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Get Hundreds Of Leads From Facebook, Absolutely Free?

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Imagine getting your post to the TOP of the Facebook Newsfeed and Generate Hundreds of Leads WITHOUT spamming or annoying your audience.

Save your spot for this Facebook Marketing Hacks Intensive to get the “plug & play” System (and Hacks) to having Facebook do the marketing FOR YOU, WITHOUT spending a penny on Ads

Most Coaches, Consultants, Service-based Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, Educators and Trainers believe that to get paid BIG,

it's just about creating a ton of content, posting here, there and everywhere WITHOUT truly understanding how the #1 Platform for marketing your business, Facebook, truly works…

…which is CRUCIAL if you want to:

STOP Wasting Time on social media activities that have little to no ROI

STOP thowing money down the drain with paid advertising

STOP Giving Away Your Stuff For Free without a real strategy for how to turn leads into paying clients


One of the problems most Entrepreneurs face is getting paying clients or making sales with ease directly on Facebook without wasting money on Facebook Ads.

(…Hey, Facebook Ads are great and all but they can be an easy way to quickly burn money. If you could get your leads for F-R-E-E then why not right?)

With 2.1 Billion people using Facebook daily… you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using it the RIGHT way to attract your Ideal Clients

Well you know how it is, you’re constantly creating content or live streaming whilst trying to keep track of your Facebook page, posting on your Profile, sharing “value” in a gazillion Facebook Groups where your ideal clients supposedly hang out…

…but you’ve been doing this for months and you’re starting to wonder if they even exist

You spend so much time thinking up a new topic to write a post about, then it takes you a good couple of hours to actually write the posts in between ferrying the kids to school, tackling that laundry you’ve been avoiding, cooking dinner and before you know it, it’s 2pm and you haven’t even had time for breakfast…

… oh and you still haven’t crafted that post for Facebook.

When you do finally spend the little time that you have on “getting visible”

You put yourself out there and… crickets! Not one person responds!

All you get are a few sympathetic likes

(and we all know that ‘likes’ don’t translate to moolah)

…well the problem with promoting your business this way is that it’s

Sucking away all your time

Draining your energy

and let’s face it, doing that day in, day out is frankly demoralising

It’s the OLD way of getting your business seen and it’s simply INEFFECTIVE!

Can I let you in on a little (but massively important) secret?

One of the biggest things that I struggled with when it comes to marketing my business on Facebook effectively is crafting posts that would get my audience to take action

…and the very thing that kept me stuck was this very thing… you may recognise it too

I was always chasing my tail!

I was trying to keep up with the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm (yup, this is the thing inside Facebook that decides how many people see your posts). Urrgh!

The newsfeed was so crowded with everyone promoting their businesses, I felt like my business was drowning… and it was!

I really struggled to keep up with it all like the “guru’s” say you should and this meant that my business just wasn’t making any money. #TRUTH

And getting clients buying my courses or enrolling into my program was the HARDEST thing EVER.

Imagine This...!

Imagine if you could have Facebook do the work FOR YOU.

Keep your posts at the TOP of the newsfeed

Show your content to the MASSES who happen to be your PERFECT-FIT CLIENTS

All for FREE

Isn’t it amazing that you can enrol high-end clients and reach your money goal without wasting any money on Facebook Ads simply by having Facebook do the work for you organically?

The 3 Ways Facebook Helped Me To Get Seen, Get Known & Get Paid… without Costing Me a Dime…

These 3 things made all the difference for me

I Changed My Facebook Strategy – I stopped doing business the old way and got way smarter about how I use Facebook and because of that I started to see results almost instantly having 80% of my income coming directly from using Facebook the RIGHT way whilst saving me a ton of money in paid Ads and a lot of time.

I Used Evergreen Methods – I discovered the little-known tools that Facebook offers inside the Facebook Profile, Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger for businesses to use absolutely free and because of that I was able to create evergreen marketing that brought new business in, even if I was asleep

I Made The Facebook Algorithm Work In MY Favour – This is HUGE! I finally understood the Facebook Algorithm and how to use it to bring more people to my website or sales page for FREE and because of that my customer base grew a lot quicker than when I was spending almost 8hrs a day on marketing that didn’t really work.

These 3 things also helped me move from spending close to 8hrs a day creating content or directly on Facebook to spending 2hrs a WEEK and having Facebook help me out for a change, delivering my amazing offers on a platter in front of my Ideal Clients

Halleluuuuuuuuja! I hear you say!

