Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Ready to Get Ahead with a Wildly Lucrative Coaching Business?

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

Take my 4-Step 'SEED Method' Case Study Video to discover the framework we used to make $120k in 3 days WITHOUT running any paid ads or posting on social media.

0 – 100k in 6 months on Instagram

In this new episode of Wake to Wealth Show, our guest is Siddharth Kimashia, a Business Coach and Instagram Expert. 

Join us as we dive into the world of Instagram growth, social media marketing, and online business. 

Siddharth will share his expertise and insights on Instagram tips, influencer marketing, content creation, and social media strategy. 

He’ll also give us an inside look at the Instagram algorithm and how to leverage digital marketing for online influence. Whether you’re a social media influencer or an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, this episode has something for everyone. 

With Siddharth’s practical tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to hack growth and build your personal brand in the digital age. 

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from a true expert in social media growth and digital entrepreneurship!

Pam: Hello and welcome Siddharth. 

I’m so excited to be to have you. 

Siddharth, can you tell us who are the types of people you help and how you help them?

Siddharth: I help people who come out of university or who are in transition to get into university. 

So these are people who struggle in life to make the right decision in their life, and I help them through my posts, through my carousel post, through my reels, and through my program and make them decide what they actually need to do for their life. 

In terms of business, there are some things that you may not need a college degree. 

I have a college degree, but I’ve not used my college degree to get where I am right now. 

So I guide them through, like, understanding where they are and guide them, bringing clarity into their life.

Pam: You started your business post-COVID, right? 

So tell me about that transition. 

What things did you have to do post-COVID? 

How did you get to where you are today? 

Tell us, how many followers do you have on Instagram? I’ll let you say it.

Siddharth: Right now, I have 102,000 followers. 

I invested in mentors to learn from them. And after I learned that, I started implementing the strategies and the knowledge that I learned into this platform. 

It took me six months to get to this big milestone, and I’ve impacted many people’s lives through my posts and reels. 

Before I started this journey, everyone was saying:

‘There’s no job outside. You need to do something online.’ 

So I had little knowledge about content creation. 

So I’m like:

‘Okay, you know what? I’m going to create a page on Instagram and start doing content creation for small businesses.’

But it came to the point that I got so in-depth into learning, and I found myself doing way more than just content creation.

Pam: I love that. So hold on a minute, six months to get to 100K plus Instagram followers. 

Now, a lot of the people who are going to be reading this are going to be as blown away as I am by what you have achieved. 

Can you just walk us through it? 

What are the key things that you did that allowed you to get to that 100K mark of followers on Instagram?

Siddharth: At the beginning of every journey, everyone makes a mistake, and they look at the numbers and get fascinated with the numbers. 

Me, I didn’t look at the numbers that were following me. I looked at the people to who I was adding value to. 

So every day I had to show up to add value to the few people that I had. 

I started the journey where I had 60 people on day one. 

When I had those 60 people, my goal was to nurture them and help those 60 people. 

Those 60 people have been my pillars that pushed me to go viral and helped me to grow to where I am right now. 

So I only focus on adding value, not in terms of numbers or anything, and I showed up every single day. 

Even on the days that the algorithm was against my profile or against me, I still showed up and did my thing and helped people in a way that even if it was a small crowd that saw my post on that day, I still showed up.

Pam: So what type of content would you say is really important to helping you to grow to that first 100K mark on Instagram? 

What type of content is important?

Siddharth: From what I’ve understood with Instagram, carousels do well because they engage people to stay on your post for longer. 

The longer someone stays on your post, the longer Instagram will understand that this someone has an interest in this post. 

And that’s how you hit Explore Page. 

And Explore Page is where you start bringing in new eyeballs on your page. 

So I used my carousels and I built my page around that actually.

Pam: So looking at what you have done on Instagram, I want to talk about what it has done for you in your business. 

You’ve been building your business for some time, worked really hard, and you’ve achieved great things in a short amount of time. 

I want to hear the story behind when you knew that your life had changed and you were now able to wake up wealthier every day. What was that moment? What happened? Please take us on that journey.

Siddharth: It was three months ago when I quit my job, a nine-to-five job, just because my boss shouted at me for something that I’m not qualified for. And that made me realize, you know what? Let me just focus on Instagram. 

And as soon as I started focusing on it, I had more clients that I was hoping on a call with, I’m helping out more. And ever since then, I’ve been making 10X my salary. 

And that made me feel like: ‘You know what, I don’t need a job. This is what I want to do.’

Pam: How interesting that it took something negative to happen to you in your workplace to then for you to push on the board and give you that confidence to go all in on your business. 

So tell us, what does waking up wealthier every day mean to you?

Siddharth: It’s the messages I get from my followers. 

They always message me or comment on my post saying:

‘Hey brother, I just wanted to share with you that you’ve helped me through your post.’

I’ve heard stories from my followers that they have gone through so much. And my posts has lifted them in a way that no therapist would have done it. And it warms my heart to read such messages. 

And that is my drive to wake up every day and do this every single day and touch people’s lives in a positive way. 

Pam: Can you give us a couple of tips in terms of content creation itself? 

So we know Instagram Carousels and Instagram Reels are your favourites. 

But what about coming up with the right type of content that can potentially go viral? 

What is your workflow? 

How do you figure out what you going to post?

Siddharth: As someone who’s posting on Social Media, I usually wake up in the morning, go to the gym, and finish my task. 

