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Hello, Lucrative Lady

I wanted to share something with you that took me nearly 2 years to discover 

Something that will be a game changer for you and your business 

First, well done for starting your business and for coming this far, but I’m sure that you’ve now discovered that starting your business was the easy part 

Getting paying clients on the other hand… not so easy 

Want to discover the most important lesson that changed the game?




1. The REAL truth about how much money Coaches really make

2. Scaling a $9 product to $3k in 3 Days

3. Scaling from $3k in 3 days to $22,359 in 30 days

4. Scaling from $22,359 to $65k in 5 days a.k.a The low ticket To Big bucks Method

You’ll also discover the 3 Types of Sales Funnels/systems we have running in my business that netted $65k in 35 Days:

1.The Lucrative Story-selling System (the ground-breaking Sales system that you need to create a Consistent Flow of Clients & Sales)

2. The Ascension System (The ‘bridge’ system for ‘Positioning’ High-Ticket Offers to ready-to-buy clients)

3. The High-Ticket System (The Sales Strategy for CLOSING High-ticket Sales on a call) 

NOTE: These 3 systems which I’ll be sharing with you run simultaneously. One without the other will cripple your business and leave you making less that $500 per month like I did in the first 18 months of my business


Before we begin, I wanted to clarify why I’m sharing all this with you:

1. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes or waste money or time on trial and error like I did. The more successful businesses out there, the more testimonials I’ll get :). Just being honest here

2. There’s so much noise out there and if you’re a newbie or you’re confused in any way… I don’t blame you. It’s tough knowing what’s real and even, WHO’S real these days since EVERYONE is an “expert”

3. I’m sick and tired of people bundling up repurposed content they found online and selling these as courses with a HUGE price tag, without helping their clients get real results. It’s unfair and gives this industry a bad name

4. I’m also confident that by reading this (and by me being so transparent) you’ll also learn more about The Lucrative Story-selling System, the Mastermind that I’ve poured my heart into, fondly known by our members as ‘LSS’. 

You may also be interested in LSS Elite our Inner Circle Coaching program which helps you create ALL 3 systems that I’m going to be sharing with you

Inside this Case Study, we’re laying out the practical strategies that have worked for us and our clients. WE HAVE INCREDIBLE ‘brag-worthy’ testimonials but here’s a disclaimer…

‘No two businesses are the same’

What I’m sharing with you is what WORKS, it is your responsibility to make it work for you.

Before I dive into this… I have to share this with you.

1. Every great business needs a GREAT PRODUCT/OFFER.

You’ll discover in this Case Study how we scale offers in a short space of time and the temptation would be to take what you discover and implement. If you already have great offers that are PROVEN, then great.
If not, that’s where I’d recommend that you begin.

2. Every great business needs a great STRATEGY.
You can’t get away from this. The ‘spray and pray’ strategy that most people are using to build their business is exactly the reason why they’re NOT making any money.

3. Every great Strategy will only work if it’s executed in the right order.

DISCLAIMER: There's nothing about this Case Study that's “get-rich-quick”. Everything takes time, energy + skills. The people who see great results are those who put in the work!

Let’s jump in…

The REAL truth about how much Coaches really make

When I first started my Coaching business, I started it in the DayCare niche. I LOVED it.

As I co-own a Day Nursery chain with my amazing mum, for which I headed up the Marketing for, it seemed like a good transition for me to start ‘Coaching’ other day nursery owners, so I did.

However, I didn’t anticipate how different running a bricks & mortar business is to running an online business.
It wasn’t as straightforward as I thought and for the first 18 months of my business, I struggled to string together $500 for my Marketing services for Day Nursery owners

I soon discovered when I joined other Facebook groups for Coaches that BARELY bringing in $500 per month was actually the “norm” for Coaches

And here’s the kicker…

45% of FEMALE entrepreneurs (in general) are barely making $500/month in their business


This is sad!

A lot of Coaches are simply NOT making any money and it’s no surprise!

