Pride Will Keep You Hungry

Pride Will Keep You Hungry

Pride Will Keep You Hungry

Something incredible happened to me today and I want to share it with you.


I've been taking a lot of cabs today and I got into this specific cab and it was a lady driver.

And more importantly, it was actually a black lady driver. Now that's different. You know I've rarely met women who do uber or who drive cabs, women in the minority, women full stop tend not to do those kinds of jobs. I started to talk with this lady and I noticed that she had about 3 phones on her dashboard and I asked her what are those phones for. She explained to me that she doesn't only drive uber, but she does it for various companies and what she does is wherever the job comes from first she takes the job. And that keeps her with a consistent flow of clients.

Wow. That is so smart.

I've never seen a cab driver doing that. I think that is incredibly smart. And then I started to talk to her about how when a lot of people come to this country they know that there's so much pride in getting a job. I mean starting a specific business, so much pride involved especially if it's something that they don't think is where the area is incredibly pretty prolific or something to sing about if. You know you're not a doctor or lawyer or anything like that. So there's a lot of pride involved in that. And you know she actually laughed. She said the words that I will never forget. And she said that if you are proud if you are too proud you will go hungry. And I thought Wow. That is so true.

I want to take it a step further to say this:

“If you are too proud you will go hungry, but if you are too fearful to take a move, to take a step, if you are too fearful, perhaps you're running a business, and so if you are too scared to learn new things, to learning new systems, if you are too scared to invest in your business, invest in coaching, if you are too proud and think perhaps you don't need the support you will go hungry.’

And it really stuck with me and that's really what I wanted to share with you today that one of the things that have really helped me in my business is putting aside pride, putting aside fear putting aside things that will hold me back. So that I can instead go forth and learn the things that I needed to learn and developing ways that I needed to develop so that I could use those learnings and pull them into my business.

I want you to think about what you are afraid of, what is making you being too proud about or what do you really need in the business that you haven't.

You're making excuses, not a lot of people think that they don't have the money to invest in their business but look at this lady she's walking free for three different companies to make ends meet, to make money so she can reinvest in herself and then that way one day she doesn't ever need to do that again.

So I just think that is just so so so inspirational and that's why I hope you will take something away from this. If you want to move forward in your business and think where is the money to invest in systems you talk about, where is the money to invest in coaching and all of these things. Well here is the thing. If you want to do it and you know that this is the thing that will change things for your business then you need to think what else can I do to make the money in the interim so that I can reinvest in my business, so that I never have to do those other jobs.

I also want to share this with you.

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Pam xoxo

It’s great to have you Lucrative Lady

How to create presentations that sell

How to create presentations that sell

How To Create Presentations That Sell


Hey there, Would you like to learn how to create presentations that sell? Well that's exactly what I'm going to be teaching you in this video. I'm going to be breaking down my exact steps that I take to create presentations and signature talks that sell


I'm Pam Obasa and I'm the founder of The Lucrative Lady.

My genius zone is Storytelling and Video. I help entrepreneurs become captivating on the stage and in front of the camera and I can't wait to share this video for you. Why? Because ‘Speaking’ has been one of the main ways that I've actually grown my business.

Even though I am a trained actress so I do have a ‘Speaking’ background within my acting background, let me tell you, they are two very different things.

it's very different to be an actor and play ‘other people’ and then to be ‘yourself’ on the stage and still be amazing and captivating and have people queuing to buy from you.

One of the key ways that I have been able to achieve amazing things whilst building my brand, including being flown around the world to speak, having my own academy and my own membership, as well as a very successful coaching business and being able to sell services like that at the drop of a hat is because of this one thing….

Speaking on the Stage!

So, I want you to really, really understand how crucial speaking is for your business.

Why should you get into speaking or why should you do more speaking or build your brand with speaking?

Well it increases your email list. It gives you more opportunity, you get invited to speak and to teach. You also get to enroll your clients in one sitting because you are speaking and they are engrossed and captivated by you. But the key way that you are able to have that kind of impact is to create what I call a ‘Signature Talk’.

What is a Signature Talk?

A Signature Talk is a specific talk that represents your:


– Brand

– Your story.


6 Steps to Creating an Effective Signature Talk That's Captivating


Step 1: Unforgettable Opener

The first step in creating a signature top is your unforgettable opener. Whenever you get on the stage to speak of whenever you get in front of the camera to speak, you've got to realize that your opener is what sets the tone for how your talk will be received.

