn this on you will see that Facebook has already put in a greeting so it says…

For example, for me it says….

Hi Pam, thanks for getting in touch with us on messenger. Please send us any questions you may have so you can leave this as it is, so Facebook is going to insert the person’s name there….

Or you can change the greeting and once you change the greeting you can actually see how it shows up….

Click on save and it’s Done….!

Messenger url …now….because you had changed the username earlier so your url will also be personalized …for instance.. It’s Paw Dog London for me….which I love…

You can use your messenger link…. on a flyer in an email or in an sms message….and it will direct people to a conversation with your page

So you could literally copy this link and send it to people in an email or in a text message etc…..

And they can communicate with your page just by clicking on this link…cool..right…


Now this is very important…… It says add the messenger to your website…. 

You can actually add your messenger to your website so that people can communicate with your page through your website…..

It lets people start a conversation on your website and continue it in messenger with the chat plugin….. can you see how amazing this is … don’t actually have to pay for this. It’s easy to set up and will give you the code to add to your website….

So let me quickly show you the beginning stages…. how to set that up so all you have to do is….click on Set Up….

The setup takes less than five minutes…how cool…!

But you are thinking..why is this important..right?

This is very important because you can….

Grow customer satisfaction…. 

Increase sales…

Build lasting relationships…and so much more….!

Next it will ask you to set up a few things… I like the language….. so you can hit the drop down and choose your language…..

Then domain….add your website there….

And that’s it…all you have to do…are these three steps….honestly guys….

Now just copy this code… copy the code and then step four is you go ahead and click on next it will tell you where to paste…

Paste the code snippet directly after the opening body tag on each web page where you want the chat plugin to appear…

And that’s it once you’ve done that you click on finish…..

You can also click on the email instructions….. Let’s say if you are not comfortable doing this you can also email the instructions to perhaps a web developer or somebody on fiverr….

Although this step it’s completely easy…. However if you want me to write a more detailed post around this or record a video you can let me know in the comments…and I will do that…

Now you can create your welcome message…

You can add the text in it…. 

And then after the first text that pops up…you can add more questions to ask by clicking on the small pencil on the right side of each…

So once you put in a question….you need to put in a response too… so that if somebody clicks it they get the response over there… 

Further…..You can actually customize your chat plugin….

If you hit the drop down….you can let people chat to your business page without logging into messenger while using the chat plugin on your website I  would leave this on….

Custom color…… Change the color of the chat plugin to complement your brand, definitely turn this on……

This is important so that you select what color works for you and matches your brand…and if you have your hex can add that in there as well and choose what works for you…..

You can change the alignment, spacing….etc….

Now you can let it automatically expand…if you turn it on..then it will pop up and be more noticeable…or you can let it be less invasive…and turn it off….

I think that on a mobile it’s a little bit invasive if you turn it on….so you can leave this off…

But if you look at the desktop preview…..when it’s becomes less noticeable….but  it’s a universal setting….so unfortunately with this you cannot choose to leave it on for desktop and off for mobile you can only choose one or the other…..

I suggest you turn it off…because…

Look if you leave it on a mobile it kind of takes up half the screen and that can be really annoying for some people….. right …

Even though it works on desktop but on mobile it’s a little bit annoying so I suggest you turn it off…

Because people will still see this icon on mobile and they will see it on desktop once you’ve done that all you have to do is hit publish, assuming your code is already on your website….

And you see that your chat plugin is working and it is beautiful…right!!

Now head back…to the messaging tab….


Here, take a look at….. during a messenger conversation….. 

You would see it says here to customize responses that are automatically sent to people in the ‘automated responses’ tab in the inbox..So click on Set Up on the right

Now in the setup for this….there are a few things you would want to do….

The first thing you need to do is….greeting…. so there’s a drop down there…which shows you everything…..

Now here, instant reply. You definitely want to keep this turned on….

Your ‘away message’ is very very important…… it says when away messages are on, paw dog london is away and sends away messages. You can manually set paw dog London as away in the inbox or schedule times to be away each week..

You can customize your message to let people know how long you’ll be away for and when you will respond….

So your away message is very important and you can see the away messages on the right in the mobile preview… it says thanks for your message we’re away and can’t respond at this time. We appreciate you getting in touch with us……

Now to sort this out all you have to do is click on edit….

Knowing that this is for your away message you want to set up the times that you are away so schedule times for your page to be away each week…

You can choose your time zone over here now you can click on time so if you will be away for the weekend for example so let’s say….. saturday and sunday you’re away the whole day…..

Then you can leave it there….