Most Coaches charge for their services by the ‘hour’, making it incredibly difficult to scale

There are only a select few who are REALLY making a business of this thing called Coaching.

So, I decided that I wanted to be in the select few if I were to keep this thing going!

So I doubled down and tried a number of strategies from Live events, webinars, high-ticket sales to creating online courses, a membership site to name a few…

There was a problem!

Some of them were great and some months we’d do very very well, but the month after… ZERO!

In September 2018 I launched a new Coaching business, teaching entrepreneurs how to use Stories to sell and I created my very first Membership, The Lucrative Business Academy, This was my baby and I started filling it using Live Events

This worked very well but as you know, live events took a great deal of time to put together and execute. With 2 young kids I struggled to keep up

So, in May 2019 I move online and started running Challenges.

This was fantastic and I loved every bit of it. It allowed me to truly serve my audience in a unique way and it gave me access to my Ideal Clients…

Selling via Challenges has never been an issue so we aced each challenge that we ran.

There was still one problem

…filling my Membership was still tough. I couldn’t figure out how others were doing it so effortlessly.

The one thing that was clear was that a lot of them would run these stressful ‘launches’ to fill their membership.

I personally didn’t want to do this because I couldn’t justify how spending all that time and getting so stressed out to sell a $49/month product (the cost of my membership) made any sense

In my mind, if I were to do a Launch, I’d rather put in all the effort for a high-ticket product.

The Experiment…


One day, I decided to create a low ticket product which was the beginning of an experiment….

I wanted to test a theory that I’d always believed deep down but I wasn’t sure if it would work.

That was when I made my first $3k in 3 Days

How I Scaled a $9 product to $3k in 3 Days

So many entrepreneurs are struggling to make money

But too many have no clue where to even start!

Starting a business is the easy part, turning that business into a profitable venture is yet another story

We read books, buy courses, listen to podcasts and binge-watch Youtube for answers

But nothing good has come out of all that. Instead, you’ve wasted a lot of money and precious time on strategies that won’t work for you (even if they do work for others)

Today, I want to help you to fix that by sharing a little experiment that I ran over 3 days.

I started by creating a Brand New Product

To sell this product, I decided to go against what a lot of “Gurus” teach and instead place a tiny price tag on this product… just like I teach inside my Mastermind

$9 to be precise

My goal was to see how many we could sell WITHOUT running any paid traffic

Here are the results:

Day 1 Results: 5 Sales

IMPORTANT >> I start testing my products really low to see how quickly it’ll convert then, I increase the price every 24 hours based on conversion.

I published my first Social Media post about this Flash Sales at exactly 3pm on Day 1 and within 20 minutes we had 5 sales, bringing in only

$30 (not much to dance about, right?)

24 hours passed, so price increased to $17

Day 2 Results: 24 Sales

At $17 we had a further 24 sales in less than 12 hours and they kept coming in

We shared only 2 posts on Social Media and 1 email, 24 sales at $17 brought in $408

Now things are getting interesting right?!

24 hours passed, price increased to $27

Day 3 Results: 36 Sales

At $27 we saw the most sales come in as this was also the last day we’d be promoting this product in this way.

We published 3 posts on Social Media and 3 emails, making 36 sales which brought in $972

Imagine what publishing only 3 posts, repurposing those posts into emails can do for your business.

Total Sales on the front-end (meaning -> total sales of the First product) = 65

Total Income from 65 sales: $1,410


By the end of this 3 day experiment we actually brought in a total of $3,125

Which means an EXTRA $1,715 came in without us doing any more work, publishing more posts or getting on any sales calls with clients

Where did this additional income come from?

The Lucrative Story-selling System (the ground-breaking Sales system that you need to create a Consistent Flow of Clients & Sales)

You see, even though we had an incredible product of high-value at the front and promoted just that product for 3 days,
…70% of people who bought that first product also took us up on our SECOND offer

A further 30% also took us up on our THIRD offer in the funnel

This is the power of a Sales System

Let me ask you, how many hours would you have to spend speaking to people on the phone to sell a $3k package?