The way you open is what tells people whether they need to pay attention to you or whether they will zone out.

So your unforgettable opener is a crucial step


Step 2: Your Back Story

Step number two is your back story. Now whenever I get on the stage I never just start with

“Hi everybody I'm Pam Obasa”

I never start with that. That is boring because chances are whoever introduced you did actually say your name. So why waste those valuable minutes or seconds re-introducing yourself again, no use that to share your story.

So your backstory is really, really critical.


Step 3: Why should they care

Step three is ‘why should they care about your topic’.

Why should they care?

You've got to tell your audience why your area of expertise, why your topic is important.

Give your audience three reasons why they should care and these reasons have to be linked to their pain points, so depending on who you're speaking to sit down and think ‘what are the pain points’ and turn them into reasons why they've got to pay attention to you, because that is when you truly grab them.


Step 4: Valuable pieces of content

Number four is your valuable piece of content. If you have a 15 minutes talk, then for every 5 minutes you need one value piece.

So if you have 15 minutes to speak you need 3 value pieces, if you have 20 minutes to speak you need 4 pieces etc

Your value pieces are you ‘teaching’ points. But within that five minutes for your value piece you're not going to be teaching for the entire five minutes.

What you’re going to be doing instead is you are going to use a combination of your value piece and key stories.


Step 5: Key Stories

Whenever you share something with someone that could change their lives chances are that more often than not they will have objections. They will have objections as to why it may not work for them, why it's not the right time for them.

All sorts of things will come up.

Now your job is to find key stories that will knock down those objections and use those stories to support your value piece.


Step 6: Transformation

Number six is a transformation. You've got to share with your audience ‘how’ what you’re sharing will transform their lives.

And you don't say it by sharing how it will transform their lives, you do something that I call ‘Mirroring'.

‘Mirroring’ is when you share a customer success story, not just a testimonial but it's a specific type of storytelling that mirrors your ideal clients where they are right now and it only takes about 60 to 90 seconds to share this piece of transformation using mirroring

If you loved all of those tips then that's fantastic because I have something pretty awesome to share with you.

I have created called new premium course called  ‘Speak to Sell – How to Create a Signature Talk That Sells' 

In ‘Speak to Sell’ I teach you my entire methodology on Speaking and Selling from the Stage.

Now I have something called ‘The Lucrative Business Academy’, my paid membership and you can get a 7 Day free trial absolutely free.

Within that trial you can access ‘Speak to Sell' and a whole host of other courses within my academy.

Now why am I doing that? Well it's of course because I want you to come into the academy and I want you to stay. But first I want you to come into the academy and I want you to love it. And that is the reason why you then stay.

So join me inside The Lucrative Business Academy  and grab the product ‘Speak to Sell' and for the next seven days I am so confident that not only will you be to create a Signature Talk but that you will find all the other courses within The Lucrative Business Academy the coaching that I offer and of course the amazing community that comes along with it that you will find it absolutely incredible for your business.

Public Speaking Secrets To Help You Sell From Stage

Public Speaking Secrets To Help You Sell From Stage

Public Speaking Secrets To Help You Sell From Stage


If you want to learn how to increase your public speaking skills or how to sell from the stage whether you're a coach or a consultant, an entrepreneur or a person in business and you want to get better at presentations, selling your products or services then I want you to watch this video because that's exactly what I'm going to be covering.



Public speaking has been my go-to hence why I do a ton of videos and I have to tell you my life has really changed since I started to speak on stage and then use that gift and that skill to actually come in front of the camera and be able to access people from all over the world pretty much.


However, there are problems with public speaking.


I can never forget my very first speaking gig where I was booked to speak at retreat where hardly anybody turned up.

In fact I was so nervous preparing what it was that I was going to be speaking about that I walked on the stage with the cards of my prompts in my hand and it was the most scariest thing that I ever did.

But even though that speaking engagement didn't go as well as I wanted it to ever since then ‘Speaking’ has done so much for my business because I persevered.

‘Speaking’ on the stage has helped me to get:

  • More Paid Speaking opportunities
  • Attract my Ideal Clients
  • Enroll New Clients
  • Fill my calendar with the right Prospects
  • Joint Venture opportunities
  • Opportunity to travel around the world to speak
  • Build a ‘hungry’ audience
  • Have REAL impact
  • Sell products
  • Make money… a LOT of it
  • Given me more visibility
  • Grown your list
  • Get my message out to more people

I've flown to many places around the world to teach Storytelling and how to speak confidently and effectively using stories.