If you’re away at some times during the week you can also do that there and set the specific timings that you will be away…..

When it comes to your away message this is where you customize it and you can add the customer’s name by clicking on the plus sign, next to ‘add customer name’…

For example, you can say…

Hi Pam, Thanks for your message. We’re away and can’t respond at this time. We appreciate you getting in touch with us. We’ll be back on Monday at 9:00 am. If you prefer please send us a message and we will be in touch as soon as we return.

You can click this to preview in messenger at the top in the right….

If you want to you can also just click on save…

Now you are done with the away message setup…. 

Now the next thing you need to do is…. check the frequently asked questions……

You should make sure your frequently asked questions are on…. It says ‘suggest questions that people can ask your page then set up automated responses to those questions’….

Timing….’automated responses are sent instantly after someone taps a question’

Note ‘frequently asked questions will appear at the beginning of a conversation with your page. You can also choose to add these questions to a menu that people can access throughout the entire conversation…’

So this is very very important when somebody gets on your page you want to greet them with a question and you want to make sure it’s an icebreaker….

Now…click on the ‘edit message’ button in blue…

Here, you can add a question…. so the question could be…. when are you open….

You can add your question and you can add a response……

We are open from Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 00 p.m daily for example….

Note, you can even personalize it further…..

So you can say….hi and you can click on the ‘+’ sign next to add a customer’s name…. to add their first name so that it’s personal……

You can also add an attachment…… you can also add a button okay…..

So if you add a button… so this message could say….

Book an appointment with us by clicking on the button below……

You can label this button….book appointment and then you can send this to your appointment booking page…..

You can add another question here and so on you can add a button to that…

Now click on save….

Next below Frequently Asked Questions, is Sending Confirmation…

If you click on the arrow for the drop-down next to it…then you will see the Job Application…now if you have an open job that went out to people…. 

You can turn this on to say job application receipt so people can know and follow up…


Next up is very important…. Follow-up reminders for people who have tried to communicate with you before……so make sure it’s turned on after you hit the drop-down arrow….

When it comes to appointment reminders here it says….. send Automatic reminders via messenger or text SMS the day before their appointment…..

Timing…sent the day before a confirmed appointment….

This is incredibly powerful. This isn’t something that you’re paying for, this is something that Facebook is gifting to businesses so why wouldn’t you use it…..

Let’s move on to the next section….

Now that is all done….you’ve done all of the general….. You’ve also done all of the messaging…

Now I want you to look at page info and make sure that everything is filled out correctly…..

Everything has been done here…..


You now need to go over and look at templates and tabs….

When it comes to templates and tabs the way it works is that you can choose various different tabs for your Facebook page…

The truth of the matter is that every business is different so perhaps you might want to customize it…and turn it on and off depending on your type of could be a shop, if you have a store, reviews….etc….

The second thing you can do with these tabs…is…you can actually move them about and drag them around….by holding the three dots on the side…

If you’re not happy with the order you can always click here to set it to default and all the settings that you have made will disappear…

For example, in the image below, I reordered my page and made it very much likely that people are going to love my brand and my business because I made it the best way possible for people to see information about my business….

So let’s go back to where you were in settings and you were in templates and tabs…..

Now once you are happy with everything that you have in your templates and tabs sections you can then move forward…..

Next up you will see event ticketing…but I would suggest you leave that  as most people would not be needing it…


But I do want you to look at notifications and go into that…..

So Facebook notifies you about pretty much absolutely everything and to be honest I find it incredibly annoying to be getting pinged every time somebody likes a post or does whatever…

So what I advise you to do is to only get one scheduled notification per day on all activity on your page…..

But if you didn’t want to turn it off and you did want notifications what i recommend you do is that you go through……so if you click on more… you can see everything that you can get notifications about right when you go through what you do want notifications about…..

So you might want to allow email notification… allow sms notification….

I personally just turn off most of these things… fact I just go right to the top and I select …..get one scheduled notification per day on all activities and updates on my page and that suits me just fine 

But of course this is your business so you do what works for you best….


Moving forward let’s look at advanced messaging……

You have already pretty much done this section as you will notice….. so when it comes to advanced messaging this is really really advanced……

So you might not need this…. just go through it and see if it is something that you need but you will see we have set up some of it you know….

So make sure you have your domain in the white-listed domains section…..

And click on save….

That’s really the main thing about advanced messaging that you need to do here…..


Now let’s look at page roles….It is very very important…

The bulk of the page role really is making sure that if you have other people working on your business page for you or as part of your business….