A Lot right?

Imagine bringing in $3k+ weekly without speaking to anyone

Would you like to be able to create a system just like this?

I thought I was done with this experiment…

I mean… to bring in over $3k in PROFIT in just 3 days without spending money on Paid Ads or wasting hours of my precious time speaking to non-committed clients…

This was a GOOD deal!

But, my experiment wasn’t over yet.

As I’d exhausted my small email list and social media followers, I needed to bring this product to a NEW audience.

That’s when I deployed Phase 2 of my experiment:

How I Scaled from $3k in 3 Days to $22,359 in 30 Days

You’ve read so far where I broke down how in a space of 3 days we:

1.Launched a brand new product (starting at $9 then increased to $17 and then finally to $27)

2. Published around 6 posts on social media

3. Sent around 5 emails to a TINY portion of our email list

The results:

Total Sales on the front-end (meaning -> total sales of the First product) = 65

Total Income from 65 sales: $1,410


By the end of this 3 day crazy experiment we actually brought in a total of $3,125

Which means an EXTRA $1,715 came in without us doing any more work, publishing more posts or getting on any sales calls with clients

Where did this additional income come from?

The Lucrative Story-selling System, the first of our 3 Sales Systems

Now, if those results made your mouth water and your brain snap, crackle and pop with ideas… well after reading Phase 2 of my experiment you may go into overdrive so…. You’ve been warned 🙂

I want to share with you something most people DON’T SHARE…

I want to share with you how we took this tiny offer and put it on STEROIDS so that it will generate income without us doing anything more work

We call this The Lucrative Story-selling System


After my crazy experiment… I discovered 5 things:

1. I had an AWESOME product that people actually NEED and WANT (powerful combo)

2. I’d nailed the MESSAGING on the product (writing various Social Media posts daily for 3 days was just my way of seeing what people will resonate with the most.

3. I’d nailed the best promotional IMAGE (again… we’d used various images to promote so we could see the very BEST one)

4. I’d nailed the PRICE POINT (you’d think that at $9 we would make the most sales… nope! )

5. I’d nailed the MARKET

And we did it WITHOUT paying for Facebook Ads.

Here’s how we put everything we’ve gathered together to Create a CONSISTENT flow of paying clients on Autopilot

Step 1: We took the money we made organically and now invested in Paid ads

This was a no-brainer!

Doing this means we can set it and forget it (keeping an eye on the Ads Spend of course)

But… no more writing posts or emails… on this offer at least.

By running ads to this we’re FREE to focus on other areas of the business and serving private clients inside our Mastermind

Step 2: We crafted ‘Story-based’ Ad copy. Going after a ‘cold’ audience meaning, a group of people who have no clue who we are meant we needed to give them something to connect with.

This is where ‘Storytelling’ really flourishes

Step 3: We set up the Ads

After 48 hours, here are the results:

Day 1 of the 48 hour Ads sprint was a bit… pants! Nothing much happened as it was a brand new ad to a COLD audience 🙁

Day 2 however, things started getting interesting:

Total Sales on the front-end (meaning -> total sales of the First product) = 24 (from Day 2 alone)

Total Income from 24 sales: $640


By the end of this 48 Hour crazy experiment we actually brought in a total of $1,023 in cash

Which means an EXTRA $383 came in from OTHER PRODUCTS in our funnel without us doing any more work, publishing more posts or getting on any sales calls with clients

BUT… it didn’t stop there!

A further 10 people from the 24 also took us up on our MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP which could lead to up to 6 months of income from that source alone (this is the average length of our Membership Churn rate)

Do the math….

This is the power of a Sales System.

This is The Lucrative Storyselling System

We continued testing various markets with this strategy and by the end of running this experiment for only 30 Days, we generate $22,359

Wouldn’t you like to have this set up in your business?

I’ve opened up my calendar for a few days to show you how you can 10X the revenue in your business using this strategy.

