Challenge Day 4 of 5

Getting Clients Through Storytelling & Social Proof

Get ‘Quality Leads' From Social Media Challenge

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hey there!

I'm Pam Obasa

Just a few years ago I really struggled to generate quality leads for my business and because of that, my income was inexistent … today?

My High-Ticket programs are fully booked with a waiting list.

Having a Lead generation system that attracts my ‘Ideal Clients’ is the #1 way I drive profits into my business and serve my tribe well.

NOW is the time to stop making excuses and start attracting ‘quality’ leads for your business too. Are you up for a challenge?

You are awesome! CONGRATULATIONS.

It’s Day 4 and we’re already more than halfway through the challenge! Today, we’re going to position your business so that your Ideal Clients begin to reach out to you.

Today’s task will push you out of your comfort zone but remember, everything ‘good’ that’s waiting for you is waiting ‘outside’ your comfort zone.

As always, my team and I are here to hold your hand and support you every step of the way.

Surprise Bonus

Yesterday was the day of our Surprise Masterclass. In this Masterclass, I taught you all

How To Turn Your Story & Expertise Into a Successful Coaching Business (Using my 3-step framework for taking a business from 0 to 6 Figures in 6 months)

If you missed the masterclass, check out the Replay below the Masterclass

Before we dive into today's task, I want to make sure that you've scheduled your FREE Turbo Call with me. This is a rare opportunity to get a FREE Coaching call worth $1000.

During this call, we'll dive into your business and look at all aspects from your Messaging, offer and sale system. You'll walk away with clarity on how to 10X your revenue with the exact steps that you need to take. We'll also send you some resources that will help you to enrol paying clients fast!

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Day 04 Assignment

Share a post about a Client Success Story Watch today’s training for how to achieve this and what to do if you haven’t had any clients

Use hashtag #GetleadswithPam when completing today’s task

CLICK HERE to grab your Workbook

When you have answered these questions, log into your chosen platform and complete the optimisation tasks inside the Workbook

Share your story in a Video

This sounds scary but is seriously effective. This video needn’t be long.

Just 5 to 7 minutes will do (see further details in the workbook)

Here’s what to post in the comment section below

Your workbook will help you with this.

Who do you want to help?

Who do you want to help?

Comment BELOW!

We read and respond to all comments. You will receive PERSONALISED feedback so please remember to comment 🙂

Here's What Coming Next

Ready to nail the entire 5 days? Take a look below to see what’s coming up next.
Over the next 5 days, we will deliver these training videos to you Daily via our Messenger Bot and Email. Remember to whitelist our email so that you don’t miss a thing.

The Perfect Offer

Available Tomorrow

It's all about knowing your Ideal Client like the back of your hand and crafting an offer or product that they can buy

In order to achieve this, we have to delve much deeper into understanding WHO this person really is

The 3 Part Messaging Magic

Available in 2 Days

We’re focusing on MESSAGING using my 3-part Messaging System.

Your ‘Message’ is what you put out on social media to attract your ideal clients so it’s important to nail it and I’m going to show you how using a simple formula

Getting Clients Through Storytelling & Social Proof

Available in 3 Days

This task will push you out of your comfort zone but remember, everything ‘good’ that’s waiting for you is waiting ‘outside’ your comfort zone.

As always, my team and I are here to hold your hand and support you every step of the way.

Getting Your Offer Into
The World

Available in 4 Days

It’s the final day of the challenge and I’m so proud of what you have achieved.

Yesterday, you shared success stories and a video of your story. Today, we’re continuing with tasks to get your offer out there already

(Psst…scroll further below to see some crazy success stories 🤫)

thousands of success stories


“If you're looking to work with Pam I highly recommend reaching out to her, she will help you get results”.

Marcin – Digital Accelerator

‘The amount of value that you are provide is worth way more than I expected‘.

Amy Joy Genuine
Confidence Specialist

‘I was able to identify what I really want to do, now I'm very clear who I'm talking to and what I can offer to them ’.

Jefyne Togba

‘I've moved from the place where I was just thinking about how I have to do the things to actually doing them'.

Cristina Gherasim

‘I had value for my investment, absolutely. Your input on this Course is above what most similar courses are offering ‘.

Lizzie Paish
Life-Transformation Coach

‘One of the arsenals you need for a successful business is Automation, you will get that and more in this Course'.