But then there are a few hours that I’m going through other Social Media platforms besides Instagram because I know Instagram, I’ve already dominated it. 

So I’m doing what other Social Media platforms or creators are doing on other platforms related to what I’m doing. 

So I see what they are doing differently from what I’m doing, and I see what people are commenting on their posts. 

I see what type of conversation people are having through the comment section like that. And from there, I get an idea of, okay, people are actually looking for advice, maybe to get out of how to stop procrastination. 

I will go do my research or read a book regarding that. Or maybe if I’ve read a book before, I’ll go through my notes and make a post regarding that, and I’ll share it. 

And my second point of how I find my content is, let’s say, I’ve done almost 200 posts so far.

So in that 200 posts, every time a post goes viral, I always try to do research on why it has gone viral, and what exactly slide has gone viral from there. 

And then through that, I now make a post going around that whole one slide. 

So out of eight slides, I see one of them, maybe slide number three has gone viral and people have shared it on their story way more. 

So I use that slide number three to create a whole new slide and it goes in-depth now. 

Pam: What brilliant tips. 

We’ve come to the part of the show that is called Wildcard. 

So Wildcard is a series of questions that we have brought in from our audience from different platforms. And today I have five questions, but you don’t have to answer all five. All I need you to do is choose a number between one and five. And whatever number you choose, I will ask you that specific question. 

So what would be your number between one and five?

Siddharth: I would say two and three.

Pam: So question number two says this:

‘I started out on Instagram four years ago and haven’t gotten past the 1K followers. What should I do?’


Siddharth: I would recommend you to do one post and one reel and choose when to post according to when your audience is most active. 

So let’s say your audience is most active at 6 PM. 

You can see that on your analytics graph. 

And let’s say it’s 6 PM, so you need to post 30 minutes earlier than that. 

So in that way, your post is up way before they start coming active. 

So when they come active, your post is always the first one. 

So that’s how I picked the system. 

And I’ve understood to get early engagement on my post like that. 

And I would suggest is stay consistent. 

Even if you miss a day of posting, let’s say a post or a reel, you can either go for posting a story, or build engagement through the story.

Keep them engaged with your profile in the way that you’re not giving them a chance to forget you, even if it’s just one day. 

And then the second one is engaging with people in your niche and people who do the same thing as you because when you engage, you’re giving them an authority on like:

 ‘Oh, this person knows what he’s saying and I need to check out his account.’

And then the last one is to use hashtags

You’re allowed to use 30 hashtags. 

Use hashtags relevant to your content, not relevant to what you do on Instagram or what people are doing on Instagram. 

Make it relevant to what you do, what your post is about or what your content is about.

Pam: So the next question is:

‘My partner doesn’t support my business, should I quit and keep the peace, or what would you do in my position?’

Siddharth: So for your partner, you need to make them understand why you’re doing it. 

Because if it’s your partner, the person, he or she needs to understand that this is your business and why you are passionate about it. 

If you can explain it to your husband or your boyfriend or girlfriend, if you can explain it to them, you’re going to be able to explain it to a client who is ready to buy from you. 

So if you cannot explain it to your significant other or your partner, then you need to work on closing a client because that’s how it’s going to work. 

You need to show them why you’re passionate about it and why it’s important for you to do this. 

Once you are able to do that and let’s say you still struggle with doing that, there are a lot of books that you can read and understand why you are doing certain things. 

So you can do research, and you can make a roadmap for yourself.

So let’s say I’m running an Instagram business, and through Instagram business, why am I running an Instagram business? 

Every answer you give to yourself, bring in another ‘why’.

And then it will be more clear to you why you are doing it. And it will be more clear for you to explain it to someone who doesn’t support it so they can understand why you are feeling the way you are feeling about your business.

Pam: I completely agree. 

And what I picked up from that specific question is, you first need to sell the dream to yourself. That’s what I picked up. You need to convince yourself. You need to be so solid on why you are doing it. What is your why? 

Because if your why is clear to you, it’s going to be very, very easy or rather much easier for people around you, especially your loved ones, to see it clearly. 

And even if they don’t, it makes it a much easier conversation for you to have because you’ve done the work, you’ve done the hard work of understanding your why, and you are already sold on your business.

If there was one thing you could leave our audience with that you want us to use to remember you and who you are and what you do, what would that one thing be?

Siddharth: I would just tell everyone that in a world where people are looking to chase different things, don’t be like everyone else. 

Chase what you want to do. 

In a scenario, let’s say for me, I wanted to chase helping people and changing people’s life. I did that. No matter what people told me.

They made fun of me in the beginning and it didn’t stop me. 

I still did it because I found it more interesting. 

I saw it from a different perspective, and I believed in what I was doing. 

And once you believe in what you do, keep pushing it. 

Don’t let anyone tell you or stop you from reaching your goals. 

And your goals are your goals. No one else is going to come to push it for you. 

So get up and start chasing your goals.

Pam: Siddharth, it’s been beyond a pleasure having you. 

I’ve learned so much about Instagram. 

Some new things that I didn’t even know myself, and just your wealth of wisdom. 

I’m inspired by you and I want to say thank you on behalf of my audience. 

Thank you so much. 

Siddharth: Thank you so much for this opportunity. It has been amazing. I loved it because this is something that’s new for me as well. And it has been amazing. I love to impact someone. And I hope someone who’s watching this has learned something from this.




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