This no-cost call is for you if you’re serious and ready to invest in yourself and in your business. Click the button below to set up a call

How I Scaled from $22,359 to $65k in 5 days (a.k.a ‘The low ticket To Big bucks Method’)

So far, you’ve followed the journey of scaling a tiny product to multiple 5-Figures in sales generated in a matter of days!

There’s so much that goes behind this strategy to make it work and to make it work as well as it did, such as:

The Offer – This is one of the most overlooked aspects of growing a business. Most people slap together a product or Coaching program and call it an ‘Offer’. It isn’t. There’s so much that goes into creating an offer that sells like water in a desert!

The Audience – In order to sell a product like you’re selling ‘water in a desert’, you have to be selling the RIGHT product to the RIGHT market. It has to be sold to a HUNGRY market

The Messaging – What sells a product isn’t the ‘Product’ itself… what sells a Product is the ‘Messaging’ around that product. It’s the way you talk about the product, hitting pain points that have your Ideal Clients thinking “oh she’s reading my mind” that matters most.

The danger of hitting it RIGHT with your Messaging is that of course, you can sell a mediocre product too (which I of course don’t advice). But I share that to say this – the ‘Product’ doesn’t matter as much as the Messaging.

The Storytelling – As an entrepreneur you have so much going for you. You have a LOT of life experiences that when crafted into a ‘knife-point story’, is what will truly take your sales to the edge!

The Systems – It’s easier to sell to a ‘repeat’ customer. That’s where your business truly grows. Most people think that getting ‘sales’ is the holy-grail. No! Getting people to buy from you over and over again, increasing their cart value is where your focus should be

This is what netted the $65k I’m about to tell you about as we continue this Case Study

After netting $22,359 in revenue with our ground-breaking Funnel, The Lucrative Story-selling System, we needed to deploy the Lucrative

Ascension System

What is The Lucrative Ascension System?

Once we’d generated a LOT of Sales with our low ticket product, using the first of our 3 Sales systems, we were elated!

I mean, $22,359 in 30 days is no small change after all.

But the truth is that only about half of that was ‘Profit’. So we made a lot of money but kept only half as profit

Which was still a great win. Now, we needed to figure out a way to get ‘repeat’ business from our new ‘Customers’

This is where we deployed our Lucrative Ascension System.

The Ascension System is a ‘bridge’ that moves your Ideal Clients very quickly up your Value Ladder

We have 4 types of Ascension systems that work EXCELLENTLY.

The Ascension System is designed to Pre-sell our High-Ticket program and as a result, we often sell 30% to 40% of our program BEFORE even making an offer

This strategy WORKS! And has netted nearly 6 Figures in the space of 5 months of running it using our unique method.

REMEMBER: The purpose of the Ascension System is to ‘ascend’ your Ideal Clients to your High-Ticket offer.

If your High-Ticket offer is $2,500 and above, you’ll need the 3rd system:

The High-Ticket System

Using the High-Ticket System, you can sell packages of anything from $2,500, $10,000, $20,000 and above

BUT here’s the caveat on this…

You may struggle to close High-Ticket Offers if you DO NOT have The Lucrative Storyselling System which identifies your ‘Buyers’ and The Ascension System which primes those Buyers for your High Ticket Offer

Let’s talk about how to sell High-Ticket Offers using this system:

First, a pet peeve!

I’m seriously tired of Gurus who are touting the thought that if you want to sell ‘High Ticket’ offers, you should get rid of your lower ticket offers.

That’s NOT true and here’s why!

I have tested countless of times and found that once someone has bought something, they become hooked. They see your brand as ‘THE SOLUTION’ and you’ve already proven it by helping them… a little

Plus, not everyone is ready to whack out $5k or $10k for your offer if they’ve only just heard about you

…no matter how good of a salesperson you are!

That is why it is CRUCIAL that you set up these THREE systems in your business.

