4 Clever Ways To Build Trust and Gain NEW Clients


Hey would you like to know how to build your coaching business from the ground up and get clients to trust you? I'm gonna share with you 4 ways you can do it right now.


1) So the number one way to build your coaching business from the ground up so that clients trust you is to:

So a lot of you know that I'm a Storytelling coach and I help clients to sell through Storytelling. Well, storytelling is what helps you to build that trust. So find stories that tell your story, your journey, how did you get to where you are today? How did you become the coach or the consultant you are today? What are the stories that brought you to this point in your business or this point in your life? I promise you those are the very stories that your ideal clients want to know about because that is what makes you authentic. If you’re looking for a super-simple yet an effortlessly-effective tool to build out your Stories, I’ve got a great gift for you and it’s free. Oh, I know you’ll thank me later. Just click the pic below to grab grab grab it!

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2) And that leads me to my second thing. And that is:

A lot of people think that visibility and being on social media or running a business is all about being picture perfect.

But here is the thing about being ‘picture perfect’, people don't believe it. Snap!

Even if you do succeed in being ‘picture perfect’, people won't follow you because you almost make it seem impossible to achieve the things that you have achieved.

So show your human side once in a while

And you can do that simply by:

  • Showing a behind the scenes of what you do and how you do it
  • Hopping on Livestream and talking about your day
  • Recording a video and really just talking from the heart, unscripted about your day.

Really, really important to show your human side


3) Let’s skip to #3, shall we?

So what does it mean to be an expert?

Be an expert in your niche, be an expert on your subject. You become an expert by continually learning and teaching about that ONE thing.

But never hide behind the “expert” mask. And what I mean by that is ‘never just always be the expert who knows it all’ because guess what that's boring.

You will be repelling clients.

Wait… have you been a ‘know it all’?

So you want to be the expert but you also want to show your human side.

Share about the areas of your business or of life you are unsure about.

Share the fact that you also have mentors and people who inspire and motivate you, people you look up to. This shows that yes, you are an expert, but as an ‘expert’ you too need coaching, you too need mentoring.

You see how ‘authentic’ that it?

When prospects can see that you’re an expert BUT you’re also honest and authentic and are not hiding behind the expert mask, they will LOVE you!


4) And finally…

One of the biggest problems with having a business that’s built around helping people is that most Coaches and Consultants run into the ‘wanting to solve too many problems at once’ syndrome.

(it’s a real disease don’tchu know? )

But, It's like saying ‘I want to solve the problem of ‘hunger’ in the world.

A friend recently started up a charity, and she called me recently and she said: “oh Pam, I’m really gutted because I noticed that there are so many other charities who are doing the same thing, they are solving the same problem”.

“so why is that problem for you?”, I asked

 “well because I wanted to be the first in the game”. She answered

And this was my response,

“here is the thing it's not about being the first in the game. And it's not about YOU solving a BIG problem. It's about you solving a SMALL part of that problem. So it’s not about you stepping out  and wanting to solve world hunger, it's about feeding the ONE child or feeding the ONE family”.

So focus on the SPECIFIC problem that you want to solve.

So for example, let’s say you’re a business coach, what type of businesses do you want to help? Or what type of people do you want to help and how you going to help them?

It's not enough to just say, “I‘m a Coach or I'm a Consultant”

What is it that you Consult on specifically? What type of businesses do you help?


Focus on niching in and solving ONE specific problem.


And I promise you, you will be calling those people who have that problem and they will know you, like you, trust you and want to work with you.



If you’re ready to take your game to the next level and create a business that can give you time and freedom to do other things you love, then let’s get on the phone and figure out how we can work together.

Sound good? If so, then CLICK HERE to apply

Pam xoxo

Resources to help you create an influx of your DREAM clients:


The Ultimate Stories That Convert Template  – Master how to create a cue of your ideal clients and become the authority

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