Well I have some incredible news for you, darling…

I want to share with you The Facebook Marketing Hacks that turned my business around and bought me back my time


The Facebook Marketing Hacks Intensive: How to Market & Sell On Facebook for FREE

What We'll Cover In This Intensive:

Part 1: The Facebook Profile for Marketing & Selling

Ever wondered how marketers use their Facebook profile to grow their businesses without getting a slap on the wrist from Facebook? In Part 1 we'll be covering EVERYTHING there is to know about marketing with your Facebook Profile from how to audit your friends list, position your brand to what types of content to create for your Ideal Clients

Part 2: The Facebook Page for Brand Positioning, Marketing & Selling

Ever heard the saying that Facebook pages are dead? think again! Your Facebook page is a marketing goldmine and when used correctly will funnel your Ideal Clients into your Sales System, whether that's to ‘Schedule a Call', ‘Join your email list' or ‘Purchase a product

The most incredible thing about the strategies you’ll be learning inside this intensive is that they’re mostly Evergreen. This means that you can ‘set it and forget it’ and when done correctly, Facebook will continue sending amazing Leads your way… for Free!

Part 3: Close sales and enrol clients on Facebook Messenger like a pro!

You see that Facebook Messenger app on your phone, yea… it's a Sales System in itself! In this part of the workshop I'll be sharing a script for closing clients in Messenger without ever needing to speak on the phone (if you don't want to)

You’ll get a copy of the messenger script and understand the psychology behind it so that you can use it over and over again!

Part 4: Warming-up the Facebook Algorithm

Have you been puzzled by the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm? Is trying to figure out what will make your posts standout like taking a class in Algebra? I don't blame you!

The Facebook Algorithm is the holy-grail for using Facebook effectively and in this part of the workshop, you’ll finally learn ‘HOW’ the algorithm works, what NOT to do and how to have it working in YOUR favour

Part 5: Creating Irresistible Content That leads to Sales

This intensive truly packs a punch!

If you have ever wondered what types of content actually WORK on Facebook, I’ll be breaking it down and giving you your own content strategy to help you create content that drives your Ideal Clients to the ‘buy’ button.

I understand that when I act now, I'll get INSTANT access to The Facebook Marketing Hacks Intensive

When you learn how to use Facebook the RIGHT way you’ll be able to increase your audience, sell your products and enroll serious clients effortlessly

But that’s not all…

Is it OK with you if I overdeliver? 🙂

I’ve created some amazing bonuses for The Facebook Marketing Hacks Intensive that I know will really help you to get results from this.

Bonus 01 - The Facebook Marketing Hacks Playbook

Use this to stay totally on track, learn secret Facebook tools that took me years to master and stay ahead of everyone else competing for your audience’s attention

Bonus 2 – Access to my Private Members-Only Community

I know that I have over-delivered with what’s waiting for you in this intensive already, but I then had a think about what else could you possibly need to ensure that you get RESULTS.

Answer: ME!

Imagine having access to me and my private community to help you if you get stuck

You can ask me questions long after your intensive so that you totally nail Facebook marketing


Get instant access to the wildly popular online workshop & intensive to nail organic Facebook marketing once and for all for only $67. Price Goes Up To $197

You’re constantly posting on Facebook…

…repeatedly editing your posts so you don’t look like a spammer…

You post and you hold your breath, constantly checking for those “likes” and “comments”…

…praying that your ideal clients will see your posts, seek you out, hop on a call with you and voila… $5k in the bank!

Except it doesn’t quite pan out like that does it?

Here’s how it REALLY happens

You've heard that your Ideal Clients hand out on Facebook so… you hang out there too.

You try everything to get clients on a call but with every post you make it's like you're speaking to a graveyard!

You see other peoples posts getting a ton of engagement and they're clearly doing “something” right but you have no idea what that “thing” is.

You move over to Instagram, LinkedIn because Facebook just “isn't working” for you but you're no better off on those other platforms either!

IF they finally get on that call you hear the infamous…

“I can’t afford it”

In The Facebook Marketing Hacks Intensive You'll Master The Exact Blueprint For Enroling Clients With Ease On Facebook… Organically


Get instant access to the wildly popular online workshop & intensive to nail organic Facebook marketing once and for all for only $67. Price Goes Up To $197

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Pre-recorded Workshop which was ran Live. Inside this workshop, we’ll be working together, learning about Facebook Organic Marketing and implementing the steps that I’ll be showing you. Think of it as a ‘Bootcamp’.

$67 puts it within the reach of so many entrepreneurs, new Coaches just starting out will have a great head start in mastering the most important marketing technique they will use in their business… Organic Facebook Marketing (at $67 you shouldn’t have to get approval, anyone can have it 😉 )

It weeds out freebie hunters. We only want serious entrepreneurs who take action. And in our experience, charging ‘anything’, no matter how little, weeds out 99% of people who were never going to take action in the first place

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with login details to access this intensive.


Get instant access to the wildly popular online workshop & intensive to nail organic Facebook marketing once and for all for only $67. Price Goes Up To $197

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