Believe me when I say that it pays to have an email list full of BUYERS, NOT just mere “leads”

These buyers are qualified and aren’t just taking up space on your email list! They’re not just “leads”, they’ve now become brand CRUSADERS… if you’ve done a good job with your low ticket offer

Now… How do you move them up your Value Ladder to your High-Ticket Offer?

Here are the steps:

1.Create a mouth-watering, Irresistible offer that solves a BIG PROBLEM (this is IMPORTANT)

2. Place a High Price… For my private clients I recommend pricing ABOVE $2,500 for your High-Ticket Group Offers. If you plan to work 1:1 then double or triple that price

As scary as it sounds to double or triple that sum, remember that if you’re solving a REAL PROBLEM (not just selling fluff) and you’ve pre-qualified your prospects using The Lucrative Storyselling System and The Ascension System then you’d have people queuing to buy.

3. Verify your High-Ticket Offer if you’re just starting out. The purpose of this is to test your strategy and get some testimonials. If you already have some testimonials, then GREAT. You can move to Step 4

4. Close with ease on the Consultation.

Once set up, this strategy could take around 7 days or at most a couple of weeks for you to see incredible results.

For us, it took around 5 days before we were inundated with Sales and Clients!

This was how we went from making $22,349 in 30 days to $65,000 in 5 Days

Do the math…

If you had a $3k offer then 10 clients at $3k is $30k

If you had a $5k offer then 10 clients at $5k is $50k

If you had a $10k offer then 10 clients at $10k is $100,000

What would you do with an additional $30k, $50k or $100k?

Would you pay off some debt?

Take your family on a much needed and well deserved luxury Holiday?

Would you stop saying ‘no’ to yourself and to your kids and start saying ‘YES’ without worry?

Take a moment and really go there. What would you do if this were to be YOUR results?

Doesn’t life get seriously exciting when you’re operating at this level?

Sure you could ignore this entire strategy and go out trying to sell a $5k offer, the result? Frustration and Zero Sales!

Oh and bare in mind… this ‘High-Ticket’ part is the ONLY section that requires you to speak to your prospects

Selling your LOWER ticket offers (which brings in these buyers are all on) is all completely on AUTOPILOT…

…that way you’re generating $3k to $5k PER WEEK without doing much work, leaving you time to focus on generating $30k, $50k or

$100,000 in the month!

If you’ve read this far then you’re READY.


Here are just a few testimonials
I have received from clients:

I just wanted to give a shout out to Pam for the amazing help she's given me and my business in coming up with our messaging in creating the story that we use to sell our products, programs and our agency. And not only that, we've been able to harness what she's told me in delivering better results for our clients.

Everything that she's told me with regards to the messaging, building out story, storytelling, story systems and and how you bring that all together is allowed us to get better results for our clients.

What you do is unbelievable, the amount of energy you put into your business with everything that you have going on. I truly believe you are an incredible woman, an incredible businessperson. And so thank you very, very much.


Cam Jarrad

‘If you're looking to work with Pam, I strongly recommend to reach out to her and have a conversation. She will help you get results'.

Marcin – Digital Accelerator

‘Honestly my business would not be where it is today if it were not for her and her amazing team'.

Nathalia Copeland – Facebook Ads Strategist

‘It’s just invaluable. This is the one of the best courses I have ever taken’.

Cecilia M – Scientist

‘I absolutely adore Pamela, she is phenomenal and I highly, highly recommend her'.

Jena Proctor – Pinterest Strategist

‘I  sell one high ticket offer without even the name. That was my first really big sale. And she starts on Wednesday'.

Rima M.

‘If you get the opportunity to work with Pam, if you need a story but you don't know how to share it, how to SELL it then you definitely want to work with Pam'.

Chantelle Paige Turner – The CulTured Method

‘If you believe that doing the mastermind is going to take your business where you need it to go. It's that simple'.

Ceri S – Leadership Expert

‘Without a doubt, you're gonna walk away with a System. The money is worth it'. Push the easy button

Terry M. Lee – Live Video & Kajabi Expert

“I ran two webinars before meeting with Pam and they failed. I was humiliated. I didn't want to do a webinar again. And honestly I would just think of different ways how to come across to my audience but webinars are clearly the best route to do that.