From the stage and I've also been able to sell products and offers over and over again.

In fact I would go as far as telling you this and this is the truth. There has never been a time that I have spoken on the stage that I haven’t walked away with clients or sales of my products or offers.

So, if you aren't using ‘Speaking’ right now in your business, the question is ‘why aren’t you?

Regardless of what that reason maybe, I'm here to help you to achieve that today.

Speaking has been phenomenal as I shared with you but there is one key thing that I want you to take away from this and that is:

  • If you’re going to be an effective speaker
  • If you’re going to be captivating and confident on stage
  • If you want to be able to close and walk away from your speaking engagements having achieved what you want to achieve i.e enrolling new clients, making sales and creating new business opportunities or being invited to more speaking opportunities.

If you want to do all of those things, then the key thing you ought to do is to create a Signature Talk.


Now, what is a Signature Talk?


A signature talk is what you want to be known for. It is that very thing that carries your brand message, your story and it carries your offers, the very thing that you want your business to be known for.

Creating a signature talk is a whole different thing and I'm going to be creating a video specifically for that.

But if you are trying to get into speaking or trying to build your speaking career then I have something pretty awesome for you.

I have created a new course and it's called ‘Speak To Sell' and I want to give it to you simply because you have read this far.

I want to help you to be able to get up on stage and speak confidently and to sell yourself, your business and your products.

You can grab ‘Speak To Sell' for absolutely no cost by clicking this link and that will lead you to joining The Lucrative Business Academy.

Now you can join The Lucrative Business Academy for the next 7 days for absolutely nothing, it is a free trial if you love it, you stay and become a full member.

But if you don't like it that's fine go ahead and still grab ‘Speak To Sell' (and all the other many courses that you will have access to the moment you join.

So if you want to be captivating on the stage, if you want to use speaking to grow your brand, if you want to use speaking to get more clients and of course grow your email list and your presentation skills then CLICK HERE to join me inside The Lucrative Business Academy for the next 7 days and beyond.

5 Steps to becoming a Better Storyteller

5 Steps to becoming a Better Storyteller

5 Steps to becoming a Better Storyteller

Storytelling is a powerful way to win over your audience, build your following or close a deal.

However, storytelling doesn't have to be serious.

One of the keys to winning over new prospects is through laughter. Sharing stories that bring joy makes you memorable for all the right reasons

So today's live stream video is a lot different from the normal posts I create.

When it comes to attracting clients on-demand, it is crucial to have ‘VARIETY’ in your content.

This is where ‘Storytelling’ comes in.

As well as ‘Teaching Posts’ and ‘Inspirational Posts’ which are more commonly used in blogs and social media posts,

There is nothing quite as effective as laughter!

They say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, I agree and I’d add that ‘Laughter is key to being memorable’

You know what to do…hit that ‘Play’ button now…

When using storytelling in your Live stream, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1) Before you begin telling your story, build their curiosity

In this live stream I posted the following headline:

“URGENT- Some scary things are happening and I’m absolutely FURIOUS. I need your help!

This got a LOT attention and made people tune in!

Now you've got their attention with your headline they'll stay connected while you tell the story.

2) Storytelling is 40% ‘Story’, 60% ‘Telling


Storytelling is all about imagination and you have to ‘walk’ your audience through an EXPERIENCE.

For example, “I opened the door to the shop, what do you think I found there?”.

3) Emotion is a powerful tool when storytelling


Don't worry about actually “sounding” sad, or angry, or whatever. Invest in your emotions throughout, that's what will keep your audience engaged and your story would sound ‘authentic’.

4) Build suspense

I’m a huge fan of Television Series such as Game of Thrones. What makes each character's story so captivating that we keep coming back week after week is the ‘SUSPENSE’

Find opportunities to add ‘suspense’ to your story and you’ll have your audience glued to their seat, waiting for your next move.

5) Get your viewers involved 


THIS one is especially crucial when live streaming or when running a Webinar.

Remember that livestream and Live Webinars are a CONVERSATION. Unlike ‘Pre-recorded videos’ or ‘Video Sales Letters’, you have to have a 2-way conversation with your audience to keep them engaged throughout.

Include various questions and ‘Calls to Action' throughout to have them participate.

Here’s one of my secrets, the people that participate the MOST are usually the ones who invest.

Your Next Step

Tell me in the comments below: what is your one big takeaway from reading this or watching the video?

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