How to keep your audience engaged in your webinar

How to keep your audience engaged in your webinar

How to keep your audience engaged on your Webinar

One of the most frequent questions that I receive is “Pam, you’re always on the ball when you are livestreaming or on a webinar, how do you get that level of energy”

In this livestream video, I wanted to share a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into how I prepare ‘vocally’ before a talk on Stage, Podcast interviews, Livestreaming and of course Webinars

If you’re not livestreaming and running webinars as part of your marketing strategy, you’re leaving money on the table!

Livestreaming and Webinars have been key to building my business RAPIDLY.

However, to do both well, you have to be CAPTIVATING!

4 Seconds!

4 seconds

is all you have to engage your viewers!

In the video, I share a number of exercises that help you captivate your audience

You know what to do…hit that ‘Play’ button now…

One of the things I’ve carried with me since leaving Drama School, which has really helped me build an audience that come back time and time again to watch my videos, attend my webinars and buy from me, are the various exercises which I do before I go ‘live’

I work my body, my vocals and my face!

If you are going to be ‘engaging’ and ‘captivating’ you have to think about your…

Facial Expressions

Body Language

Energy level

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Preparing your vocals and speech

Tongue Twisters are my favourites when it comes to working my vocals, especially before a Webinar, Livestream or if I’m giving a talk on Stage.

If you are ever concerned about getting stuck with your words, repeating the following tongue twisters will help a great deal and increase your confidence:

She sells seashells on the seashore


I ran around the rugged rock, around the rugged rock I ran



Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Red Lorry,

Yellow Lorry

Repeat each line several times, saying them out loud, slowly increasing your speed to work your tongue and mouth so that the words are coming out perfectly.

Preparing your voice helps you to speak more clearly, boldly and confidently which makes you incredibly ENGAGING to watch!


Your Next Step:


I’d love to know, what do you do to increase your energy levels before you run a webinar, livestream or speak on stage?


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