I didn't have a clear direction and Pamela just changed that whole entire uncertainty.

After working with Pam I saw a dramatic change, and I converted live for the first time and it was one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world and I can't recommend Pam enough”

Jelani A – Ecom Apex

I first saw Pam on her very 1st Facebook Live that she did and I was just drawn to her and I knew that she could take my business to a whole other level.

So if you're thinking about jumping on and having a discovery call with her I'd really recommend it because after just our first meeting on Monday, I know the next 7 weeks are going to take my business right to the top.

So thank you so much Pam.

Holly-Ann M – Safe4Kids Australia

“With my new program, I've been able to sign two new clients for over $6500! I didn't advertise – I changed my “story” and they were in

Leah H – Business Coach

“To further illustrate the power of what Pam Obasa teaches, I got my first sale of my Intro offer overnight and the lady also bought my Profit Maximiser”
Lisa M – Branding Expert

“I created my online HR package in Pam's workshop and created 3 tiers. Monthly subscription starts from £97 and goes up to £500 a month with full HR support.

I've now sold 3 already and haven't even launched yet”

Michelle R – HR Expert

“I first started running webinars and totally failed! After working with Pam, I more than doubled my Ad Spend.

Honestly, my business would not be where it is today if it were not for her. Working with Pam has been life changing for me and I know that it will be for you too
Nathalia C – Facebook Ads expert

Left to me to figure this out by myself it would take me 2 years plus.

Before I started I wasn't really sure who my niche was. I wasn't sure who I wanted to work with. And I think helping me to understand my niche and then creating these products that they likely to need was massive for me

So many things that I've taken from this, love the simplicity and the way that you've taught us.
Roksana – Relationship Coach

“I really like the small group format. I feel like just having your attention and you, you really gave a lot. You give a lot, that was a huge piece of it for me. And plus, I like being in the group format, too, because I like learning from other people and I like seeing what other people are doing. I think there's such a value in that, too.

So I think it's perfect for me. It's a perfect mix of great coaching, but then also learning from my fellow participants in the program”

Lisa M – Branding Strategist

“It's been incredibly, incredibly easy. The way you've shown us how to set up the funnels. You even gave us the exact pages and your exact funnel, trust me, it's, it's so, so helpful because it's a different thing to read this thing and trying to understand and trying to implement.

I've done so many courses. I've taken even Marie Forleo's B School, I have the training. I've done so many things in the past.

Well, I just had the knowledge. I just had the information laying somewhere. Just building myself. Well, now you’ve given me the confidence to go all in, because now, I had the time to actually sit down to actually create my products which before, you know, I had the information, but they weren't all together. So, it's been AMAZING”

Tosin T – Business Coach for Startups

“I had a dream of starting my own business and I tried to do it but didn't have any clue how.
I didn't have clarity what I can offer my clients and I had so much fear of being visible.

When I started working with Pam it changed my world, it changed my life. It blown me away because her way, her determination, her faith in me changed everything for me.

Pam pushed me forward. She had a strategy that worked for me and her way is very personal and very organic.

So thank you so much Pam for your support , for your help. I wouldn't be where I am today if you hadn't helped me, if you had not supported me, if you hadn't pushed me forward. Your faith in me is tremendous

Olga R
Health & Wellness Coach

“LSS is foundational to growing your business. If you're not seeing growth in your income, LSS is the best place to start.

It's AMAZING. I'm really grateful for the push from Pam's side because I would never do it otherwise. I'm really excited to have been part of such community and Pam running it.

I lost hope before I met Pam that it would ever work, so with LSS, I finally regained my hope and became positive again, created my products and Sales System.

Irina S – Dating Coach

“I implemented the funnels and my Email list started to grow, even though I'd taken my eyes off it.

To the women that haven't done LSS, I highly recommend it, i can't say it enough.