This is where you get to assign them the opportunity to help you…. If you want to add somebody else all you do is put in their email address and assign them their role…

If you assign an admin right, it will tell you that they can manage all aspects of your page so you can assign them as an admin…. as an editor….. as a moderator or as an advertiser…. If they’re going to be running Facebook ads for you as an analyst….

You want to be really careful with admin because whoever you assign as admin has a lot of access to all of your assets so be really careful with this one….

Next you will see in the main section is…people and other pages 

This is where you can see people on other pages that like your page so this is where it pretty much lists people who like your page and you can check the drop down to see people who follow your page…. people who are banned from your page…

This is where you see all of that….

Then comes, preferred page audience…. 

It says to simplify our settings we have removed pages’ preferred audience feature which page owners could edit to reflect who they’d most like to connect with. You can still add or edit country or age restrictions for your page to restrict your page from appearing in certain audiences.Learn more…

Next is…. issues electoral and political ads…

You don’t need ad limits…..

Then you don’t need to do branded content….

Let’s have a look at that to see if there’s anything that you can do in this section….here so in this section for branded content a lot of it you may not even be approved or eligible to have….

Here is really where you can add partners or block partners…

Next when it comes to running Facebook ads…

You can actually just skip this entire section here 

Moving forward you will have the instagram tab which is really important if you have an instagram page….

Click to connect your instagram this is very important because by doing that you can then run instagram ads which is very very important…..

The next thing you will find is Cross posting…

It says…..Cross posting allows you and another page to post videos on each other’s behalf. Cross-posting can only happen between pages that have added each other. You control which videos are eligible to be cross-posted. When a page cross-posts your videos they will also be able to view video insights for their posts.

Add or remove pages here that you want to cross post…

This is really important so if you have more than one page and it’s kind of similar content…

Page support inbox….this is where you can see your reports….

You get to see reports about others….. any violations that you have….

Scrolling down on the left is…Payments…..

For example if you’re going to be running Facebook ads ….or any type of thing for which you need to pay….

This is where you’re going to see your currency….


Next you will have appointment settings ….this is pretty self-explanatory as well if you want people to be able to book appointments on your page…..

You click on it and you turn it on so…. It will be off by default….

And customers can’t book with you on Facebook…

You need to turn this on so that customers can book with you online ….and then you can choose your hours of operation…..what time can people book with you….AND…. you can also sync this to your google calendar….

You can also turn on to manually approve appointments before they are confirmed with people…

In it…you have Advance bookings… how soon and how far in advance people can schedule appointments with you….you can turn that on and you can then control…. 

Services list is next in the appointment section… you click on this and you add your services and how much they cost…

Then you will see in this tab is…appointment messaging reminders….

Leave this turned on so that people get reminders in their inbox about their appointments….and I think this is such a brilliant feature….

Now we have covered everything in settings…Let’s move on….


Some things that I want to show you to make sure that you are aware of, so the inbox section is where you’re going to receive any messages that come through here….

Be aware of that….so you would receive messages from ‘messenger’ and from ‘instagram direct’…. so anything that comes through would go here….

If your instagram is connected… it’ll also go here…. if you haven’t connected your instagram…make sure you connect… 

The other thing I want to show you is this green thing means that you are available…… 

If you want to change that you can click on that and click on away…… it’s really important that you tell people when you are available and when you are away so that they know and that way people aren’t sending you messages expecting a response and then getting annoyed because you are not responding to them….. 

The Comments from Facebook….coming from instagram….. So any comments from these two channels will come into here as well….so make sure that you are following up and checking everything that is happening inside of your business…..


Publishing tools is where you get to check all the posts that have been published…. 

Your scheduled posts would also go here….. All your drafts…you can also find your video library if you have a video…

In the content library is where you find all of the posts that have been published….

Now here is something…you can create your post directly from here and you can schedule your post too for both Instagram and Facebook….

You can click to add a photo….click to add a video or click here to create a video and then you can set a call to action and if you want to you can add a location down…. 

And not only that there’s so much more that you can do, you can either hit publish…or you can hit the drop down arrow to schedule the post….


Come back here when you want to see what is going on with your account….

How many followers you have….. how many page views you have….how many likes you have had….

This is where you see that all ….

We have done pretty much all of these things and you can now see how amazing Facebook is…

Facebook has given you so many tools that you can use for your business….

I highly recommend that you read through this tutorial one more time and make sure that you have everything….

Please do not miss a section. Make sure that you have everything for your page!


Because once you have a good page it will bring you the right type of customers and clients that you want and you need for growth…

And I think now with this in-depth step-by-step guide.. You can easily create an amazing Facebook page…isn’t it? 

Put it into action and let me know how it went! 



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