Tayo Soluade Sokomba

‘Honestly my business would not be where it is today if it were not for her and her amazing team'.

Nathalia Copeland
Facebook Ads Strategist

‘It’s just invaluable. This is the one of the best courses I have ever taken’.

Cecilia M

So I think it's perfect for me. It's a perfect mix of great coaching, but then also learning from my fellow participants in the program”

Lisa M - (Branding Strategist)

I really like the small group format. I feel like just having your attention and you, you really gave a lot. You give a lot, that was a huge piece of it for me. And plus, I like being in the group format, too, because I like learning from other people and I like seeing what other people are doing. I think there’s such a value in that, too

thousands of success stories


I thought the first day was 'something' until Day 2 which blew me away even more. Atmosphere was very inspiring

I got so much clarity on the direction to take and what to offer my audience.

I learned a lot from this, especially how to clarify my message...

I love the human part of it. It was BRILLIANT

Your success is my success

"I just saw the mistakes I made in past when it comes to Sales Calls. I now know how to do it the RIGHT way"

The 'Closing' was really beautiful. I learnt so much about how to 'Close a Client' and about Facebook Ads

"It's just amazing! I'm grateful to the entire team."

I learned that Mindset is foundation and I learned how to renew my mind

I absolutely loved it especially "the wolf and the pack"

It's indescribable. Finally happy that I found what I was searching for.

"It's outstanding! Very hight energy and very inspiring. I thought it was too good to be true but it's outstanding"

I got more clarity. You practice what you preach. I feel so much more confident with Sales Calls now

"It's been amazing 3 days. We didn't just get ""information"", we actually did the work and I loved that"

It's been an eye opener. So many Coaches talk about putting together a Signature program but you taught us HOW to actually achieve it.

I can't believe it! Thank you for pouring your heart out. I now have my Signature Offer created

I feel that I've finally found my match. This has changed my life and I now have a focus.

I hate Sales, that's the reason I joined and I think you are going to make it easy for me.

It's been such a phenomenal 3 days, there's so much that I learned and I can use.

I love how you showed us the things as opposed to just telling us what should have been done.

You genuinely wanted us to learn. I just cannot say enough of things and thank you enough.

Thank you, you actually helped me re-craft my Signature Offer.

Thank you for wonderful insights. I really loved the energy of this group.

It was really empowering experience. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for your patience.

I learned a lot. I really liked that you was able to coach us and give us feedback.

This was a great experience. You really brake this down in small pieces.

You always give more value than I can imagine.

In 3 days I learnt more than in 6 months with another coach.

Love From Our Clients Around The World​

Client success is at the for front of what we do. We're all about helping you thrive, succeed and enjoy a Lucrative Life.

“Some of the BEST coaching I ever had”

“I loved every second of it. What you teach is simply invaluable”

“You are the Storytelling Queen”

“You are the Storytelling Queen”

Sold her first intensive at $1200 AND her Coaching package at $5k

Closed her 10th Client 😮😮😮

"I have made over $10k in one weekend"

"OMG, my funnel is filling up like mad."

Lorna got her first sale

$18,000 in 7 Weeks

“I got 5 sales from a tiny email list of 150”

"First sale came through ‘overnight’"

“You gave the words to the missing piece in my puzzle”

“I am killing it live. Try Pam, you will scale like you never imagined”

“Absolutely amazing”

50% conversion (5 clients) enrolled so far into her High Ticket offer

3 Clients enrolled 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

"First call just done and it's YES"

"I have just enrolled my second client for my new program..."

$29k in 2 weeks

$6,500 in 7 Weeks

“I got 5 sales from a tiny email list of 150”

30k per month

“Learn the art of Storytelling in your webinars”

I loved how you broke down the process of Storytelling

“I wish this course was longer”

Sold her $8,400 Package

Sold 2 programs at 3K

First client enrolled

4th Client Closed!

Successfully enrolled her first 3 clients

Betty booked her first paid intensive...

100 Consults booked and 28 Sales in 2 days

“Sold 3 Packages and haven’t launch yet"

“I made DOUBLE my investment”

DISCLAIMER: This Case Study is 100% FREE. You don't have to buy anything in order to get value out of this Case Study. There's nothing about this that's “get-rich-quick”. Everything takes time, energy + skills. The people who see great results are those who put in the work!

Pam Obasa, The Lucrative Lady © Copyright – All Rights Reserved

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