My list started to grow even though I'd taken my eyes off it for a moment… thats AUTOPILOT”

Terri L – Livestream Strategist

Ken O – Finance Coach

Isi – Career Coach

Leah H – Business Coach

Lisa M – Branding Coach

Tendai D – MLM Queen

Zeinab O – Helping Corporate Women Own The Room

As you’re still here with me it’s a great sign that you’re an Action Taker which means that you qualify for what I’m about to share with you 🙂

Introducing: The 10X Your Revenue Call

“I had a 10% webinar Conversion working with Pam”

Booked a client for $30,000 per month using Stories to Sell

$23,500 in 7 weeks

“Some of the BEST coaching I ever had”


“You gave the words to the missing piece in my puzzle”


“Learn the art of Storytelling in your webinars”


“I loved every second of it. What you teach is simply invaluable”


I loved how you broke down the process of Storytelling



“I am killing it live. Try Pam, you will scale like you never imagined”


“Pam is awesome at the actual mechanics of ‘Storytelling’ “



“Pam is an amazing Speaker. Everyone walked away with something they can use in their business right away”

“Pam is an amazing Speaker. Everyone walked away with something they can use in their business right away”

“You are the Storytelling Queen”



“Keeps you on your toes and holds you accountable”

“I wish this course was longer”

“Pamela showed me how to create content that will connect with my audience in an authentic way”



“The succinct, clear advice Pam gave me had me running even before we finished”


“Learning ‘Storytelling’ has created a niche for me as a Film Maker”


“Pam has inspired me to become a much better storyteller”

“So inspiring and encouraging”



I’m taking on a small number of action takers to show you the exact steps, call it a blueprint, for how to 10X your revenue

Here’s what we’ll achieve on the call:

  • Go deep into your business to discover your B.I.G (Basic Income Goal) and how to hit it QUICKLY
  • Then we’ll discuss your B.A.I.G (Big Audacious Income Goal) and using this, we’ll create a revenue plan to help you meet those massive income goals
  • We’ll nip your lead gen issues in the bud right on the call and I let you in on the little known secrets my clients and I are using to create an inexhaustible source of leads
  • Then I’ll help you to map out your exact blueprint for how to achieve results in the shortest amount of time

Follow this plan over the next 30 days and you’ll be brimming with confidence, full clarity on exactly what you have to do in your business

…to bring in a Consistent flow of High Paying Clients and to 10X your revenue

You’re probably wondering…

But, why would you give all
this away for free, Pam?

That’s a great question.

The honest answer is that I just love giving value this way

I was blessed to have learnt a lot from really generous people and this is my way of giving back

The second reason is that I truly believe that this is my PURPOSE

Having been in business since I was 17, I just can’t see it done any better way than to help other female entrepreneurs step off the “hustle” and start making impact already

The final reason for why I’m this generous with my time is simply because…

This is one of the ways that I attract my Ideal Clients

I’m not here to pull a wall over your eyes

I’m also in business to do business 

And as a Business Coach…

If at the end of our call, we hit it off and are a great fit, 

I may discuss opportunities for working together…

…but only if we’re the perfect match

But regardless of whether we are a match or not..

The blueprint I’ll be mapping out for you is yours to keep and you can walk away from the call with full confidence and clarity 

…putting you miles ahead of other people competing for your audience's attention

This opportunity is not for everyone.

We’re very careful with our criteria for this call because as you’ve guessed

I have very limited slots available

So this special opportunity is only for people who have a legitimate business

You’re in the coaching, consulting space or you run a service-based business


You’re a Speaker, Trainer, Author or Personal Brand

This is important, you need to have some level of momentum already in your business

Lastly but most importantly, you’re ready to take things to the next level. 

If that sounds like you, then CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to book your 10X revenue call so that we can map out your exact steps to profit

DISCLAIMER: This Case Study is 100% FREE. You don't have to buy anything in order to get value out of this Case Study. There's nothing about this that's “get-rich-quick”. Everything takes time, energy + skills. The people who see great results are those who put in the work!



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